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In the face of the strong counterattack of thousands of people from White Horse high school, those who were previously jumping around happily on the Rivertown forum had all become lowly clowns, not daring to post a rebuttal.

Not to mention…

Under the high-profile introduction of the man in the black suit…

Sharing the stories of how Lin Ye defeated the Shackler without being injured, killed the Abyssal Demon, and helped the Professional Alliance capture the evil Fallen— At this moment, it was like a volcanic eruption, instantly lighting up the atmosphere.

All the students couldnt help but stand up and shout, “f*ck, youre awesome!

“Oh my God!”

“Brother Lin Ye is actually so fierce!”

*Sob* “Im sorry, Lin Ye boss.

Im the clown.

I was too snobbish back then!”

“After today, Im willing to be brother Lins Lackey!”

“Ill follow brother Lins lead!”

“Brother Lin is mighty!”

“Thats why I say, a Big Boss is always a Big Boss.

When you guys scolded him so harshly, he didnt want to waste time explaining to you at all.

Instead, he used his actions to prove that you were all cowardly.”

“Boohoo, dont say anymore.

I was wrong.

Brother Lin is not only the god of your White Horse high school, but also the god of the entire Rivertown!”

“We pay our respects to big brother Lin!”

“We pay our respects to God!”

While this was going on, Lin Ye ignored the cheers of the tens of thousands of people in the audience.

He just followed the man in the black suits instructions.

Grabbing Su Mumus right hand, he then stretched out his right hand and touched the black portal of the dungeon.

[Prompt: You are about to enter an unknown dungeon.

Please choose the challenge difficulty! (Easy | Normal | Hard)]

[Prompt: You have chosen to challenge the “Hard” difficulty!]

Thank you for reading on myboxnovel.com

[Dungeon: ]

[Level: 10]

[Difficulty: Hard]

[Description: This is a dungeon whose name and information are hidden by a special item.

The challenger can only know the situation inside the dungeon after entering it.]

[Prompt: You and your party members have entered the dungeon and received the “Return Bone Piece”.

You can immediately leave the dungeon once using it.

Please note that the Return Bone Piece will temporarily lose its effect when you are attacked!]

[Warning: Under the influence of Campfire Explorer, the temperature of the dungeon is rising.

Starting to increase the difficulty toHell Mode.]

[Warning: The Return Bone Piece has been affected by Campfire Explorer and is starting to disappear.

You can no longer escape this dungeon.]

[Warning: This dungeons information has been changed!]

[Dungeon: Yanan Forest (Mutated)]

[Level: 10]

[Difficulty: Hell Mode (rising temperature)]

[Description: This is a dungeon that has been affected by the special item, Campfire Explorer, causing a special change in its internal structure.

New maps and creatures have appeared in the dungeon, but the original dungeon will remain the same.]

[Warning: The basic requirements to clear Yanan Forest have been changed.

You must kill all Arcane Realm Creatures that are not natives to Yanan Forest!]

[Prompt: After the temperature of the secret dungeon rises, special missions can not be activated.

Hidden clearance treasure chests can not be obtained, but Diamond-grade treasure chests will stay fixed!]

After a short moment of dizziness, Lin Ye and his other two companions appeared in a dense green forest.

The sky was covered with dark clouds, and it was gloomy as if a heavy rain was about to fall.

Even the air was getting moist.

Su Mumu subconsciously covered her mouth.

“Ah Hell Mode!”

“Whats this This… This is–”


“Dont panic,” Lin Ye calmly said.

“Just like in our previous simulation practice, gather around me first.

Back to back, form a defensive formation.

Listen to me carefully!”

Bai Zhi and Su Mumu reacted and quickly ran behind Lin Ye, summoning all their Class equipment.

Lin Ye also summoned his sword, the Hidden Moon, which emitted a purple light.

The Blade of Destruction held the hilt with both hands and placed it across his chest.

He pretended to observe the surroundings and explained in a low voice, “I know the situation of this dungeon.”

“There are a total of three final bosses in Yanan Forest.

All of them are 5 Star Gold grade humanoid monsters.”

“The advanced Professionals who have played this map like to call them the three lonely brothers of Yanan.”

“Although these three guys look like Professionals, they dont have Class Panels and wont get attribute adjustments.

The difficulty of fighting each Boss is similar to that of the level 5 Goblin King.”


“This is the most difficult part of this dungeon.”

“It means that we have to deal with the concentrated fire and siege of three intelligent Bosses at the same time.”

“But we have a total of six people on our side.

Lets not talk about all of us going on stage to fight.

Even if Brother Tree were to fight the three dungeon Bosses alone, he could withstand their siege and easily take the life of one of them.”

“If I heal Brother Tree through the entire battle, it will be even easier.

He can easily take on three of them and kill them all.”

“In other words, this mysterious dungeon calledYanan Forest isnt that hard to fight” Su Mumu asked in a low voice.

Lin Ye nodded, “Yes.”

“The initial version of this dungeon wasnt difficult.”

“As long as the college examination team has all the Class skills, healers, crowd control, damage output, tanks, and enough patience to grind their health, anyone can kill the YananTribesmen.”

“The only thing that matters is how long you take to clear this dungeon.”

“Also, during the process of grinding the Boss health, did the team make any mistakes or make any mistakes Did they lose health that they shouldnt have”

“These are the core criteria of the college entrance examination scoring by the observers of various universities.”

Lin Ye changed the topic, “But,”

“Now that Campfire Explorer has been added to this dungeon, the difficulty has been raised to Hell Mode.

It wont be so easy to clear.”

“I dont know what kind of terrain or creatures it has.”

“I have to see it with my own eyes.”

Su Mumu was speechless.

“Uh… Arent you basically not saying anything”


Lin Ye rolled his eyes, “Dont you understand”

“Then Ill make it simple.

The details of thisYanan Forest dungeon were given to me a few days ago.

I came prepared today!”

“You understand”

Su Mumu pouted her little mouth.


“I smell a dirty trade….”

“Wrong,” Lin Ye said, “Theres no dirty deal.”

“Its an invisible battle that were actively participating in for the safety of human beings all over the world.”


 “I cant say more.”


“It doesnt matter how this dungeon turns out.

It doesnt matter what we do inside.”

“What matters is that we can eliminate the new group of secret realm creatures and walk out of there alive.”

“The two of you will get special enrollment status like me and can go to any university you want.”


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