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After meeting Huang Tianqi, Lin Yes business and problems were reduced by half.

However, he still did not choose to rest or relax.

Instead, he seized the time to take Su Mumu and little Mumu to the dungeon to get some “dog food”, while explaining to little Mumu the problems she needed to pay attention to in the future college entrance examination.

This was to ensure that they wouldnt lose marks in the college entrance examination.

The smallest detail can change even the slightest outcome of a battle.

They train until the days fatigue points are all used up.

Lin Ye returned home, took out the physical data report that Bai Zhi sent him, and started to calculate the best point-adding formula for her.

At the same time, he also studied Bai Zhis current Skill and equipment data.

She was thinking about how she could get high marks in the college entrance examination.

Of course.

Just looking at the data on the interface, it was only on paper, with too many limitations and not very reliable.

They had to be like Su Mumu, two people forming a team to enter the dungeon, and to carry out actual observation and testing, in order to find a more effective scoring technique.

He would have to wait until Bai Zhi reached level 10.

There was no need to be too anxious.

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In a dark underground room in Jiang city, four people were sitting, standing, or smoking around a big brown round table.

They had different expressions on their faces.

One of the men who was smoking took the lead, “Unfortunately, Sir Meigao has been killed.”

“I know,” Another bald man sitting on a chair replied.

“Are we going to find the person who killed our comrade and avenge him”

“Huh, avenge” A man who was leaning against the wall and playing with colored cards said disdainfully, “There are Professional Alliance spies everywhere in Rivertown right now!”

“If you dare to expose the abyssal power in your body, those abyssal encirclement teams will surround you in less than two minutes and make it impossible for you to escape!”

“If you want to die, suit yourself.

Dont even think about dragging us down,”

A tall woman in a red cheongsam put on bright lipstick and crossed her snow-white legs.

“Uh-huh~” She said in a foxy tone, “Compared to Sir Meigaos death…”

“What I care more about is…”

“Who will the Abyssal Lord send to be our commander next Do we still need to carry out the assassination plan that the Abyssal Lord has given us”

“The plan must go on,” The man who was smoking said slowly.

“We dont need to do it ourselves anyway.

We just need to throw some small things into those dungeons for the college entrance examination, and something powerful will kill Shangguan Yan for us.”

“Theres no reason to cancel the plan just because of Sir Meigaos death.” He said.

The smoking man threw away the cigarette in his hand and took out a gray skull from his pocket.

He spread it out on his palm and looked at it carefully.

[Campfire Explorer (Hell): Special item.

When used in a dungeon, it will immediately increase the difficulty of the dungeon to Hell Level and change the original form of the dungeon.

It will summon a secret dungeon Boss that does not exist.

Those who enter will not be able to leave the dungeon as easily.]


The bald man sitting on the chair glanced at the gray skull greedily.

“Campfire Explorer, huh”

“I just dont understand why the Lord of the Abyss would use such a precious item for a level 10 high school student.”

“Why dont you give it to us to grind for Diamond equipment and Skill books”

“Even if hes a genius, hes only level 10.

We can just send a few high-level Fallen here and kill him, right”

“Why must we overdo it by wasting a precious prop”

The man who was leaning against the wall and shuffling a deck of cards curses under his breath.

“Hmph! Foolish!”

“Do you think the advanced Professionals sent by the Professional Alliance are idiots Do you think they will let you assassinate our targets”

The woman in the cheongsam put down her lipstick and looked at the man who was playing with cards.

She blinked charmingly.


“Small cards~”

“Please understand the little boiled egg~”

“His IQ has never been high.

He just likes to be so straightforward.

Why do you have to always make fun of him”

The man known as Cardsharp turned his head away coldly.

“Im sorry.”

“I dont like idiots.”

“Especially the idiots who are working with me.”

“Sir Meigao recruited this idiot Baldy into our team.

Sooner or later, hell screw things up and cause us all to suffer,”

“Just you wait,”

The man with the “boiled soy egg” head lowered his head, feeling wronged.

“Im sorry–”

“Black Fist, ignore him.” The Smoking Man came out to smooth things over.

“Youre stronger than him and you can do more than him.

If you really want to say that hes a burden to the team, its cardsharp.

Hes not as useful to us as you are.

He can be abandoned at any time.”

The woman in the cheongsam covered her mouth and laughed.

“Hehe ~”

“Brother Yan is telling the truth!”

“Little soy egg, you are indeed the strongest among the four of us.

Youre also the one with the greatest potential~”

“Small Card is just feel a little….



“Hes pretty good in bed~”


“Im interested!”

“Why dont we do another round tonight”

“Small Cards~

Twisted Fate snorted in disdain, “Hmph! So what if Im strong”

“No brain, no IQ, you will always be the first to die!”

“Anyway, Im going to say it here!”

“I dont like this idiot!”

“I dont care if you want to promote him, but dont let him drag me down.

Dont let him work with me and affect my mission!”

While they were talking.

A black mist suddenly emerged from the brown round table in front of the four of them and quickly spread into the air in the basement.

It gradually transformed into a short figure, which seemed to be an Abyssal Demon wearing a Black Mage robe.

“Smoke Phantom, Fox, Black Fist, Cardsharp,”

The four of them quickly stood up and knelt on one knee.

They saluted the dark shadow of the Abyssal Demon.

“We welcome the Abyss Lord!” They all respectfully greeted him.

“You all should know,” The Abyssal Demon known as the Abyssal Lord said with great momentum, “Meigao is dead,”

“There are no other Abyssal Demons in Jiang City to take its place.”

“So, Ill be sending a new Abyssal Demon to command you, and Ill also bring a Fallen from another place to help you.”

“Youve all heard of the name of the Fallen.”

“The White clown.”

Hearing this, the four of them looked at each other, their eyes filled with surprise and panic.


The White Clown

No way, this guy has been so arrogant recently.

Not only did he kill more than a dozen advanced Professionals, but he also massacred a group of ordinary people in the club, killing at least a thousand people!

‘Let him assist us

‘Wouldnt that be sending the four of us to the path of death

“Whats wrong” The Abyssal Lord noticed the dissatisfaction in their eyes, “Are you perhaps not willing to work together with the White Clown”

“My Lord, I acknowledge the White Clowns strength, but what he did will only bring us trouble.

I dont want this guy to threaten the lives of the four of us.”Smoke Phantom said bluntly,

“If he really needs to come to Jiang City, then Ill refuse to carry out any of the subsequent operations until the White clown leaves or is killed.”


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