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After taking care of the Elite Skeleton Soldier on the left, Lin Ye immediately raised his Healing Staff and turned it around.

He aimed it at the Elite Skeleton Soldier on the right that had just crawled out of the rotten soil and used his remaining AoE skill, Aqua Tide.

Suddenly, black energy gathered in front of him and turned into a black tide of death.

The waves were turbulent and magnificent, drowning the Elite Skeleton Soldier in an instant.

The special effect of the Stars Godly Glory triggers a reversal effect!

[Damage Increased by 10%!]

[Burning Soul… – 801 HP!]

[All enemies 2 random debuffs!]

[Burn! Elite Skeleton Soldiers attack power decreased!]

[Poisoned! Silence!]

[Petrification! The Elite Skeleton Soldier defense had dropped!]

[No healing! Stun!]

[Speed drop! The Elite Skeleton Soldiers speed was greatly reduced!]

[Stun! Stun duration increased!]

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He didnt expect Aqua Tide to really have a random effect on his enemies, and not only that but the debuff can also be stacked together!

Two-speed debuffs can become a large speed drop

Two stuns

‘This is awesome!

Even in the midst of his excitement, Lin Ye didnt forget to use reverse Heal Spell on the unlucky skeleton soldiers that were closest to him, taking 400 hp off it and killing it.

Then, he looked around and estimated the number of the undead around him.

He probably killed off about… Everywhere

‘Forget it!

‘Whats there to estimate!

‘It was obviously an endless amount!

By now, Lin Ye had roughly figured out the strategy for this secret dungeon.

He couldnt just stand there and clear the incoming monsters.

If he kept doing so, it was almost the same as condemning himself to a slow death.

He had to find a way to break through the blockade of these skeleton monsterlings and go to the depths of the Land of Death.

He still had to kill the secret dungeon Bosses and destroy the Death Altar that kept summoning the rest of the monsterlings.

Life and death….


Just run away

‘Im good at that!

As he thought about this, Lin Ye took out the support items that he had prepared in advance and stuffed them into his mouth or smeared them on his body.

[Prompt: You have consumed a Speed Potion.

Your movement speed will increase for five minutes!]

[Prompt: You have taken the pill made from the eggs of the Dark Winds Roe (Precious).

Your agility will temporarily increase by 50 points for five minutes!]

[Prompt: You have applied the Thunder Potion on yourself and gained the effect “Thunderbolt Flash” for five minutes.

As long as you control your breathing, you will gain the “Sprint” effect, which will continuously increase your movement speed!]

[Prompt: You have eaten the Northern Smoked Chicken.

Your physical strength has temporarily increased!]

[Prompt: After eating the meat with carrot and honey sauce, your stamina consumed by running and climbing will be reduced by 25% for five minutes!]

He was grateful that the effects from the support items, as well as the skills and the equipment and weapon passive effect, were not affected by his Reverse Universal talent.

This way, he could keep on activating his talent, while consuming them and rushing into the group of skeleton soldiers at the same time without worry.

He started running towards the secret dungeon Boss as fast as he could.

And from his peripheral view, he could see the system notifications started flooding in!

[An Elite Skeleton Soldier used a Horizontal Slash on you!]

[ 102HP!]

[An Elite Skeleton Soldier used a normal attack on you!]

[-47 HP!]

[You have triggered the Corpse Magician Sets “rejuvenation” effect!]

[ 19 HP!]

[You have used the Flickering Stones Flash skill!]

Lin Ye had teleported 10 meters forward!

[A Lich has used a Mental Attack on you!]

[ 201HP!]

[A Lich has used a normal attack on you!]

[You have triggered the White Jade Bird Necklaces “White Bird” effect!]

[Reduces 30% of the first magical attack received!]

[-76 HP!]

[A Ghoul has used a normal attack on you!]

[34 HP!]

[Nerubian Spider has used a normal attack on you!]

[-56 HP!]

[The Loathing Butcher has used a normal attack on you!]

[-112 HP!]

[The Skeleton Necromancer has used a normal attack on you!]

[-20 HP!]


As expected of a hell mode dungeon!

This dense sea of monsters was really annoying!

If he hadnt used Happy Flames, it was almost impossible to force his way through.

He could only kill the monsters one by one as he made his way to the Boss!

With that thought in mind, Lin Ye quickly used Reverse Stars Godly Glory and Reverse Aqua Tide under his feet.

With the high explosive damage of 1,555 points, he instantly cleared all enemies within a 20-meter radius.

Then, he deactivated his Reverse Universal talent and cast a normal version of Heal Spell on himself, recovering 363 of his HP.

Then, he cast a normal version of Divine Qi Therapy and continued to recover 430 HP.

He also applied a healing state that lasted for ten seconds, recovering 70 HP every second.

After he was done, Lin Ye activated his Reverse Universal talent and continued to run forward while enduring the undeads concentrated fire.

And just like that…

Thanks to the continuous “healing” and the healing effect from the undead around him, Lin Ye quickly arrived in front of the first secret dungeon Boss without any injuries.

He also saw the so-called Death Altar.

[Building Name: Death Altar]

[Building Health: 10,000 points (with biological characteristics.

Any skill that can deal damage to living things can deal damage to it)]

[Defense: 0]

[Attack: 0]

[Description: A strange undead building that constantly summons undead creatures from the underworld.

There are a total of five in the land of death, and they are guarded by five secret realm bosses.

After being destroyed, the summoning of the undead creatures in the current area will stop, and the summoned undead creatures will not disappear.]

[Name: Giant Loathing Butcher]

[Level: 10]

[Qualification: Platinum ★★]

[Skills: Plague Outbreak, Corpse Poison, Regeneration Physique, Split, Iron Hook Grab, Death Slash, Devour HP Recovery…]

[Description: An undead creature made up of many broken corpses.

This dirty monster holds huge Iron Hooks and Sickles.

Blood is constantly flowing out of its body and it gives off a nauseating stench.

It really likes to tear its enemies apart and devour their dead bodies into the big mouth on their stomachs… Because this Boss is a giant with a special form, after it dies, it would only split into two Loathing Butchers.]


Should he attack the building or the Boss first

Lin Ye glanced at the Giant Loathing Butcher and the Death Altar.

The monster was holding a huge sickle and a heavy long chain iron hook, killing the other undead creatures around him, dismembering them into all kinds of pieces and bones, and then sending them into the terrifying mouth on its stomach, swallowing them with a sickening crack.

The altar was like a large black tumor in the middle of the desolate ground.

It was about ten meters tall and was beating like the heart of a dragon.

Its appearance did not match the word”Building” at all, and its appearance was extremely revolting and made people lose their sanity.

‘Eh This stupid Boss will kill its own people

‘Alright, then I can go to the side first!

‘Wait for Priest to hammer this disgusting black flesh off, then Ill slowlyheal you both physically and mentally!


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