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With the help of the Phantom Moon Jellyfish, the Big Tree Guardian was full of energy.

It waved his golden spear, taking the lives of a group of Lizardmen every time he attacked.

The Knight-class Skills that he had seemed to hold back were now unleashed, and they were thrown in the faces of the Lizardmen Soldiers.

Shield Strike!

Triple Death Slash!

Desperate Strike!

Leap Slash!

And away the horses hooves flew!

Witnessing this all firsthand, Lin Ye could only stare, jaw dropped, and the constantWhy is this Big Tree Guardian so f*cking cool! running through his mind.

As expected of the fallen Knight!

It was as if it was saying,


‘The domineering golden armor!

Then, ‘look at this set of cool spear-wielding movements! 

It was as if a God had descended from the heavens to fight against five people at once.

And that incomparably cool riding posture!

Oh my God!

Which man wouldnt be moved when he saw this

Which woman wouldnt cry when she saw this

To be honest, if it wasnt for the fact that the Big Tree Guardians talent and aptitude were too far away from the Hex Teacher, resulting in its four-dimensional attributes being far lower than the Hex Teachers, it would have been much better.

With his various AoE Skills and his immunity super armor, he could definitely fight the Hex Teacher head-on and have a 50 – 50 chance of winning…

However, Brother Trees shortcomings were obvious:

Long-range Skills and Terrain Kills.

The principle was simple.

Other than the Heavenly Strikes long cooldown time, the Big Tree Guardians remaining Skills were all close-range Skills.

Moreover, the golden armor on his body was very heavy, similar to the heavy cavalry in ancient times, which means he couldnt jump very high or even climb over some small hills.


If Lin Ye were to fight against him…

As long as he could think of a way to deal with the Big Tree Guardians “Heavenly Strike”, then find a small high ground where the golden warhorse could not jump up and keep attacking him with long-range Skills, Brother Tree would become a sandbag that could only be passively beaten like the Scorpions in Stone Cave.

If the high ground was very steep to climb, then there was no need to trick Brother Trees “Heavenly Strike” Skill.

He could just use the height difference of the high ground and mindlessly bombard him with his own attack.

For the same instance,

Long-range Classes with fast enough movement speed, such as Rangers, Reindeer Calvary, and Pegasus Archers, could use kiting to slowly kill the slow Big Tree Guardian.

Just like when Lin Ye beat up that angel from before.

Any agile long-range Class was the Big Tree Guardians weakness, and they could beat him up until he had no will left to fight.

As for the reason why the Big Tree Guardian was able to fight against the Hex Teacher on equal terms…

There was also a very simple explanation.

Even though the Hex Teacher was fast, it did not have many long-range Skills.

He had to fly closer to the Big Tree Guardian to cut his head off to kill him.

On the other hand, the Big Tree Guardians equipment was too heavy, and the golden warhorse was a little tired from carrying his weight.

This caused the two to move a little slower, and they couldnt jump very high.

But, this did not mean that the Tree Guardians attack speed would be the same.

And, it didnt mean that the Big Tree Guardians Skill would take long to cast.

On the contrary, his attack speed was no less than that of the Hex Teacher.

He was almost invincible in close combat and could fight any creature head-on.

So, when the Hex Teacher struck the Tree Guardian with its black iron greatsword…

The Big Tree Guardian could also use his Knight Skills, such as Shield Strike and Triple Death Slash, to counterattack with a similar attack speed to the Hex Teachers.

In addition, the Big Tree Guardians damage range was particularly large, and his super armor didnt suffer from crowd control.

Even if the Hex Teachers attack speed was faster, he could not rely on those gorgeous sword moves to interrupt the Big Tree Guardians attack Skills.

There was no way to avoid the wide range of the Tree Guardians melee attacks.

In the end, both sides would be caught in a brainless, blood-exchange battle.

It was a competition of who had the highest damage, who had the highest health bar, who would be the first to give in to the pressure and make a fatal mistake…

Lin Ye rubbed his chin.

‘So… In other words…

‘Even if the four attributes of both sides are balanced… is my Hex Teacher more powerful and well-rounded than Brother Tree

‘It would be through the many loopholes I gave it!

Lin Ye immediately showed a proud smile.


‘Mumu, Mumu~

‘Im sorry!

