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Su Mumu stared at the scene before her like the =͟͟͞͞=͟͟͞͞(●⁰ꈊ⁰●|||) emoji.



‘Its like the damage dealt by a group attack!

‘Is he f*cking cheating

Meanwhile, Lin Ye was still holding the blade in his right hand.

His body was covered in faint purple lightning as he slowly said like a god, “Im not done yet.”

“After using this skill calledTime of Silence, all of my next attacks will increase by 50%, including my normal attacks that usually only dealt around 700 damage.

Now, I can deal around 1,000 damage.”

Su Mumu could only stare dumbfoundedly at his explanation.


‘Isnt your damage more terrible than my little Mumu and the Big Tree Guardian…

‘To think that I was still feeling a little proud just a few moments ago…


While Su Mumu was feeling depressed, the Lizardman Captain, who was guarding the Lizardman village, rushed out of the house.

It pulled out the scimitar from its waist and cursed for a long time.

Then, it fearlessly charged at Lin Ye and aimed at his face.


Ding! Ding!

Harder! He flicked his weapon away! His body moved forward! He swung his saber! It slashed across his abdomen!

[-436 HP!]

[-475 HP!]

He quickly turned around! A backhanded slash! Horizontal slash! He hit its back!

[-451 HP!]

[-442 HP!]

[Total damage -1804 HP!]

Two clean slashes instantly killed the opponent in less than two seconds, and the damage was simply explosive.


‘Is this the power of the Hidden Moon against the enemy in its normal form

‘Its not inferior to my healing package in terms of individual damage.

‘In fact, it was much higher…

As he thought about it, Lin Ye put away Hidden Moon and turned it back into the Blade of Redemption form.

He also activated the right to use theOcean Moons Oath.

Then he turned to Su Mumu,

“Alright, its done.

Its time for your performance.”

“Im only in charge of healing now.

As a Priest should,”

Su Mumu looked at him sadly.


“I dont understand.

With your current damage, why are you only a Priest Why are you healing us when you can kill these monsters”

Lin Ye silently looked into her beautiful big eyes.

“Are you stupid” He said calmly.

“This dungeon is so simple.

The purpose of fighting here is to test the strength of the Challenger.

If I kill all the monsters, how can I test little Mumu and the Big Tree Guardians combat power ”

Su Mumu naughtily stuck out her little tongue.

“Aish! Dont you understand what Im trying to say”

“I mean… Why do you still have the ability to heal”


“Its simple,” Lin Ye began, not planning to hide anything, “I also have a God-tier talent.”

“I can resist, fight, heal, buff teammates, and dispel debuffs.

I can also debuff enemies and dispel enemies buffs.

Its almost the most versatile talent.”

Su Mumu revealed an “I knew it” expression.



“You really are cheating!”

“What” Lin Ye was confused.

“Youre saying as if you dont have a cheating talent yourself!”

“You can summon a fully automatic clone who can do the laundry and cook to settle the logistics.

And that clone can also summon Brother Tree to fight in dungeons!

“That clone of yours is also dual-use, you can use her in and out of dungeons, can be on standby 24 hours a day and free your hands, letting you do a lot of things at the same time…”


“Apart from your body being too weak, which makes you unable to display little Mumus full strength, your talent has almost no flaws.”

“Youre like the pot calling the kettle black.”

Su Mumu looked affronted.

“How can you even humiliate me like this”


“Im going to ignore you!”

Lin Ye ignored the joke-like catchphrase that she always used.

Instead, he turned his attention to little Mumu and the Big Tree Guardian.

“The two of you, go and open up a path.

In a while, you dont need to wait for my orders.

Just act as you wish and annihilate all the enemies.”

Hearing this, little Mumu gently nodded, and the Big Tree Guardian responded with a low “yes”.

“Hey!” Su Mumu exclaimed.

“Im their Summoner! Why are they suddenly listening to your orders! Hey!”

“Its simple.” Lin Ye pointed at his temple, “Its because I have this.”

Su Mumu just stomps her feet in annoyance.


The following battles were still as one-sided as before.

The Lizardmen couldnt organize any effective resistance at all, and they were instantly killed by the tree guardian riding on golden warhorses and holding golden Spears.

As for the Lizardman Swordsman with Class panel…

Their fight was even more aggrieved and tragic.

In just one exchange, it had been seriously injured by the Big Tree Guardians Heavenly Strike.

Coupled with his high-cut and tough normal attacks, it had been on the ground and in a stunned state the entire time.

It had not attacked once, nor had it released a swordsman skill.

Not only was its death worthless, but it also did not even manage to trick Brother Tree out of his other combat skills.

It had no choice but to die.

Lin Ye could only hope that the final dungeon Boss, the Lizard Leader, would put up some fight so that he could see the Big Tree Guardians true strength and study the details of his battle…

On the other hand,

Little Mumus strength assessment went very smoothly.

Max battle details, Max dodging ability, Max attack timing, Max intelligence, Max coordination with teammates… She was almost like a female Mage version of the Hex Teacher.

If she were to be the final Boss in a dungeon, she would definitely be able to persuade a large number of students to quit.

Her only weakness was that Su Mumus main body was too weak.

She didnt have any good Skills, and her four-dimensional attributes were only strong enough against ordinary students.

The only equipment she had on her was the Meteor Staff and Giants Heart that he had given her.

As a result, her spell damage was not high enough, which slows her down when killing monsters.

She had to do what Lin Ye did at the beginning— walk and pull, farm a few more sets of Skills, and slowly grind down their health to pass.


Was this little girls luck so bad

Youve reached level 10, but you dont even have a few Silver Skills and equipment that you can use

She should at least gather the Silver equipment first…

Wait a minute!

‘Speaking of which… I suddenly remembered something!

‘It had been a week.

The Platinum Mage set and the Platinum fiery big sword set that Huang Tianqi had promised should be arriving soon, right

Great timing.

‘Ill find him for a meal these next two days.

He wanted to ask about the Platinum equipment and also about the “Proof of Hero”.

He wanted to see if he could save Bai Zhis trashy Swordsman Class and change her to a Summoner that would be more suitable for her…

A few minutes later…

Everyone arrived at the last area of the dungeon.

Lizardmen Tribe.

At this moment, the final Boss, the Lizard Leader, had already realized the enemys invasion from the beacon that was lit in the village ahead.

That was why it called all the Lizardman Warriors from the nearby villages over.

There were more than 300 of them in total, and they were all guarding the tall city wall, glaring at Lin Ye and the others who were slowly walking over.

Although it seemed that the enemy was large in number and the city wall was difficult to break through, it was actually very easy to fight here.

There was a well-known cheat plan for this specific area.

You just have to find a way to bypass or withstand the arrows from the Lizardman Archers and rush to the gate under the wall of the Lizardman Tribe.

The other party would suddenly open the city gate and send out groups of Lizardmen to block the narrow gate and kill them, just like how the Calabash Brothers would save their grandpas.

After that, all they had to do was to wait until all the Lizardmen monsterlings were dead in the fray.

Only then would the noble Lizardmen Leader walk out of hisbedroom and fight with the challengers…

Instead of choosing the smarter path where the leader would cleverly let the challengers enter the city, closing the city gate on them and using the power of human wave tactics to carry out a righteous siege…

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