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Chapter 6: This Was A Really Big Win

After reading the importance of “free attribute points”, Lin Ye set his eyes on the equipment and skill books that dropped from the Beginners Dungeon.


A Bronze grade item with the lowest quality.

Without even looking, Lin Ye would throw this item out in the future.

But since it still has its use, it was still better than nothing.

Plus, theres nothing wrong with getting extra mana, especially for a beginner Priest like him.

It was a pretty good piece of transitional equipment.

There was no need to discard or decompose it.

Lin Ye then moved on to the next object.

[Divine Qi Therapy]: A skill book for priests.

Before the reversal, it was an ordinary large radius healing skill, but it became a large-scale attack skill after the reversal.

There was no need to hesitate when it came to good things.

He could just let himself learn it.

[Reversed] Divine Qi therapy (Silver) (High): Level 1.

Active skill.

Use an evil aura to curse a specific target within a 10 meters radius, deducting 100 Hp and a 10-second bleeding effect, causing the target to lose 20 Hp per second.

Consumed 45 Mp.

Cooldown: 20 seconds]

As written in the description, when this skill is reversed, it could cause a total of 300 damage within 10 seconds.

Whats impressive is that a single blow could inflict a great deal of damage far more significant than his Reversed, Bronze-grade, Healing Spell, and it also has a larger AOE.

Meaning… Assuming that there were five enemies within a ten-meter radius, he could inflict each target with 300 damage.

That would generate a total of 1500-point damage in just one move!

So if there were ten enemies, he would be able to inflict a terrifying 3000 points of damage with one hit!

This calculation was without considering the enemys ability to recover, but he couldnt deny that he hit the jackpot with this skill.

The only drawback of this skill was its long cooldown timer and huge mana consumption.

He would also prefer a more prolonged Bleeding effect on the enemy…

Even so, just by how powerful and valuable this skill is, he could replace Healing Spell and use it as his main skill.

If he couldnt make up his mind, he would use Divine Qi Therapy.

If one shot didnt kill his target, he would use it again until he demolished them.

Healing Spell Even dogs dont use that garbage! Just be a warehouse manager, and dont waste my mana


At the end of the day, these so-called drawbacks are only temporary minor problems for now.

All he had to do to overcome these disadvantages was to wait for Divine Qi Therapy skill to level up.

Long cooldown time, high consumption of mana and short Bleeding effect would all be gradually erased by the damage advantage brought by the high level, making it a high-level skill in the true sense.

And this… It was the most direct comparison between Silver and Bronze skills.

Right now, anyone can be better than him.

But later in the future, I, a Silver rank Priest, will be the master


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Next is the Assassins weapon, the Shadow Dagger.

This dagger is a high-quality Bronze weapon.

Although this measly knife is considered trash in the eyes of professionals, its an excellent weapon in the eyes of weaker “students” in the early stages.

It increased attack and armor penetration and even had a Bleeding effect.

If it wasnt for its slow growth rate, the Shadow Dagger could count as a silver rank weapon.

However, no matter how good this thing was, Lin Ye couldnt use it either.

He could only give it to his teacher or transfer it to his classmates who had chosen Assassin as their class in exchange for cash of the same value and Priest equipment of the same level.

If he wanted to sell it to the outside world…

Well, that works too.

However, the benefits he gained were not as good as what the people in school could give him.

After all, the weapons from the Beginners Dungeon could only be smithed later at level 10.

Other than these high school students who had just entered this gaming world, almost no one would buy such a low-level knife.

In the worst case scenario, Lin Ye could use it to forge crystals to upgrade weapons and equipment in the future.

For now… Its like garbage that he had to carry around.

“Haa~” He sighed.

5 free attribute points, plus a Silver-grade Divine Qi Therapy.

My time spent in this Beginners Dungeon was not in vain.

This is really a good deal….

‘ Lin Ye thought.

Then he reaches into the black portal that appeared after he cleared the dungeon.

He exited from Instance Dungeon and returned to his school classroom in the real world.

When he arrived, Lin Ye noticed that his classmates had cleared the secret dungeon earlier than him.

They were scattered in the classroom, whispering and making a lot of noise, excitedly discussing their class and skills.

He could even overhear some discussion about forming a team for the college entrance exam, definitely not paying attention to Lin Ye, who was the last to walk out of the portal.

Only the cute-looking deskmate with two ponytails immediately jumped in front of Lin Ye like a little white rabbit as soon as she laid her eyes on him.

“Hey! Why did it take so long to come out”

Lin Ye said honestly, “It took a little time to defeat the final Boss.”

“Go on.

You can continue to brag.

Im sure youve lost your way in the forest!” Su Mumu teased and blinked her eyes mischievously, clearly not trusting his words.

“Hehe, so Lin Ye, what class did you choose I chose a sorcerer, and I was wondering if we could team up for the college entrance exam,”

“Priest.” Lin Ye still truthfully answered.

“Theres definitely no problem then…” Su Mumu trailed off when Lin Ye suddenly looked at her with a strange gaze.

“Whats wrong”

“You want to team up with me for the college entrance exam Im sorry, but I dont want to team up with someone like you.

Your stupid theory will drag me down,”

Hearing this, Su Mumu cutely pouted her little mouth and pretended to hit him.

“Do you want to die” Then she became curious, “Then… Why did you become a Priest Isnt it because you have some sort of healing talent or at least an affinity to healing”

A persons talent is related to their life.

It was a very important secret and belonged to a persons privacy.

Just like how most people wouldnt blatantly mention someones age willy-nilly, they would also try to be tactful or avoid talking about it altogether.

Even the teachers in the school would only record the students newly chosen class, not the talent they had awakened.

Unless, of course, the students were willing to take the initiative to share it, which would gain the National Systems attention, and they would receive preferential treatment and subsidies that others did not have.

Initially, Su Mumu didnt intend to ask him about it.

She just wanted to know what class Lin Ye had chosen.

But after hearing Lin Yes answer, Su Mumu wanted him to be her teammate.

She couldnt help but be reminded that Lin Ye is a top student.

He always had full marks in theoretical knowledge.

Even if his awakened talent were not something useful, he wouldnt have chosen a Priest with his exceptional combat understanding, right

The maximum limit that a Priest could reach was far lower than that of other classes!

It was like a worker shoveling cement and a programmer who typed code.

They were both moving bricks.

The former could earn ten thousand a month at most, while the latter could earn tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands a month.

If they didnt have the right talent for their jobs or have the confidence to choose that particular job, they would let their talents rot to waste.

Almost no one would take a step back and choose a Priest, a class that looked like the protector of the group but is actually a slave for the higher level class.


Lin Ye had awakened some amazing Priest talent.


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