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Two days later, the college entrance exam officially began.

All the students in Jiang City woke up early in the morning.

Following the guidance of their teacher, they took the bus to the college entrance examination venue set up by the Professional Alliance.

The dungeons for the college entrance examination were different from the usual dungeons.

They were filled with rare and special items.

Another special feature of these dungeons was the fact that they would broadcast each students battle in real-time to the projector in the real world.

Then, it would be projected on the large display screen in the center of the college entrance examination venue for future juniors to reference and learn.

In normal dungeons, the situation inside would not be seen by outsiders, and electronic devices wouldnt be able to operate as usual.

There was no such thing as recording a video and uploading it online.

And so for this very reason, whether it was the students parents, the students relatives or friends, the students juniors, or the universitys observer—

They had all come here together to watch.

Some ordinary people who had nothing to do with the college entrance examination would also buy tickets to the college entrance examination venue at this time every year to join in the fun.

In any case, the “college entrance examination questions” for the college entrance examination were different every year, and it also differs from city to city.There was no possibility of the contents of the college entrance examination being leaked or students taking the opportunity to cheat.

Most ordinary people came here to admire these new and upcoming heroic candidates in action.

At the same time, they cheered to show their support for the candidates.

And they were always welcome to come.

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“Ah, Im so nervous.

God, please dont let me make any mistakes.”

“Brothers! Are you ready Today is the day to fight to the death! Good luck!”

“Im ready!”


“Ah Zhen, after I win this battle, Ill officially propose to you.

Will you accept my proposal”

“Ah Qiang, dont worry.

Even if you fail, Ill still agree to it.”

“I love you~”

“Muah muah~”

*Sigh* “Lets mail it to the college entrance examination.

My Awakened Talent is definitely going to be trashed! Im already prepared to die and report to the failed factory tomorrow.”

“Its okay.

Youre not alone.

You still have me.

Lets go for a drink tonight.

Well drink three cups each.

We wont leave until were drunk!”

“And then youll come with me tomorrow to fix failures in a drunken state ”

“No, my dad arranged a civilian job for me at the Professional Alliances division.

Ill go to work in a month, and Ill be a pure civil servant in the future.



“You sly fox!”

“Ill never play with you again, you dog!”


At this moment, every candidate was sitting on their seats in the examination hall, waiting for the leaders of the Professional Alliance to appear and announce the start of this years college entrance examination.

They were whispering to their companions around them, saying all kinds of obscenities.

Lin Ye patted Su Mumus shoulder, “Mumu, are Auntie and Uncle here yet”

Su Mumu tore open a bag of potato chips, quickly stuffed the snacks into her mouth, “Theyre here, somewhere at the back,” She said vaguely.

“There are too many people walking around.

I cant see where they are right now.”

“Alright,” Lin Ye nodded, “Ill go find them when its over.”

At this moment, Bai Zhi, who was sitting on Lin Yes left, quietly leaned over and tugged on Lin Yes sleeve.

She whispered nervously and uneasily,

“Um… Brother Lin Ye…”

“Why dont you and sister Mumu enter the venue together later”

“With my current strength, Ill only be a burden to you.

I cant help you with anything.

Im not a good teammate at all…”

Lin Ye looked helpless when he heard her.

This little girl was good at everything, but she was too unconfident.

“Bai Zhi, trust me.

Youre not a burden.”

“Im sure youll be able to get a high score in this college entrance examination.”

“However, I need to ask you something in advance.”

“If you have the freedom to choose a university, is there any university that you want to go to”

Bai Zhi couldnt help but lower her head.


“If I could freely choose any school…”

“I want to go to the university that brother Lin Ye and sister Mumu applied to together.”

“Are you sure” Lin Ye asked again, “Do you plan to be our permanent teammate in the future”

“Yes.” Bai Zhi blushed and nodded.

“Im very happy to be with you two… I dont want to find another team…”

Lin Ye showed a faint smile, “In that case… You dont have to worry at all.”

“Even if you dont do anything today, just find a place to lie down and sleep in the dungeon, you can still be assigned to the same university as us.”

Bai Zhi stared blankly at him, and it took a few seconds before it finally registered what Lin Ye had just said, “Ah…”

“What do you mean”

Lin Ye didnt explain further.

He just took the chips from Su Mumus hand and stuffed one into his mouth before passing the bag to Bai Zhi.

Su Mumu fumed angrily at Lin Yeヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ.


“Will you die if you open a new bag of potato chips”

“Must you come and snatch mine”

Lin Ye ignored her and picked up the plastic bag on the ground.

He took out a packet of lime-flavored chips, tore open the outer packaging, and stuffed it into Su Mumus hand.

“Bai Zhi likes that flavor, and you like this flavor, so I specially bought them separately.

You understand”

Su Mumu quickly calmed down.



“Im sorry,” she said.

“Brother Lin Ye, I was wrong.”

“Ill agree to whatever you want to do tonight.”



While they were talking, a man suddenly appeared on the central platform of the venue.

He was wearing a formal black suit, his posture was dignified, his manner elegant, and he was holding the microphone.

Seeing the man enter, everyone shut their mouths and looked at each other in unison, waiting for the opening speech of this influential person in Jiang City.

“My dear students, good morning.”

“Today, we gathered together for a very special day.”

After the formalities were finished, The man in the black suit suddenly changed the topic and announced a heavy-weight news that no one had expected.

“Unfortunately, I must first apologize.”

“Due to some irrefutable reasons, this years college entrance exam will be delayed to the morning of three days from now.”

“Today, Ive gathered everyone here to announce another important matter…”

Upon hearing this, the students present immediately became restless and whispered to each other.


“What happened”

“Why is the college entrance examination suddenly postponed”

“What the heck is going on”


“Could it be that the dark wave is here again”


I dont think its the dark wave.

It seems to be related to the fight in the west of the city today.”

“I dont know the details, but it must be a big deal.

The scene was blocked by the Professional Alliance.

No one is allowed to enter or leave.

Even the internet communication is blocked.”


“Could it be that some otherworldly creature has infiltrated the city”

“F*ck, dont say it anymore.

Im scared.

I can still remember the dark wave incident from ten f*cking years ago clearly even now.”

Ignoring the frantic whispers and unsettling looks from the audience, the Man in the black suit continued, “Today, its the first day special enrollment students appear in our Rivertown.”

“According to the latest rules issued by the Professional Alliance, from now on, every special enrollment student will challenge an independent dungeon with their selected teammates before the college entrance examination.”


“This dungeon challenge will be conducted in the same way as the college entrance examination.”

“Including the college entrance exams dungeons live broadcast.

There will be no changes.

Everyone can learn their fighting plan and techniques.”

After he finished speaking, the special camera installed in the college entrance exam venue suddenly pointed at Lin Ye, who was sitting in the front row.

His every move was shown on the huge display screen in the center, just like a lucky fan on a football field who was chosen by a cameraman to go on TV.

“And the first special enrollment student of our Rivertown is this student!”

“Lin Ye!”


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