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By the time Lin Ye had Meigaos background information all figured out, the demon still knew nothing about his strength.

There was no doubt about the outcome of this battle.

After all…

He had raw power.

It was only the most basic part of a real battle.

To be able to grasp the enemys strength and hide ones own strength, counter their moves, and grasp the rhythm of the battle.

This was the way masters played games.

Unfortunately for the Abyssal Demon, Lin Ye was the best in both.

It wasnt surprising to defeat Meigao in a very well thought out battle…

Meigaos counterattack plan had failed as expected thanks to his unrivaled Universe Reversal talent and his newly acquired blade, the Hidden Moon.

Lin Ye had easily emptied the HP bar on its head and as it fell to the ground unwillingly, it finally closed its eyes, becoming the first enemy Lin Ye killed in real life.

[Prompt: the Abyssal Demon has been killed!]

[Prompt: Hidden Moon blade has begun to absorb the soul remnant of the target … Absorption is successful.

Hidden Moon blades grade has been upgraded to Bronze.]

[Congratulations! All attributes 1 has changed to all attributes 5!]

What the–

The growth-type weapon could actually be upgraded by killing Abyssal Demons

Does that mean his sword would get stronger the more demons he killed

Or could it be that no matter what creature he killed, he could absorb the targets remnant soul to improve his quality

This bit of detail was….

From Lin Yes knowledge, killing people would not give exp, nor would they drop items in real life battles.

If you wanted equipment, you could only manually loot the corpse.

At most, you could get what the other party already had, and of course, it was impossible to get what the other party didnt have.

Experienced Professionals would use special items to lock their rucksack and bind their equipment to them.

So, when you kill them, you wont get any benefits except for their heads.

Thanks to this, it was rare for Professionals to kill each other for the sole purpose of looting treasures.

Nor would they kill innocent people just to gain exp.

Everyone got along very well.

It was also clear that the battles in the real world were for survival, while the battles in the secret dungeons were for the sake of becoming stronger.

However, the fact that the growth-type weapons upgrade relies on absorbing on remnant souls…

It wouldnt be a problem if people only aimed their farming on the Abyssal Demons.

However, if it was targeted at everyone, who knows how many evil Professionals would be born by taking the lives of others to improve their strength on top of the already existing foreign creatures who wanted to kill humans every day…


Forget it.

There was no point in thinking about these unpleasant things.

It was better to inform the Professional Alliance about this occurrence.

He would let them clean up the battlefield and take away Cao Yuan, who he had beaten to a near-death state, and interrogate him for information about the Abyssal Demons–

As he was thinking, a piercing alarm suddenly sounded outside the residential area and a group of fully-armed Professionals rushed out from all directions and nervously surrounded Lin Ye, who was wearing a Corpse Magician suit and holding the Hidden Moon blade.

“Hey, the student over there, immediately remove the equipment on your body, throw your weapon on the ground, then hold your head with both hands and squat on the ground, otherwise, we have the right to attack you!”

Hearing this, Lin Ye cooperatively removed all his equipment and threw Hidden Moon on the ground a few meters away.

Then, he hugged his head and squatted on the ground.

The two Professionals in charge of the citys security immediately walked up, each taking care of one side.

They lifted Lin Yes body and used numbing skills to restrict his movements in case Lin Ye suddenly attacked.

After that, the other Professionals began to work together.

Some of them started to check for traces of the battle, some went to save the severely injured Cao Yuan, and some went to comfort the residents in the neighborhood and ask about what had happened in the neighborhood.

“Reporting backstage!”

“The first team has entered the scene and found a student holding a long sword and a heavily injured and unconscious student on the ground!”

“Black abyssal power is flowing around the unconscious student.

I suspect that hes a Fallen who has been lured by an Abyssal Demon!”



“Theres also the corpse of an Abyssal Demon here!”

“Mm… Okay!”


“I understand!”

After that, the leader of the first team put away the radio and walked over to Meigaos body.

He began to carefully examine the wounds on the creatures human-like body.

After a long time, he took out his radio again and reported to the commander backstage, ”

“Sir, Ive confirmed it.

Its the corpse of a level 20 low-level Abyssal Demon.”

“It is covered in knife wounds.

It seemed to have been hacked to death by the student with the long knife…”

Everyone was confused.

Suddenly, everyone looked at Lin Ye with an extremely strange expression, and everyone could almost see the blatant “This cant be possible” written all over their faces.

The f*ck

A level 10 student had actually killed a level 20 Abyssal Demon

How did he do it

Even if he could, why would this Abyssal Demon stupidly reveal its true form and appear in front of him, as if offering its head on a silver platter

These creatures were known for their sinister and cunning nature!

Even the highly experienced advanced Professionals were helpless against these Abyssal Demons that came and went without a trace!

And here he is, a boy, probably waiting for his college entrance examination, who was still stuck at level 10, doing the impossible!


At this moment, among the shocked crowd, only the strongest person, the leader of the first team, remained calm.

He quickly walked in front of Lin Ye and took out a purification item from his bag to dispel the paralysis effect on Lin Ye.

Then, he gave the two teammates who were holding onto Lin Yes arms a look to let go of Lin Yes hands.

He introduced himself, “Hello,” he began.

“Im the leader of the first team of the Abyssal Demon Encirclement and Annihilation team of the Professional Alliance of Rivertown.

Wang Machao.”

“May I know your name and occupation”

“Lin Ye, a student from Bai Ma high schools class five.

Im still preparing for the college entrance exam in a months time.” Lin Ye replied dutifully.


‘A student from Bai Ma high school

Even with the shock in his mind, Wang Machao didnt let it show on his face,

“Alright, I have two questions to ask you.

Please answer me truthfully.”

“Firstly, did you kill this Abyssal Demon”

“And the second question, the student who was seriously injured, did he fall under the influence of this Abyssal Demon and become a Fallen Did you subdue him”

“Yes, I didn,” Lin Ye nodded.

Wang Machao was speechless.

‘F*ck! This is spectacular!

‘Are high school students nowadays so fierce

‘Not only was he uninjured from the battle alone, but he was also able to kill the true body of a level 20 Abyssal Demon!

‘He could even keep the Fallens HP accurately below 5% without killing him.

The perfect state where the boy would not be able to escape or resist, and he would not die from the “blood loss” state…

‘Just splendid work!

The more he thought about it, the more ridiculous and amazing it sounded!

An ordinary high school student would not be able to know the opponents exact HP without the system prompt!

Could he really control the targets blood so precisely


In order to ensure that the students mentality would not be affected, high school students wouldnt be taught any dangerous knowledge about Abyssal Demons.

This kid wouldnt have known.

He had to use his most powerful technique to deal with the Abyssal Demon, who was the sixth-ranked strongest creature.

He had to try his best to get rid of the other party in one breath and avoid giving the other party an opportunity to teleport away.

When dealing with enemies like the Fallen who didnt have the “phase shift” skill, Professionals would try their best to capture them alive and then find a way to open their mouths to obtain important information about the forces of the Abyss…

But somehow… This high school student knew about this!

‘This is as crazy as a fifth-grade primary school student mastering calculus!

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