‘The world is cruel!

‘That Brother of yours who came from nowhere will never be able to compare to my Brother who is made out of Golden Krypton!


As he thought about this, Lin Ye suddenly turned his head and looked at the Lizardman Tribe.

The Lizardman Army was still lining up to give exp to the Tree Guardian.

“Its done,”

“Its time to end this battle.”

With that, the famous blade in his hand, Lin Ye slowly changed its form into the Blade of Destruction.

At the final moment of the switch, he quickly swung the blade like a thunderbolt in the sky.

At this moment, it was the Time of Silence!


It was a reversal.

The Stars Godly Glory!

It was a reversal.

Divine Qi Therapy!

It was a reversal.

Aqua Tide!


The Lizardmen were all annihilated!

The Tree Guardian who was happily waving his spear could only stare in confusion.


‘Is this…

‘This power

‘Master Lin Ye actually had this familiar power

‘Could he be…

However, Lin Ye didnt notice the Tree Guardians abnormal behavior.

He just quickly ran towards the center of the Lizardman Tribe where the leader was.

Then, he used a reversed Heal Spell on the Lizardman Leaders face.

And with the Blade of Destruction in his hand, he killed the level 10 Silver Boss in a few seconds.


‘We can wrap up now!

[Prompt: Dungeon Boss, “Lizardman Leader”, was killed!]

[Prompt: Dungeon, “Lizardman Tribe”, completed, calculating rewards…]

[Prompt: You have received a Silver (B) dungeon clear treasure chest!]

[Prompt: Hidden extra treasure chest can not be obtained when forming a party!]

[Prompt: Do you want to open the treasure chest reward]


Seeing the familiar system notification, Lin Ye was about to say “yes” and then check how lucky he was today,

However, he did not expect the Big Tree Guardian to suddenly appear in front of him.

He jumped down from the tall and mighty golden warhorse and knelt down on one knee in front of him, as if it was performing an ancient Knights salute.

“What are you doing” Lin Ye couldnt help but ask.

‘Why did he even have to make a cool pose when he was about to disappear

Hearing this, the Big Tree Guardian lowered his head, put his hands in front of his chest, and said with great respect, “No.”

“Master Lin Ye, before I return to the soul world.”

“I hope you can help me with something.”

Lin Yes eyes widened in confusion.

‘What the hell

‘You want me to help you with something

‘The f*ck

‘This gold-tier Tree Guardian actually has its own consciousness

‘Is he a true otherworldly being

‘I thought he was just anAI Phantom summoned by little Mumu who wont know anything but to fight!

‘No wonder… Su Mumus system introduction said that the Big Tree Guardian could not be resurrected after death!

Of course, a real creature couldnt be resurrected!

On the other hand, the Hex Teacher was different.

It was an AI Phantom in the summoning card.

Although it had a certain level of intelligence, it did not have its own complete memory.

Therefore, just like little Mumu, even if he was killed by the enemy, he could resurrect countless times and continue to fight for himself…

‘Wait a minute–!

‘This is not the main point Im trying to make!

The point was, would the Big Tree Guardian, an intelligent alien creature, pose a threat to Su Mumus personal safety

Would he really be willing to listen to the orders of a human who was weaker than him

The Abyssal Demons could be summoned by ordinary humans, but would they become goodbig Brothers who helped their summoner fight

Even if they do, arent they still trying to tempt humans to fall every day

Even the angels from the Holy Kingdom, who were so angry at humans…

As he thought about it, Lin Ye looked at the Big Tree Guardian and secretly activated his Universe Reversal talent in case the Big Tree Guardian suddenly attacked him.

“What do you want to ask of me”

“Hive!” The Big Tree Guardian said bluntly, “I hope Master Lin Ye can take my master to Hive-like domain.”

“I know… You have a special mark on your body that gives you the right to enter the Hive domain.

My master also has the right to enter the Hive domain.”

“So you just need to bring her with you,”

Lin Ye squinted his eyes and asked in a low voice, “Whos the master youre talking about”

“And… Who… Are you”

The Big Tree Guardian slowly raised his head, then put down his right hand in front of his chest, and pointed to little Mumu, who was running toward him not far away.


Thelittle Mumu you mentioned.”

“Im just an unknown golden Knight.

No name.”

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