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Lin Ye nodded and said, “Yes, Im already level 10.

I can go to any dungeon now.”

“How about you” He asked.

Su Mumu puffed out her full chest and shook off the wet hair stuck on it, “Im level 8.

I can reach level 9 tomorrow.”

“Little Bai Zhi is still stuck at Level 7.

Her Swordsman Class is a bit troublesome to level.

Without good equipment and good skills, its too difficult to solo a dungeon.”

Lin Ye furrowed his brows.

“This one”

“Theres no other way.”

“However, if she can find aProof of Hero, she can go to Filthy Earth and reincarnate to choose a better Class…”

‘Ill have to ask Huang Tianqi later.

“Lets see if he has any connections,”

Su Mumu winked at him with a smirk on her face.

“Hey~ Are you concerned about her~”

Then she proceeds to make a face that reminds Ling Yi of the („ಡωಡ„) emoji.

“Let me tell you, with how little Bai Zhis looks, she looks like shes three years old.

You pervy bastard!”

“Dont worry about me,” Lin Ye tilted his head, “Bai Zhis identity card says shes already 18 years old.

Shes legal.”

After a pause, Lin Ye looked at Su Mumu with an evil look on his face, “By the way… Since youre here, shouldnt you fulfill your promise” He said.

Su Mumu was speechless.

“What promise– Ah!” Su Mumu exclaimed.

“I thought were done!” She whined.

Ignoring her, Lin Ye just lay on the sofa, “Hurry up! Ive been fighting in dungeons all day and my back is aching!”

Although Su Mumu didnt want to, she was already moving towards him.

She sat on Lin Yes back and put her hands on his shoulders with a pout on her face.

“Alright,” She said.

“I havent used this technique in a long time, so if Im a little rusty dont despise me later!”

“I wont,” Lin Ye said cheerfully.

“Oh, and I havent had dinner either.

Youve wasted so many of my strategies these two days.

So, can you also solve my food and clothing problem for tonight”

“Thats simple!” Su Mumu snapped her fingers.

“Come, Little Mumu! Go and cook whatever is in the refrigerator!”

With that, the Bionic Tear, “little Mumu”, appeared out of thin air in front of them.

She gently nodded to Su Mumu, and then quickly walked to the kitchen on the left side of the hall.

Lin Ye stared after the copy, dumbfounded.

“What the f*ck Your AI brother has a chef function too”

Su Mumu raised her small chin proudly, “Yup! Little Mumu is not only good at fighting, but she can also do the laundry, cook, and clean… As long as its something I know, she can do it too.

She can even do it better than me!”


In his personal opinion… It doesnt sound like something she should brag about.

Forget it, its important to know ones own limits.

Its better not to say anything to her…

For the time being, Lin Ye happily laid on the sofa and browsed the schools trading forum on his phone while enjoying an imperial massage service.

The air was filled with the rose-like fragrance of shower gel.

From time to time, he could feel a soft touch on his waist.

It smelled so good.

The touch was so soft.

While his thoughts were flying, Lin Ye saw an item that met his standards on the forum.

He quickly followed the contact information left by the person who posted the thread and took the initiative to add the other partys QQ.

[Lily of my hometown bloomed: Boss Lin Ye!!!]

[Lily of my hometown bloomed: ヽ(ᗒᗨᗕ)ノ]

Lin Ye went straight to the point.

[Hmm… How much is the gold-grade Priest weapon you posted on the forum]

The other party didnt waste any time.

[Lily of my hometown bloomed: 103,200 Yuan]

[Okay] Lin Ye replied.

[Im taking it.

When do we make the deal]

[Lily of my hometown bloomed: We can trade at any time!]

[Lily of my hometown bloomed: Im online all day!]

[Lily of my hometown bloomed: And I have other Priest equipment.

Do you want to see them]

[Sure.] Lin Ye said.

[Show me.]

[Lily of my hometown bloomed: Ok! Wait a second~]

Soon, the forum alumnus who seemed to be a girl showed Lin Ye all the Priest equipment she had.

Bronze necklaces, Silver belts, Bronze cotton clothes, Bronze shoes…

‘Okay… I knew it.

With the dungeon resources provided by the school, it would be a miracle if an ordinary student could get a piece of Silver equipment.

It was basically difficult to get a piece of Gold equipment, let alone Platinum equipment.

Even if there was a low-quality piece of multi-purpose equipment like the Emerald Ring, it would be a waste.

They would definitely keep it in his hands first.

He wouldnt want to sell it.

So, if he wanted to obtain practical equipment that was worth smithing, he still had to rely on himself to clear the high difficulty dungeon and obtain it from the reward box.

Or, he could go to rich people and second generations like Huang Tianqi and Zhao Qihang, and with the help of their power and intelligence, he could “purchase” from the entire Jiangcheng and other Cities equipment.

Only then could he possibly get Gold and Platinum equipment.

As for the Diamond-grade equipment…

Dont even think about it.

It was difficult enough to get low-level Diamond equipment.

Even if they had the equipment, the big Bosses who had access to the resources of the secret dungeon would definitely not release their high-quality equipment just to ensure that their children would have the advantage in the college entrance examination.

Even the tiniest advantage in attributes could make a difference.

This included low-level Platinum-grade equipment, which was rarely circulated in the market.

Everyone tacitly kept it in their own hands and only traded with people of the same Class.

For example, Huang Shaofengs Diamond-grade suit was bought by Huang Tianqi at a high price.

That man probably owed someone a big favor and got it from another big Boss in Jiang city.

Do you think its unfair


Yes, it was.

It was very unfair.

But this isnt a dead end.

As long as one could awaken a powerful Professional talent… Or be like Lin Ye; studying the details of dungeons every day and finding all kinds of strategies.

Anyone could become a high-ranking student and perform well in the college entrance exam.

Naturally, people like Huang Tianqi and the Professional Alliance would be interested in people with growth potential.

Then, they would provide you with all kinds of equipment and support as if sayingIm here to befriend you in advance.

The strong would always be strong, and the weak would always be weak.

The competition in society has always been so cruel.

If you didnt have any background, money, talent, or effort, you wouldnt be a Professional and you might as well die in vain.

But people could always look for an ordinary job to maintain the stability of human society and ensure that every human hero who resisted the Dark Wave would have a home to return to.

This could also be considered as doing his part to protect all of humanity.

Thats right …

To most people it would seem an “unfair” practice that the higher-ups acquiesced.

In fact, it was also a form of screening and protection.

What they needed was a genius powerhouse who could fight head-on with the demon wave army and fight one against a hundred.

They were not cannon fodder soldiers who had no combat talent and were instantly sent to the front line for nothing.

Instead of wasting their precious lives on the dangerous battlefield…

Why not stay, do more meaningful things, and become a hero in another sense

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