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The next day.

Lin Ye gave Su Mumu the level 10 – 20 point allocation plan that he had worked hard on the whole night.

He also asked for Bai Zhis opinion on the calculation formula.

Unsurprisingly, Bai Zhi rejected him.

However, the reason wasnt that she was embarrassed to reveal her measurements, nor was it because she felt that the optimal point-adding formula was useless to her.

Instead, she felt that it wasnt good to make Lin Ye spend so much effort and energy on this extremely troublesome thing.

After all, Lin Ye had already given her so much good equipment, made her a lot of money, and even got her so many free attribute points.

How could she shamelessly ask for more

She even took the initiative to send the school physical report directly to Lin Yes phone.

She wanted to show how much she trusted Lin Ye.

If it was someone else, Lin Ye might think that she was playing hard to get, but based on his understanding of Bai Zhis personality, this silly girl really didnt want to trouble him.

However, she was also afraid that he would misunderstand that she didnt trust him…


‘Silly, silly loli!

‘Since you trust me so much, how can I not help you

‘The formula might be troublesome to calculate, but Im not afraid of trouble!

‘Its decided!

‘Just let me do it!

‘How should the Swordman maximize her points at this stage

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On the other side, with the help of her big brothers Bionic Tear, Su Mumu successfully reached level 10.

She no longer needed to follow the fixed steps in the dungeon.

After all, there were only a few level 10 dungeons.

After obtaining the free attribute points, they would become a regular material book for students to farm for skill books and equipment, as well as for farming equipment and forging dog food.

It didnt really matter what he farmed first or later.

But of course.

The dungeonHuang Tianqi promised was not in consideration.

Lin Ye planned to wait until Bai Zhi reached level 10 and upgraded her “Lady Luck” talent.

Then, he would use the new “Lady Luck” to clear the more difficult dungeons and maximize his benefits.

So, he would be very free for the next two days.

He could clear any dungeon he wanted and bring whoever he wanted.

He could even lie down at home and be a useless person…

“Mumu, since youve already risen to level 10, your Awakened Talent should be at Level 2, right”

“Are there any changes”

“Uh….” Su Mumu said with a strange expression, “Im not too sure …”

Lin Ye was confused.

Su Mumu helplessly explained, “According to the system, little Mumu has just learned an ability calledSoul Summoning Bell.

She can summon spirit souls to fight for her.

“But it doesnt state what kind of spirit soul will be summoned.”

“The details are also very vague.”

Lin Yes eyes instantly widened, “Ha”

‘Whats this!

Little Mumu can also summon abig brother for her own now!

“Like summoning another doll”

Su Mumu quickly shook her head, “No.”

“Its different.”

“The ability to summon spirit souls can only be used in the dungeons.”

“It can not be used here.”

“Moreover, unlike little Mumu, who can revive after the five minute cooldown and can be summoned outside the dungeon, once the spirit soul dies, it dies.”

“As for the rest… I dont know.”

Lin Ye touched his chin and fell into deep thought.

Then, he waved his hand.

“Its fine.”

“Lets go into the dungeon and test its specific effects.”

“Lets go,” he said.

[Dungeon: Lizardmen Tribe]

[Level: 8 – 10]

[Difficulty: Easy]

[Description: Lizardmen.

These guys are a huge race that is very fertile.

Their Warriors are brave and fearless, and their intelligence is not low.

They can use all kinds of annihilating tactics… But fortunately, their individual strength is not strong.

Only the most powerful Warriors can be recognized by the system and become powerful Professionals.]

The Lizardman Tribe was a simple dungeon.

Other than a few elite monsters and the final Boss, the other monsters were noobs that were at most 1 or 2 Silver-rank.

Not to mention Lin Ye.

Even if other students who had just reached level-8 came, they could easily clear the dungeon alone and get at least a S-rank score.

Therefore, the dungeons biggest use was to use the large number of Lizardman monsterlings and the Lizardman Bosses to test the specific effects of the new skills students got.

At the same time, they could also practice their PvP skills when fighting against Professionals.

It could be considered a slightly famous dungeon.

However, it was not as good as Bone Soup and the Hex Teacher.

After entering the dungeon, Su Mumu immediately saw Lin Yes famous blade, Hidden Moon.


“Why is your Priest weapon a blade”

Lin Ye took off blades scabbard and turned it into the blade of salvation that could heal anyone.

Then, he put the scabbard back into his equipment bar, leaving the blades body with a faint yellow light.

“Isnt it reasonable for a Priest to carry a knife for self-defense”

Su Mumu was instantly speechless.


Reasonable Reasonable your head!

“This is simply outrageous!”


Lin Ye couldnt help but roll his eyes at her.

“Whats wrong Did the Priest Class eat your rice”

“Why cant I use a saber”

He suddenly raised the Hidden Moon, and with lightning speed, he slashed at Su Mumus arm.

Suddenly, a part of the faint yellow light covering the blade entered Su Mumus body, and green blood immediately appeared on her body.

[ 311 HP!]




Lin Ye maintained a calm expression as he took back his Hidden Moon, “You see that” He calmly said.

“This blade of mine isnt an ordinary blade.

Its a blade of kindness, specially used to save the dying and heal the injured.

It matches my priest profession perfectly.”


“Its sort of a little dissociative identity disorder.”

“Sometimes, it will turn into another demonic blade.

Not only can it not save people, but it can only be used to kill.

It is the best weapon for my self-defense.”

Su Mumu stared at him like the “(´•︵•`)” emoji.


“I dont understand at all…” She finally said.

“Uh… What is dissociative identity disorder…”

Lin Ye patiently explained, “Basically, its a weapon with a variety of combat modes.”

“Our high school textbooks didnt mention this.

We only talked about this in University, so I didnt know that this type of special weapon existed at the beginning.”

“I only found out about it after checking the internet.”

Hearing this, the sad expression on Su Mumus face instantly disappeared, and she became happy again.


“So you didnt know from the start”

“Then its fine.”


Lin Ye didnt want to talk to her, “Alright, dont be so smug.

Quickly call little Mumu out and let her use the newSoul Summoning Bell ability.

Lets see what big brothers big brother is like.”

Su Mumu obediently nodded.

“Yes, yes.”

“(๑‾ꇴ‾๑) Okay!”


Bionic Tear!

Use the exclusive skill “Soul-Summoning Bell”!


[Prompt: The Bionic Tear,little Mumu is using the Soul-Summoning Bell!]

[Prompt: An unknown spirit has heard its Bell and is establishing a connection with the world you are in.

It is about to descend into the secret dungeon!]

[Prompt: The Spirit Soul “Big Tree Guardian” has descended!]

[Big Tree Guardian: Riding on a golden warhorse, the burly Big Tree Guardian will assist you in defeating your enemies!]


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