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The Death Altar could not move and had no attack power, so it shouldnt be able to retaliate to any attacks he made.

It could only rely on the undead creatures it summoned to destroy the enemy.

And on top of that…

It didnt have any active or passive Skills.

The undead creatures that were guarding the Death Altar remained the same.

They dont have any strengthening effects, and their numbers would not increase randomly.

So the choice was obvious…

Lin Ye raised his hand and reversed Stars Godly Glory and reversed Aqua Tide to instantly kill the army of undead.

And aiming straight at the Death Altar, burning off 1,555 of its HP.

Then, he could use reverse Divine Qi Therapy and reverse Heal Spell, giving an additional 473 HP and 400 HP respectively.

Combined with the reversed H effect, it lost 77 HP per second for five seconds.

After removing the damage increase effect of Stars Godly Glory, the building lost 70 HP per second for five seconds.

After a comprehensive calculation …

Lin Yes first burst of Skills could take out a total of 3,163 HP from a single enemy.

At the same time…

Before the second round of skills exploded, Lin Ye could use his Heal Spell four times in a row.

However, after the first attack, Star Godly Glory buffs wore off, so the last three attacks dropped from 400 damage to 363 damage.

Then, he did some more calculations…

If hes going on this trajectory, this means he could deal a total of 4,252 damage for every 16 seconds (including the 20% cooldown reduction).

If he wanted to kill the Death Altar that had 10,000 HP, he only needed to use all his skills three times in a row.

It would take about 33 seconds to end the battle quickly.


This was the most ideal situation.

Considering that he had to constantly avoid the undead monsterlings normal attacks around him, he had to constantly move and dodge, which would require more time.

Not only that, he would also need spare time to heal himself and replenish his mana to avoid a sudden death.

He would also need to take his fatigue into account especially after every time he releases his skills, and so on…

Lin Yes actual raid time would definitely be more than a minute.

But does this matter

Not in the slightest.

It would take an ordinary student more than five minutes to fight a dungeon Boss with thousands or tens of thousands of HP.

Some of the BOSS with ADHD could even fight for more than half an hour.

Positioning, avoiding damage, pulling aggro, resisting damage, healing, toughening, crowd control, damage output…

The price of drawing all the details was extremely time-consuming.

But the benefits bare results.

The possibility of him suddenly dying in the secret dungeon would be minimized.

After all…

This was reality, not a game.

If a person died, they would really die, and there was no way to resurrect them.

Most people would never even risk using Skills or strategies that would compromise their health for a Boss fight.

Instead, they rather use turn-based methods to slowly, but steadily, chip away the Boss health bar without any injuries.

Those who dared to gamble and play with high numbers were either powerful and talented players like Lin Ye, or real men who took all the buffs from their teammates and increased their defense and survival to the max for five seconds.

Even to the extent that…

When he encountered a monster like the Cursemancer, who had double As in strength and speed, had high intelligence, and was flexible in the way it adjusted to the situation, Lin Ye would still attack the fragile Boss head on.

Even shamelessly adding damage had become an extravagant hope…

Back to the main topic, Lin Ye estimated the time he would take to kill the monsters and began his official raid.

There was no need to save any Skills in the first round of attacks.

They went all out and took out 4,252 HP from the Death Altar, killing all the surrounding monsters.

However, there was a 16-second gap before the second wave of attacks began.

Whether it was the undead that crawled out of the rotten soil or the ones that came from other places, they would all attack Lin Ye together.

To be safe, he had to keep some skills to replenish his health.

He couldnt use all of them in one go.

The next step was to counter every move, step back, deal damage, step back, heal, flash, and slowly grind down the disgusting black flesh.

This was a piece of cake for Lin Ye.

And so, it didnt take long to destroy the Death Altar.

[Prompt: Death Altar has been defeated! The summoning of undead creatures in this area has stopped! (1,602 undead creatures remaining in this area!)]

“Alright! Another one down!”

‘And next is the Loathing Butcher!

Lin Ye turned around and looked at the Giant Loathing Butcher that was still slaughtering his own army of undead creatures in the distance.

The disgusting mouth on this guys stomach was like a starving wolf.

It kept chewing on the undead corpses and didnt show any signs of stopping.


‘Forget it, it would be too much of a waste to get rid of such a potential ally.

‘It was better to leave it here for now and deal with it slowly after it killed all the remaining undead soldiers!

After making up his mind, Lin Ye threw out a healing combo and killed the Elite Skeleton Soldiers that were sneaking up on him and trying to cut his butt.

He then ran to the side of the giant abomination butcher.

After he went around this giant monster from a small hill on the left, Lin Ye moved forward at full speed to avoid the undead and headed towards the next secret dungeon Boss and Death Altar.

The distance was much shorter than the distance from the entrance point to the eating butcher, so it didnt take him long before he saw the second and third Bosses who were about to receive their bento boxes.

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[Name: Skeleton King]

[Level: 10]

[Qualification: Platinum ★]

[Skills: Skeleton Army, Death Flag, Evil Aura, Flesh Resurrection, Shield of the Dead…]

[Description: The Skeleton King was once a Skeletal Soldier who rose in rank.

It has a certain level of intelligence and extraordinary strength.

All Skeleton Soldiers will listen to its orders.

It can also use aura skills and use unique buffs to the skeleton race to strengthen the surrounding undead skeleton creatures.

It is a powerful creature that likes to use human wave tactics to kill enemies.]

[Name: Lich]

[Level: 10]

[Qualification: Platinum ★]

[Skills: Death Wave, Ice Magic, Black Hole, Lunar Eclipse, Frozen Blood…]

[Description: The Lich is a spellcaster who voluntarily throws herself into the arms of the Kingdom of Death.

She uses black magic and necromancy to transform herself into an undead creature, possessing superb magic casting ability… And the Lichs Plague is a stronger version of herself.

Not only is she powerful, but her intelligence is also far beyond that of ordinary undead creatures.]


The Skeleton King and the Lichs plaque.

The two secret dungeon bosses together, a male and female duo.

Its like the most annoying enemy you faced in a game.

In reality…

Well, it was still the most annoying duo to ever be placed together.

Not only did the Skeleton King have a crazy high HP bar, and it can hit some high damage output as well.

There were also countless skeleton minions that would listen to its orders and would use simple army tactics and formations to encircle and suppress the challenger.

The Lich had superior intelligence, was flexible, knew magic, and had a lot of control skills.

As long as she hid behind the Skeleton King and the skeleton army, she would be able to get away with a lot of attacks, slowing and freezing the skeleton armys HP bar from time to time, making it a horrendous battle for any challenger..

He would coordinate with other ranged monsters such as liches, necromancers, and Nerubian spiders.

Even if Lin Ye “bugged” talent, Reverse Universal, could reverse the whole situation, it was very likely that he would be hit by countless normal attacks at the same time, which would drain his health bar in a heart beat.

He wouldnt even have time to heal himself…

But thankfully!

Theres always an advantage in numbers!

And he also has a powerful companion to help him!


‘Im not fighting alone!

Lin Ye took out the summoner Summoner Card from his backpack and raised it high in the air as he shouted,

“Come on, Hex Teacher! Let them see your invincible curses and swordsmanship!”

[Prompt: You have used the Conjurers Summoning Card.

You will be summoning a level 10 Summoner for battle.

It will last for one hour!]


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