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Chapter 7: Im Going To Be Invincible

In response to Su Mumus question, Lin Ye replied without hesitation, “The talent I awakened is callednormal attack combo with a smooth slash.

It can strengthen the effect of normal attacks by a hundred times and can be used by specific Priests.

In the later stages, I can destroy the world with one move.”

Su Mumu looked at him, dumbfounded.


Then it suddenly occurred to her that Lin Ye was actually talking nonsense to her, clearly avoiding her question.

“Fine! I wont ask!” She fumed cutely.

“Im not going to tell you about my talent either! Hmph.”

“Alright, alright, Ill stop teasing you.” Lin Ye shrugged helplessly, “The talent that Ive awakened can greatly enhance the output ability of a priest, making my combat power even more terrifying than a Mage.

Thats why I chose to be a priest.

Do you understand now”

When he was in Instance Dungeon, Lin Ye had carefully thought about it.

He had to hide this “cheat talent”, but he knew he couldnt hide it completely.

Although his magical combat power is stronger than an average Priest, it was still much weaker than a real combat class.

For example, a standard Mage without any natural abilities.

An average Priests combat power was about one-fifth of a standard Mages, and a Priest with magic attack and half damage output was about two-thirds of a standard Mages combat power.

Lin Ye could deal three times, or even five times, the damage of an average Mage.

Anyone could tell that something was wrong with such a terrifying difference in damage, and they would instantly guess that Lin Yes awakened talent wasnt ordinary.

And there was no way to hide that.

It was better to admit that he had to obtain high-damage skill talent that could make the Priests class on par with the Mages and enable him to be the teammate with explosive damage output.

In this way, he would be valued by the country and others, becoming a peerless genius in the eyes of the people, and receiving all kinds of privileges and subsidies.

As for Universe Reversals actual strength effects…

There was no need to share it with anyone.

If they think that he reversed his healing skill, he reversed it.

If they think that he obtained a damage skill by himself, then he obtained a damage skill on his own…

They can guess and think whatever they want.

He wont admit it, nor will he deny it.

It doesnt affect him anyway.

No matter what others might think, at the end of the day, he would still be able to use explosive damage, level up quickly, and become stronger.

After all, no law stipulated people had to expose every bit of detail of their awakened talents.

So if Lin Ye explained his talent vaguely, nobody needs to know that.

As for Universe Reversals overpowered effect could reverse other peoples damage skills so that he would not lose Hp when hit, and instead, it would make them recover health rapidly …

There was no use in thinking further about it.

He would definitely not tell anyone about this.

If necessary, Lin Ye would even turn off his talent at the cost of injuring himself to hide the reversal effect.

If others didnt know about it, Lin Ye could use it as his most vital killing move.

When he is in danger, he could use this crazy talent to receive attacks without any damage.

Then, he could take advantage of the moment when his opponent was stunned to kill them with a high burst of power.

After all…

There was no telling what was in a persons mind.

Who knows There could be jealous people out there who would assassinate him.

Better be safe than sorry…

“What Strengthen a Priests damage output Even more terrifying than a Mage” Su Mumu curiously asked, “Then do you still have your healing skills Ive heard that special talents that can change the nature of the class will generally make the original class ability disappear…”

“I still have it,” Lin Ye replied, “You can just treat me like a Priest with higher damage output.”

Not wanting to continue on the topic of his talent, he decisively changed the topic, “Mumu, do you know anybody in our class that has chosen an Assassin class I got a pretty good assassin-exclusive weapon in the Beginners Dungeon, and I want to sell it for money… If you dont know anyone, Ill post it on the campus forum.”

Su Mumu blinked, “Assassin What quality is it”

Lin Ye took out the Shadow Dagger from his “backpack” and gently placed it in front of the girl.

He also shared the weapons attributes:

[Bronze-grade (High).

Increases attack, increases armor penetration, and has a Bleeding effect.]

“This should be considered one of the best Bronze weapons,”

Su Mumus eyes instantly widened, “Ah… This Did you really kill the Boss in the dungeon”

Usually, after an ordinary student clears the Beginners Instance Dungeon, they would only receive a low-quality Bronze treasure chest, and the equipment and weapons that came out would also be low-quality Bronze.

If they were lucky, they could get Intermediate-Bronze equipment, but definitely not High-Bronze.

This was because the drop range of each chest was locked, and the maximum would be one grade above the common grade.

For example, a dungeon with Low-Bronze equipment as its common reward would have Intermediate-Bronze equipment for completing the secret requirement.

A dungeon with High-Bronze equipment as its common reward would have low-silver equipment for completing the secret requirement.

So, Lin Ye must have somehow completed the special quest to get this High-Bronze grade Shadow Dagger.

One of the conditions to get the hidden chest is to kill the final Boss.

Combined with what Lin Ye told her just now, he had obviously completed the most challenging goal.

“Yup,” Lin Ye shrugged, “Did you think I was just teasing you”

“Wha…” Su Mumu was shocked.

“A Priest can kill a Boss-level monster

by himself

Theres no way that Boss was alone.

It was surrounded by its minions, right Did you kill them too How did you do it”

“Im sorry….” Lin Ye began and touched his nose, “I cant reveal the secrets of heaven.

Besides, you wont understand even if I tell you.”

“Hmph! Stingy!” Su Mumu angrily pouted her little mouth, “Do you think youre so great just because you are the top student”

Lin Ye smiled and stopped teasing the girl.

Instead, he explained to her carefully.

“Actually, its straightforward.

First, you must stay calm and patiently wait for the monsters to leave the nest.

After youve cleared the monsters in smaller batches, you can focus solely on the Boss.

Its a bit difficult for normal classes to exhaust the Boss….”

“But since Im a priest.

I can heal myself while I fight and even recover my mana.

Most importantly, my damage output is almost identical to a Mages… So its not that outrageous to be able to kill a Boss as a Priest in a Beginners Dungeon, right”

The information Lin Ye explained to her earlier finally sunk into her head, “Wait, wait, wait.

So let me get this straight.

You mean to tell me that your awakened talent essentially increased the amount of damage a Priest Class can inflict Wont that make you a full-functioning healer and offense Priest Youre practically invincible!”

Seeing that his “explanation” had achieved the effect he wanted, Lin Ye gently nodded and said like a demon seducing a child, “Yes, I am.

Im going to be invincible.

Remember to do it early if you want to ride on my coattails.

Otherwise, there wont be any medicine for regret when your handsome deskmate is snatched away!”

“PAH!” Su Mumu disdainfully said.

“Youre really shameless!”

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