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Wang Machao and his Bosss conversation were very quiet, no one could hear them.

That was why Lin Ye didnt know that the two of them actually thought that Meigao willingly revealed its true form for him to kill it as soon as possible.

If he knew…

He would definitely say,

“No, youre wrong.

Ive baited it to come to its true form.”

“And because Im still a student, and my personal level is only 10, Iobviously am not its match.

Thats why I won its trust to trick it.”

“If it was a high-level Professional, I definitely wouldnt be able to trick it out of its original body so easily.”


Maybe my good acting skills also helped…”

Very quickly, Wang Machao hung up the phone and walked straight back.

His initially calm expression gradually became rich, and he even revealed a kind smile.



“Lin Ye.”

“I just received a notice from the higher-ups, saying that they have roughly figured out the identity of this Abyssal Demon, and we dont need your help with the investigation for the time being.”

“You can leave now.”


“If we have any trouble identifying him later…”

“I might ask you to come again.”

“I hope you can come to the Professional Alliances branch to cooperate with our investigation.”

Lin Ye stared at the man with confusion.


‘What is going on

‘Didnt you just tell me to go with you a few minutes ago

‘Why did you suddenly change your mind

Could maybe Huang Tianqi be helping him

However, he shouldnt be able to reach out to the department that managed the Abyssal Demons, right

Or did he

Did the Professional Alliance find out that I cleared the Forest of Fallen Giants

Are they giving me the green light

But if thats the case, why didnt anyone contact me and tell me how to enter the Hive-like dungeon

Could it be that theyre afraid that this matter will affect my mentality for the college entrance examination

It just felt weird…

But despite all the questions brewing in his mind, Lin Ye didnt think too deep into them.

All he wanted to do now was to hurry to school, and with the help of Lady Lucks buff, he would be able to clear all the dungeons today and take the free attribute points he had planned.

Although mosquitoes were small, they were still meat.

It would be a waste not to take them.


The Abyssal Demons threat to Jiang city was also very important, so Lin Ye couldnt just sit by and do nothing.

So, before he left, he told Wang Machao all the information that he had gotten from Meigao.

“Ive already found out the name of that Abyssal Demon.

Its name is Meigao.

It tried to seduce a student from our school named Huang Shaofeng, but he rejected it.”

“You guys can go find him for further details.”

“If you want to ask more about the situation of this Abyssal Demon,”

“This newly turned Fallen is also from our school.

His name is Cao Yuan, and his information…”

And just like that, the matter of Meigao and Cao Yuan was completely resolved…

And after that, Lin Ye immediately went to school.

He started to follow his personal schedule and started to clear level 10 dungeons one by one.

The difficulty of these dungeons was very simple.

Ordinary students could get an SSS rating even without the help of a guide.

Lin Yes current damage output was also very high.

He was like a Professional player who went to a fish pond to blow up fish.

Therefore, he had completed todays goal before four in the afternoon.

He had even gone through a total of nine dungeons.

Any more than that would not do.

Because Lin Yes fatigue points couldnt take it anymore and had reached the stage of “Severe Fatigue”.

His HP dropped rapidly the moment he entered the dungeon, and he couldnt even heal himself.

Moreover, his consciousness was blurry, just like how he had been rewarded seven or eight times in a row.

It was easy for him to make mistakes in dungeons and waste the opportunity to obtain free attribute points.

And so,

He went to the schools library to find a quiet corner to sit down.

While checking his gains today, he waited for Su Mumu and Bai Zhi to come out of the dungeon they had set out for the day.


‘It seems like my luck has been eaten up by Hidden Moon and the Ancient Dragon Necklace.

‘Ive cleared nine dungeons in a row, but I didnt even get a Priest skill book.

I didnt even get a single usable Priest equipment.

‘Im just as unlucky as when I was trying to reach level 10 from level 6…

As he complained to himself, Lin Ye took out his phone and started to search for question mark level growth weapons on the internet.

As expected, there was nothing.

Growth-type weapons were rare to begin with, and a mythical-level growth-type weapon with all question mark rank was even more unheard of.

In addition, the Professional Aalliance had blocked such important information from the public, so it was normal that nothing could be found on the internet.

However, Lin Ye found quite a few clues regarding multi-form weapons.

A weapon with multiple forms meant that it had a variety of combat modes.

It could play different roles in different situations.

Therefore, they had a wider range of uses than ordinary weapons.

For example, a few more common weapons with different forms.

Spear whip.

A Knights weapon.

When it transformed into a gun, its attack damage was higher, and it could attack the enemys weak point to deal critical damage.

It was suitable for soloing dungeon Bosses.

When it was in whip form, its attack power would be reduced, and it would not deal a critical hit.

But it would gain additional control effects and a larger attack range, which was suitable for group battles.

Assembled Bow.

A weapon for an Archer.

After assembling it, it would become a large sniping bow.

It could be used to shoot arrows and take the head of an enemy from a thousand miles away.

After splitting them up, they became two daggers.

They were suitable for close combat and were convenient for dealing with enemies in front of them.

Elemental Weapon.

It can add fire, ice, lightning, and other elemental damage.

It was mainly used to deal with enemies with Elemental Shields.

By relying on the principle of attribute restraint, it could quickly break the enemys Elemental Shield and hurt the enemys body…


This was not the main point.

The main point was that although the drop rate of these multi-form weapons was very low, it was not at the level of a weapon with growth potential.

It wasnt even as precious as the Emerald Ring.

Many high-level Professionals could get their hands on specialized weapons of various forms.

In addition, the Professional Alliance would also provide them with such rare weapons to enhance the comprehensive combat effectiveness for the Professionals working under them.

This included the Diamond-grade weapon that was almost omnipotent in combat.

For example, the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella.

You can also guarantee a free delivery…

An ordinary man is innocent, but he is guilty of hiding a treasure.

It was only because that piece of hade was too rare and one of a kind in the entire world that it attracted jealousy and envy.

If everyone had a similar jade wall, this problem would not have occurred.

So, Lin Yes previous thoughts were actually wrong.

The Hidden Moons three battle forms werent the abilities of a supermodels divine weapon.

There was no need for him to hide the blades true strength.

On the contrary, he could openly display Hidden MoonsDestruction Form andSalvation Form at ease.

This would be used as a cover for the even more overpowered Universal Reversal talent.

At the critical moment, it would catch the enemy from the other world off guard.

In other words, he was using asmall cheat to cover up the idea of a realbig cheat.

By that time.

The style of the battle would be like this:

‘Do you think Im a Priest who only knows how to heal

‘Im sorry to disappoint you!

‘Im actually a priest with a blade!

‘Then, do you think Im a Physical Priest who only knows how to cut people in close combat

‘Im sorry to disappoint you again–

‘In fact, Im also a Priest canon with a lot of AoE Skills!

And lastly…

‘Do you think Im an invincible melee and ranged output-type Priest I dont have any other abilities, dont you

‘Im very sorry!

‘I also have a God-tier talent.

After activating it, I can receive Skills without any injuries and transform myself into a semi-invincible hexagonal Warrior…

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