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Lin Ye looked at the Big Tree Guardian who put its spear back on its shoulder and started to analyze silently,

“Heavenly strike”

“This skill is similar to the Goblin Kings earthquake.”

“It has a larger attack range and damage.

It also has a control effect of forcing the user tofall to the ground.

It should be considered a high-level skill.”

“If I were to fight against the Big Tree Guardian…”

Listening to Lin Yes murmur, Su Mumu stared at him with wide eyes.


“What do you want to do”

“I finally found a big brother number two who can make me happy and idle, and you actually want to kill him”


Lin Ye couldnt help but roll his eyes.

“Why are you panicking”

“Im just simulating the battle scene in my mind and imagining how to crack this skill, so that I can prepare for the same type of enemy I might encounter in the future.”

“Im not literally going to kill off your tree guard.”

“Eh” Su Mumu immediately responded, “Battling something like this big boy”

“Then have you also thought about fighting me”

“No, I didnt,” Lin Ye said decisively, “Youre not worthy of my simulation,”

Su Mumu looked at him like the(# ̄~ ̄#) emoji.

Lin Ye continued, “But I would like to fight with little Mumu, to see the various details of a Mage in actual combat to perfect my strategy, and at the same time, to see how to quickly kill a Mage.

Su Mumus eyes widened.


“You want to… Use this blade of kindness to cut her”

“Yep,” Lin Ye didnt deny it, “And you can revive her, right”

“So, it should be fine even if I kill her off.”

Hearing this, Su Mumu quickly placed herself in front of little Mumu, protecting her from Lin Yes view.

She stretched out her right hand, and said with a righteous tone, “No way! Dont even think about it! Little Mumu is my good friend, I will never allow you to do such a crazy thing!”

“Yet you use her like a secret agent” Lin Ye goaded her.

But Su Mumu remained determinedly silent.

Lin Ye could only shrug helplessly.

“Alright, alright.

Ill listen to you.”

“I wont have any thoughts about killing or using her in the future.”

“When I find a dungeon creature with a Mage interface, Ill go find them and slowly perfect my idea, okay”

Su Mumu revealed a cute smile.


“Youre the best ~”

“Ill make you some chicken soup tonight~”

“What “Lin Ye looked at her with suspicion, “Please take note of your statement.

Youre the one whos going to make it”

“Hey!” Su Mumu feeling mildly offended, “Of course its me!”

“A gentlemans words cant be taken back.

Today, Ill personally cook.

No one can stop me!”


After that, the group continued to move deeper into the dungeon, passing through the dense jungle, and soon arrived at the first village in the Lizardmen Tribe.

The difficulty of conquering this place was slightly higher than the outpost.

There were more than 50 Lizardmen Guards in total, and there was even a 3 Star Silver-ranked Lizardman Captain.

Although it didnt have a Class panel, it had the combat power and attributes of an Elite Monster.

It would be a bit difficult for ordinary students to deal with.

Su Mumu opened her mouth and asked, “What do you mean”

“Should we still let the Big Tree Guardian exterminate them”

“No,” Lin Ye shook his head, “We will use the Big Tree Guardian in the next area.

There is a strong Lizard Swordsman with a Class panel over there, so we can test Brother Trees true combat power more directly.”

“As for the enemies in this area… Let me fight them,”

As he spoke, Lin Ye switched to his blade, Hidden Moon, changing its form from the Blade of Redemption into the Blade of Destruction.

He also activated the usage rights for the Time of Silence.

“Get ready!”

“Its time to witness a miracle!”

“Yeah!” Su Mumus face was full of excitement.

“Im ready to shout Awesome!”

“Hurry up and go!”

Lin Ye took a deep breath, held his sword with both hands, and rushed to the Lizardman villages Gate.

He directly chopped at the head of a Lizardman guard who couldnt react in time.

[-356 HP!]

[-371 HP!]


‘These guards couldnt be killed with just one slash

‘Then lets do it again!


[-392 HP!]

[-387 HP!]

[Prompt: You have killed a Lizardman Guard!]

Su Mumus eyes widened.



“Such high damage!”


The level 10 Lizardman Guards had a total HP of more than 900 points.

On the other hand, the damage of normal Professionals Silver-grade skills was basically fluctuating between 300 – 400 points.

After deducting the Lizardmens defense attribute, they could basically only take out 200 to 300 Hp.

Those with high armor-piercing attributes could take out more than 300 HP.

Even Lin Yes Reverse Heal Spell, which was like a cheat, could only deal around 400 true damage to the enemy without considering the additional damage from the skill.


This really wasnt Su Mumus ignorance.

Lin Ye was the one using the famous blade, Hidden Moon.

The damage from the Blade of Destruction form was indeed a little high.

It had already surpassed the Silver and Bronze skills that most people had.

Its attack could be compared to Gold and Platinum grade damage skills.

Combined with the fact that normal attacks didnt have a cooldown time, the higher Lin Yes attack speed was, the higher the damage he could deal.

In an ideal situation, with the attack speed of one blade per second, Lin Ye could only deal around 400 true damage with each heal.

However, he was able to slash four times in this period of time, dealing a total of more than 2,800 physical and magic damage.

Was this terrifying

Of course.

This was only for ordinary creatures in the dungeon.

Boss-level creatures with high defense, such as that angel creature, would greatly reduce physical and magical damage.

When that happened, there would not be such a terrifying damage stacking efficiency.

In the end, he still had to rely on those Reverse Heal Skills, a move that ignored the targets defense, to quickly kill these kinds of super enemies.

It was also because of this reason that Lin Ye called the Universe Reversal a great cheat.

And compared to that, Lin Ye could only call the three forms of Hidden Moon “little cheat”.

It would become the first layer of a thousand-layered cake for him to hide his trump card, to confuse the enemys judgment of his true ability, and to catch the enemy off guard at the critical moment…

“This is just the most basic attack of my sword.

It has more powerful active skills.

Do you want to see them” Lin Ye slowly said.

Su Mumu quickly raised her right hand.

“I want to see it! I want to see it!”


Lin Ye smiled, “Then watch closely.

My next move is called Thoughtless Blade!”

“Its like the might of the lightning in the sky!”

With that–

Lin Ye rushed towards the Lizardman Guards who had discovered him.

Then, he raised the Hidden Moon in his hand and waved it in an extremely cool manner.

A sharp sword energy that was like purple lightning was released.

At this moment… It was the Time of Silence!



[The Lizardmans HP -1,203!]

[The Lizardmans HP -1,365!]

[The Lizardmans HP -1,275!]

They were instantly annihilated!

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