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After making sure that nothing else caught his attention on the schools trading forum, he went back to school.

Lin Ye started contacting Zhao Qihang and asked him if he could get any Priest equipment above Gold-grade, as well as the ways to get Priest Skills.

[Zhao Qihang: Gold Priest equipment]

[Zhao Qihang: No problem.]

[Zhao Qihang: But brother Lin, if you want to buy Priest equipment above Platinum grade… Itll be very troublesome.]

[Zhao Qihang: Im not just saying that because its my opinion.

Even if you ask uncle Huang for help, hell have a hard time finding extra Platinum Priest equipment.]

[Zhao Qihang: That four-pieceCorpse Magician set is the only Platinum-grade equipment related to Priests he had on hand.

He originally planned to give it to Shaofeng, if by any chance his Awakened Talent would benefit the Priest Class…]

[I know] Lin Ye wasnt surprised by the admission.

[Gold equipment will do just fine too] He added.

[I still need a waist accessory, a head accessory, shoes that can greatly increase speed, a Priest Class weapon… Help me keep an eye on them and let me know if you have them.]

[Zhao Qihang: Okay, give me ten minutes, Ill go take a look!]

For dungeons below level 10, only the hell difficulty would have a stable drop of Platinum treasure chests.

The hard-level dungeons, such as the Goblin dungeon and the Forest of Fallen Giants, could only give a Gold-grade treasure chest at most.

One had to be extremely lucky to even get a Platinum-grade reward.

After all…

Not everyone could have the favor of a “richich loli” with a Ladys Luck Gaze.

In addition, there was the rarity of hell mode secret dungeons, the trading of high-quality equipment was blocked by those who had access to secret land resources, and most of the seniors lacked smithing stones.

So they would usually decompose low-level equipment instead of selling them for money.

Lin Ye had already guessed it.

Zhao Qihang and Huang Tianqi might not be able to find extra Platinum Rriest equipment.

Which was why he had been aiming for Gold equipment from the beginning.

He would make a profit if he had Platinum equipment, but he would not lose anything if he didnt.

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Not long after, Zhao Qihang got online again.

He sent all the attributes of the Gold Priest equipment he found to Lin Yes QQ.

[Zhao Qihang: Brother Lin]

[Zhao Qihang: Thats all for now.]

[Zhao Qihang: Take a look and see if theres anything you like]

Lin Ye looked carefully at the details and didnt find any Gold-grade shoes that could replace the Storm Boots.

He also didnt find any Priest weapon that could be compared to the Gold weapon that Lily was selling.

[The third one, the Bone Necklace, and the seventh one, the White Jade Bird Pendant.

Ill take these two.]

[How much is the total]

It took a few minutes before Zhao Qihang replied.

[Zhao Qihang: The seller said if you buy them all together, he would round down the price.

About 220,000 Yuan.]

Lin Ye replied,


[Im taking it!]

[Help me ask if the shop has any extra smithing stones to sell.

I need a number that can upgrade 4 Platinum equipment, 3 Gold equipment, and 1 Silver equipment to level 10.]

Reading Ling Yes message left Zhao Qihang a little shocked.

[Zhao Qihang: Ah]

[Zhao Qihang: So many]

[Zhao Qihang: Brother Lin, you want to level up your equipment]

[Zhao Qihang: Arent you going to wait and see what other equipment you might get later]

Upon reading this, Lin Ye touched his nose.

He also wanted to keep the forging stone and feed it to the batch of equipment with the highest cost-performance on the eve of the college entrance examination.

This would reduce the chances of his overspending any of the materials.

However, in order to conquer the Land of Death without fail…

It was necessary to prepare enough forging stones in advance so that when he encountered a difficult enemy, he could instantly upgrade his equipment to level 10 and obtain a large number of attribute points.

He might not really use it anyway…

However… It was still better to have some on hand.

This matter was not easy to explain.

Lin Ye didnt plan on revealing the existence of the Land of Deaths stone sword key.

He then sent a rabbit-like smiling emoji.

Seeing this, Zhao Qihang tactfully didnt ask any more questions.

He only confirmed the number of forging stones from the shop and then replied.

[Zhao Qihang: Brother Lin.]

[Zhao Qihang:I asked what you asked for and luckily, the shop is stocked.]

[Zhao Qihang: Including the price of the two-piece Gold equipment, its 2.4 million.]


Two million and four hundred thousand yuan

Upgrading equipment was indeed a place to burn away money!

‘Well, fortunately, I have money now

‘Ill buy them!

‘Ill buy them all!

[Equipment Name: Bone Necklace]

[Type: Accessory]

[Current Forging Level: Level 1 (MAX level 10)]

[Quality: Gold (Low)]

[Equipment Requirement: None]

[Equipment Effect: Constitution 10, HP recovery 5 per second, health points 200, physical defense 20%.]

[Equipment Name: White Jade Bird Pendant ]

[Type: Waist Accessory]

[Current Forging Level: Level 1 (MAX level 10)]

[Quality: Gold (Low)]

[Equipment Requirement: None]

[Equipment Effect: intelligence 10, spirit 10, has the “White Bird” effect.]

[White Bird: When equipped, a spiritual white bird will be summoned to follow you, reducing the damage of magic attacks by 30%.

It will then dissipate and be summoned again after the battle.]

[Equipment Name: Stars Healing Staff]

[Type: Weapon]

[Current Forging Level: Level 1 (MAX level 10)]

[Quality: Gold (medium)]

[Equipment Requirement: limited to Priest Class]

[Equipment Effect: intelligence 10 points, temporarily increases 100 points of attack power to the targeted Healing Skill]

To tell the truth…

The overall effect of the three new pieces of equipment was all trash.

However, due to the limited conditions, there was no better choice than these, so Lin Ye had to make do with it for now.

In any case, it was justtools to help him survive in the Land of Death.

Once he cleared the hell mode of the secret dungeons and obtained the final reward, he would be able to retire gloriously and change to more practical equipment.

For now, he could only hope …

‘When the time comes, I dont want some ridiculous monster to force me to level up my equipment…

It hurt his heart to see his money go…

But at this point, Lin Yes preparation work was finally complete.

The next step was to wait for the next mornings arrival and let the little loli Bai Zhi herself give him Lady Lucks Gaze buff, and officially begin the raid on the Land of Death.

A hell-mode secret dungeon…

If he could get an SSS rank, it would be equivalent to getting a Diamond-grade treasure chest, which would at least give him a piece of Diamond-grade equipment…

In addition to that, there was a unique Priest-exclusive reward…

‘F*ck yes!

He was filled with a surge of excitement!

If he could find a few more dispel-type Skills or Gold-grade healing Skills, this wave would be a sure kill!

Unfortunately, he could not…

Whether it was the schools trading forum or Zhao Qihangs special connections, he did not find any skill books related to the Priest Class.

There were not even Silver or Bronze Skill Books to be found.

He could only say that his luck was indeed a little extreme when it was bad.

He couldnt even find a single Skill Book.

‘It doesnt matter,

‘In any case, I have enough Skills for now.

‘I can even summon the invincible Hex Teacher to be my support fighter.

“Itll be over before I even know it.”


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