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After reaching level 10, Lin Ye had the advantage of being able to control his Class in a specific area due to his attribute points.

Unlike the other students, he had an almost invincible talent advantage.

Not only could the level 2 Universe Reversal reduce a Skills mana cost by 10%, but it could also reduce the skills cooldown time by 10%.

This does not include the already existing equipment and Skills cooldown period.

What kind of concept was this

Other players could only reduce their cooldown time by 40%, but he could reduce it to 50%.

The initial 5 seconds of healing was reduced to 2.5 seconds per attack.

Divine Qi Therapy, which was originally used once every 20 seconds, was now used once every 10 seconds.

The “heal” and “bleed” effects were constantly maintained throughout the entire process.

It would be even more terrifying if his Awakened Talent could continue to reduce his Skills cooldown time as it continues to level up.

60% cooldown reduction, 90% cooldown reduction, 100% cooldown reduction…

That would be true, unlimited firepower.

Who would be able to resist a Priest who was constantly using AoE skills to deal true damage

‘Uh, I shouldnt even think about it.

‘I feel like my head is going to swell up with all this arrogance.

Lin Ye shook his head, trying to suppress his running imagination.

He knew that he couldnt be swayed by his emotions.

He had to keep his heart calm at all times and his head on the ground.

This way, he would be able to maintain his efficiency and rationality at its peak.

And there would be no low-level, stupid mistakes.

Moreover… Right now, Lin Ye only had a 20% cooldown reduction.

Although he had a small advantage, he still had a long way to go since his skills could be blocked due to cooldown time.

It wasnt the time for him to be arrogant…


‘Onto the next part of the plan!

After he calmed down, Lin Ye opened his phone and looked at his daily updated memo.

It listed the things he had done, what he was going to do in the future, and the schedule for when he would do it.

This would ensure that he would always be on track and that his plan wouldnt have any flaws.

‘Wait a second… Upgrade equipment‘

‘Am I still buying the equipment Im lacking He thought as he read through the list.

Lin Ye raised his head and glanced at the equipment on his personal panel.

Corpse Magicians four-piece set doubled his damage and healing at the same time, which was an insane boost for him.

Even if he could only reach level 10 at most, for now, there would always be better high-level Priest equipment set in the later stages.

For now, this equipment still definitely could level up, so it was definitely not a loss to invest resources in them.

Then, there was the Emerald Ring and the Flickering Stone.

These two pieces of equipment could not be refined.

The advantage of this was that he didnt need to spend money to raise it, but the disadvantage was that the attribute bonus would be useless later.

Especially the Emerald Ring.

After the 10% cooldown reduction, it was just a useless low grade accessory.

Compared to other rings, it was a huge loss in attributes.

For this reason, Lin Ye hesitated.

Should he replace the Flickering Stone with the Giants Heart, which he had obtained from the Forest of Fallen Giants

Although the two were both portable equipment with all attributes bonus, the Giants Heart could be refined, so it was several levels higher than the Flickering Stone in terms of all attributes.


If he thought carefully…

Although the Giants Hearts all-attribute bonus was good, the five seconds of Super Armor effect was too weak for him.

It was far less useful than three flickers, and the strategic significance was not as good as the flexibility of flickers.

Finally, he decided to give this equipment to Su Mumu, so she could use it for her Bionic Tears protective talisman.

‘Will this be a loss of attributes

‘You must control yourself, Lin Ye!

This way, he would save a lot of money!

Next, there were the Storm Boots.

This was a piece of Silver grade equipment that had been brought over from the earliest dungeon.

After refining it, it could increase agility points and movement speed.

Although its additional acceleration and evasion effects were decent, there was plenty of foot equipment that could replace it, and the drop rate for this specific boot was not low.

So, Lin Ye should…

First, he wanted to see if he could find a better pair of shoes to replace it.

If he could find it, he would immediately disassemble the Storm Boots.

He shouldnt refine it the day before college entrance examination to avoid being eliminated and wasting his precious forging stones…

So… Lin Yes could already confirm his next shopping list.

He needed to buy a Priest weapon, a head accessory (necklace), a waist accessory (jade pendant and belt), and a pair of foot equipment that could replace the Storm Boots.

Then, based on the quality of each piece of equipment and the cost of upgrading, he could choose to start refining them immediately or wait until the night before the college entrance examination.

Of course, Lin Ye could also choose not to buy or level up his equipment.

After clearing the Land of Death dungeon and obtaining the only Priest-exclusive reward, he would then slowly choose the equipment that was useful to him and minimize the waste of his resources.

However, Lin Ye knew nothing about the Land of Deaths dungeon.

All he knows is that it has a hell-level difficulty.

So hard that people might flip the car.

So, Lin Ye, who had always been cautious, decided.

It was better to first make up for the pieces of equipment that he lacked and make sure that nothing went wrong before he officially entered the Land of Death.

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Back home, Lin Ye closed the door and changed into white rabbit slippers before sitting down on the soft sofa in the living room.

He took out his phone and was about to log into the trading section of the school forum to see if there was any Priest equipment he wanted, as well as suitable priest skill books…

When suddenly, he heard the sound of a shower coming from the bathroom.

“What the– Mumu! Why are you showering at my house”

Upon hearing this, Su Mumu replied, “Dont panic!” Her clear and melodious voice came from the bathroom.

“Im almost done!”

Lin Ye was speechless by her response.

A few minutes later, the bathroom door was opened.

Su Mumu appeared with her long black hair still wet and wearing a pair of sexy hot pants that showed her long, fair legs.

She skipped to Lin Yes side.

She sat on the sofa and wiped her hair with a white towel as she slowly explained, “Mom and dad are working overtime tonight.

I was bored at home, so I came to your place.”

“Oh, and theres more,” She quickly added.”Theres no water in my house.

Thats why Im at your house.”

Lin Ye rolled his eyes.

“Then, can I trouble you to give me a heads up in advance next time, oh Lady Su Arent you afraid that I might evaporate you with a skill, thinking that you are a thief”

Su Mumu pouted, which reminded Lin Ye of the (.◕ˇεˇ◕.) emoji.

“I called you, but you were in a dungeon.

There was no signal at all!”

Lin Ye pointed at his phone, “QQ! Use QQ, dummy! Cant you just send me a message in QQ”

Su Mumu crossed her big white legs.

“Hmph! I dont like to use that stuff!” She changed the topic, “So, how was the battle today”

“Have you reached level 10”


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