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After releasing four consecutive bombshells, Lin Yes status as a straight-A student rose once again.

Everyones admiration for him was like a surging river that continued to flow.

They really believed him now.

Lin Ye had enough guides to prove that.

Not only could he deliver them daily, but he could also use them as a reward to fight against those shameless guys who pirated his guides.

[Brother Lin!]

[Forever god-tier!]

[I want to be Lin Yes dog!]

As for Cao Yuan, who stole the guide and sold it for the second time, and even slandered Lin Ye behind his back, was condemned by all their schoolmates on the forum, and he entered a state of “social death”.

Lin Ye didnt even need to explain how miserable his end was.

However, thanks to this “sacrifice” it helped Lin Ye set an example for others and stopped other students who wanted to pirate his strategies.

It was exactly what Lin Ye wanted.

He basically didnt have to worry about open pirated dogs now.

Although he might not be able to intimidate all those small social circles with Cao Yuans experience, there were only a few of them in total, so it was not a big problem.

It was fine as long as the real benefits remained protected.


Lin Yes truancy strategies were basically the “retarded nanny software version”.

Commonly known as “the weak protect the weak”.

Teaching challengers the simplest, fastest, and most worry-free method throughout the whole process was much more convenient than the ordinary guides left behind by the previous seniors.

So, Lin Ye wasnt worried that no one wouldnt buy his guides.

All he needed to do now was to build up his reputation and then rely on righteous people like LongLiveLily to kill off those pirated dogs that came to steal his business.

Then, he could sit back and wait for the money to come into his pocket.

And when Lin Ye has a stable source of income, he wouldnt have to worry about other people competing with him and affecting his business anymore.

He would be able to start the next step of his plan: relying on a large amount of cash flow to buy Priest equipment and Skill books that were useful to him.

Then, prepared himself for the one-time use Hell Mode secret dungeon that was unlocked by the Stone Sword Key.

He was also preparing for the college entrance examination thats only a month away.

But if his business is stolen, without enough money, he would be restricted in everything he wanted to do…

And this…

This was why Lin Ye would rather give up a portion of the profits from selling the guide to give away special rewards for people who kill those pirated dogs.

The damage that those pirated dogs could do was one to great that he didnt even want to take any risk.

He had to nip it in the bud.

Only then would he be at ease.

In the next few days, the school suddenly became calm.

Whether it was the Professional Alliance Gan Le had mentioned before or the public commendation from the principal, there was no response at all.

On the Rivertown forum, there were still people arguing about Lin Yes choice of becoming a Priest Class.

But since Lin Ye himself didnt participate in the PvP match, many of his fans who helped him verbally win against the group of scholars had left after Lin Yes “teaching”.

They didnt want to waste time on them.

As a result, the popularity of this post disappeared very quickly, and in the end, only a few old quarrels were left, constantly mocking the air.

As for Shangguan Yan and Huang Shaofeng…

After Shangguan Yan got Lin Yes contact information, he didnt call or try to keep tabs on Lin Ye.

So he was pretty much out of the loop with what was going on.

As for the Huang Corps young master, Huang Tianqi seemed to have grounded him up again.

His mobile phone was confiscated, and he doesnt have any internet access all day.

He probably had completely lost contact with Huang Tianqi.

Lin Ye didnt care.

With no one to disturb him, he could go all out and clear the dungeons he wanted.

After four days of high-intensity farming in dungeons, Lin Ye managed to reach level 10 before eight pm that Saturday night.

“Open personal panel!”

[Name: Lin Ye]

[Level: 10]

[Class: Priest]

[HP: 2,231]

[Mana: 1,600]

[Talent: Universe Reversal (Level 2)]

[Attributes: strength 60 (20), Constitution 100 (20 30), intelligence 120 (20 30), spirit 50 (20), agility 61 (20 10)]

[Skills: Heal Spell (single), Clarity Spell (mana recovery), Divine Qi Therapy (group healing), Stars Godly Glory (group damage immunity), Aqua Tide (dispel and health recovery)]

[Equipment: Storm Boots (increase speed and dodge), Emerald Ring (reduce cooldown), Flicker Stone (3 flash skills), Corpse Magician Set (increase Constitution and intelligence)]

[Set Equipment Effect: Increases healing by 90%.

Rejuvenation Level 4 (recovers 40% of health points every 20 seconds)]

[Reverse Universal (Level 2)]: Reverse and strengthen the user and all skills that are used on the user.

Can freely choose when to activate and deactivate them.

If the user reach the advanced level, they can even change the essence of the skill.];

[Current Conversion Effect: Healing becomes health reduction, health reduction becomes healing, gains becomes debuff, debuff becomes gains.

Applicable to both friend and foe.]

[Current Enhancement Effect: Mana cost reduced by 10%, Cooldown reduced by 10% (not included in the maximum 40% cooldown time of equipment and skills)]

[Next level up requirement: Reach level 20 and kill 10,000 secondary creatures with your reversal Skills.]

As he could see, Lin Ye had initially relied on the bucket points to increase his strength and agility to 50 points, and he had gained about 10 points from free growth.

As for his main attributes, vitality and intelligence, with the double buffs of free growth and free attribute points, one of them has reached 100 points, and another even reached 120 points.

His mana that was originally only 30 points, he managed to reach 50 points thanks to spending a dozen free attribute points.

Next, if he wanted to continue to maximize the benefits of his attribute adjustment in the next stage, he would have to do it.

He had to change his plans.

First, he added 150 points to intelligence, then 100 points to strength and agility, and then 150 points to vitality, strength, agility, and mana in this order…

Similarly, when Lin Yes attributes reached 150 points, the best way to add points would change once again.

It would be different every time, and he needed to pay attention to all the details.

However… With such a detailed point-adding plan…

Although it brought a huge advantage for him, using every attribute points to its maximum value every time he received them, it was extremely troublesome.

It was necessary to carry out a large number of complicated calculations according to the different physical conditions of each person and a set of calculation formulas given by high-level Professionals in order to find the best point-adding plan that met their own conditions.

It wasnt not something that other Priest students could learn or copy Lin Yes way of adding points.

Nor can he copy his seniors as a guide.

Basically, only top-tier Professionals would consider such details.

It was like playing a MOBA game.

Top-tier players could record the damage of each skill at different levels to ensure that they could kill the enemy with a set of skills or kill the enemy without any HP deductions.

Normal players could only look at the red health bar above the opponents head and guess whether they could insta-kill the opponent with the set of skills they have.

Most people would have enough free attribute points, but dont know how to share them right.

While they put their points on random attributes, Lin Ye would first pile up the main attributes and then move on to the other secondary attributes.

For example, after adding 100 points of intelligence, he would start to add other attributes until they reach 100 points, then add 200 points of intelligence, and then add 200 points for other attributes.

It was simple and straightforward, something that doesnt require too much of a thought.

Then, they would fall behind Lin Ye due to the small details like this.

In the end, they were hung up and beaten…

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