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Just as Lin Ye was thinking about how to show off his strength, Su Mumu sneaked up behind him and gently meowed in his ear.

Lin Ye didnt react and merely gave her the stink eye.

“Mumu, dont scare me,”

“I noticed you the moment you walked in.”

Su Mumu sat beside him, somewhat unhappily, her face turned to her default pouting-emoji face.


“Youre no fun!”

“Cant you just cooperate with me some time”

Lin Ye ignored her small complaint, “How was it”

“Have you reached level 9”

“When will you reach level 10”

“Once we all reach level 10, well be able to start forming parties to raid dungeons.

Well practice our chemistry and cooperation, and test the combat power of your Bionic Tear—”

Su Mumu plopped a candy from her shirt pocket into his mouth.

Then she took another one for herself.

“Im already at level nine!”

“If my estimation is right, I should be at level 10 by tomorrow morning!”

“So you mean, youre going to go with me tomorrow”

“Ive been curious about your Battle Priests true strength for a long time!”

Su Mumu said with a wiggle, and once again, it never ceased to amaze Lin Ye how she kept reminding him of emojis.


But after hearing Su Mumus “report”, Lin Ye was stunned.

“Tomorrow morning Youre telling me, youre going to train all night”

Su Mumu shook her head and said, “Of course not.”

“Staying up late will cause wrinkles.”

“Im planning to let little Mumu help me farm in dungeons all night.”

Lin Ye looked even more perplexed.


Su Mumu mischievously smiled, “Hehe.”

“This is something I just discovered today.”

“Little Mumu can enter the dungeon alone, and the system thought that I had also entered the dungeon.”

“After she clears the dungeon, Ill be able to obtain the treasure chest reward.

I wont have to suffer in the dungeons anymore!”

More question marks appear on his face.

‘What the–!

‘What the hell is this

Could Bionic Tears could have a will on its own

‘Does this thing have any shelf life

“F*ck!” He couldnt help but to curse out loud in awe.

“But dont you have a distance limit between you and little Mumu Or any time limit”

Su Mumu chewed the bubble gum in her mouth, blew a big bubble, which burst with a pop, and then said leisurely,

“She doesnt.”

“Im not taking her back now.”

“Washing clothes, cooking, cleaning, making tea, buying milk tea, picking up packages… Shes in charge of everything.”

“Im living a comfortable life.”

Su Mumu gloated like a satisfied emoji, (๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑).

‘Good God!

With no time restrictions, or distance restrictions… They could do anything! They could learn anything, they could even go into dungeons on their own—

‘Oh my God!

This Bionic tear was more than just a quasi-God talent!

It was even more mythical-level than mythical-level!


‘Im sorry, Big Brother Tear.

Its my fault.

I was short-sighted.

I didnt know how awesome you were and actually said you only had quasi-god-level talent!

‘Please forgive me for my rudeness!

‘Bring me along more in the future!

After a moment of silence, Lin Ye also blew a big bubble with his bubble gum and it exploded with a pop.

The pink gugar instantly covered his lips.

“So,” he asked, “Is little Mumu helping you clear a dungeon”

“And youre bragging to me”

“Yeah!” Su Mumu nodded.

“Shes fighting theRiver Nightmare dungeon.”

“Looking at the system prompt, the final secret dungeon Boss has entered a heavily injured state.

It should be ending soon, right”

Lin Ye was dumbfounded again.

“F*ck! Can you still see the system prompts in the dungeon”

“Can we even see the Boss status”

Su Mumu looked at him with a strange expression.


“Is it strange”

“If I cant see the system prompt, how can I know little Mumus progress”

Lin Ye quickly denied, “No, no, no!”

“Its not strange at all!”

“What you said makes a lot of sense!”

“I should have let you get the system prompt that only appears in dungeons in the real world!”

‘Im finished…

‘I already have a premonition…

‘A disabled Professional was about to be born…

Su Mumu stared at him suspiciously.


“Why do you sound like you agree with me, but I feel like youre actually mocking me”

“Ah! I get it!”

“Its jealousy!”

“Youre envious of me for having such an all-purpose partner like little Mumu while you dont!”

“Aiyo, hey~”

“I didnt know that even a top university student would be in such a bad state.”


Lin Ye coughs awkwardly.

“*Cough* Cough* I can still be friends if you dont say anything…”

‘Was he jealous of her


‘With the help of such an all-rounded and invincible Big Brother, I can go to two dungeons at the same time and enjoy the double reversal of the situation, dealing more than 10,000 true damage in one go.

Wouldnt that be an instant boost

How could this not be tempting

He was simply moved to death!

‘But no!

A straightforward person does not resort to such insinuations!

‘Can you also give me a mythical equipment similar to a Bionic Tear

‘I dont want to work hard anymore!

‘Help, help me!

Su Mumu looked into Lin Yes eyes as she chewed on the pink bubble gum in her mouth.

She asked in a muffled voice, ”

“I dont believe a word you just said.

By the way, you havent answered my question yet.”

“Are you going to take me to the dungeon tomorrow”

“Or should we wait”

“Yes!” Lin Ye raised his right hand, “Ill bring you with me tomorrow,”

“But theres something else I want to know,”

“What” Su Mumu curiously asked.

Lin Ye pointed at his chest, “Doesnt your little Mumu have a fatigue limit They could clear dungeons without limit Start a new era of work in 007”

Su Mumu rolled her eyes.


“Im sure not!”

“If she has a fatigue limit, how could I let her go and clear the dungeon all night”

“Are you stupid”

“You dont even understand such simple logic”

Lin Ye was speechless.

‘What the f*ck

‘I was actually taught a lesson by Su Mumu in theoretical knowledge today

‘How evil!

‘This is too abnormal!

‘It must be the invincible Bionic Big Brother that affected my mentality!


‘It seems that I really am jealous…

‘Big Brother…

‘I really want a Big Brother to rely on too…

As he thought about it, Lin Ye shook his head to get rid of all the random thoughts in his mind and became serious again.


“Lets ignore little Mumus matter for the time being, and discuss how we should clear tomorrows party dungeon.”

Seeing Lin Ye sudden seriousness, Su Mumu immediately sat up straight and looked at him seriously.

“Yes, yes, yes.”

“Go ahead, Im listening, Ill lie down… Oh, I mean, Ill learn seriously!”


Lin Ye picked up his phone, opened his memo, found the team plan he wrote, and put it in front of Su Mumu.

“Look here.”

“I need to know all the effects of the skills and equipment you have now.”

“Tell me about your four attributes as well.”


“If you want me to help you maximize your benefits, tell me your current height, weight, three measurements, bra, moon cycle, and other detailed physical data.”

“This way, I can help you calculate the formula.”

“If you find it troublesome.”

“Then continue to add points according to the lazy Mage bonus method I gave you before.”

“Although its not the most cost-effective.”

“But its very worry-free.”

“In any case, with your operation and level, even if you can deduct a higher stage attribute correction rate, you cant make use of their advantages.

Its better to be simple and rough…”

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