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Chapter 5: Rich End Rewards

[Prompt: You have killed the White Wolf King and received 2000 exp.

Congratulations! You have leveled up to Level 5!]

[Prompt: Dungeon “Wolfs Forest” completed.

Calculating rewards…]

[Prompt: You have received aBronze Treasure Chest (low)!]

[Prompt: All hidden elements have been completed.

You have killed the final Boss, White Wolf King.

You did not use any damage skills and killed 30 wild wolves.

Your rank has been upgraded toSSS… You have obtained an additionalSilver Treasure Chest (High)!]

With his newly found invincibility, Lin Ye completed the Forest of Wolves, Beginners Challenge, and received the highest rank.

He also received an extra treasure chest.

This should have been something worth celebrating, but Lin Yes attention was more focused on the special notification from the system.

Huh A reversed healing skill isnt considered a damage skill But didnt it become one when I reversed it

Lin Ye rubbed his chin,

It looks like Im quite lucky this time.

I wouldnt have gotten an SSS rank for this dungeon if he was considered a damage skill….

[Prompt: Do you wish to open yourBronze Treasure Chest (Low) andSilver Treasure Chest (High)]


The so-called End Treasure Chest was the reward after clearing an Instance Dungeon.

Usually, there would be two chests.

The first was the normal chest that would be given as long as one cleared the dungeon, while the second hidden chest could only be obtained after completing a specific requirement in the dungeon.

The more specific requirements are completed, the higher the evaluation after clearing the dungeon.

The quality of the second hidden chest would be higher, which of course, would store high-quality items.

The main quality of the treasure chest was divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Legendary, and Mythical-grade, which could not be obtained by ordinary means.

These chests are also divided into three qualities: Low, Intermediate, and High.

The qualities also apply to the things found inside, including equipment, skills, items, and other things.

The way to distinguish their value was the same, but it was a little complicated.

High Silver ≥ High Bronze ≥ Intermediate Bronze ≥ Low Silver ≥ Low Bronze.

Bronze and silver skills are harder to obtain in the early stage when the persons skill level is still low.

While in the later stages, when the persons skill level has increased, it would be easier to get silver and bronze skills.

In other words, a bronze skill might be more beneficial than a no-rank item when it would be difficult to find a high-ranking skill in the early stages.

It would deal more significant damage and effect on the target.

However, as long as a skills level increased, the various attribute bonuses of a silver skill would far exceed that of a bronze skill.

It was equivalent toa promising future.

For the same reason, even low-quality weapons and equipment were not necessarily inferior to high-quality ones.

If he needed trash equipment to upgrade, cultivating bronze quality equipment would be more cost-effective, which required fewer resources than silver quality equipment.

However, some classes with average qualifications did not have powerful talents, their combat level was average, and their families did not have money to help them purchase good weapons.

They might only wear silver and bronze equipment for the rest of their lives.

Lin Ye himself was on the same boat as them.

So, for now, he had no other choice.

After all, beggars cant be choosers.

Of course, he would prioritize equipment and skills of higher quality over higher levels.

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[Prompt: Bronze Treasure Chest (Low) has been opened.

You have received Bronze Equipment “Sapphire” and one Healing Potion.]

[Prompt: Silver Treasure Chest (High) has been opened.

You have received a Silver Skill Book “Divine Therapy”, 5 free attribute points, and Bronze equipment “Shadow Dagger”.]

[Sapphire (Bronze) (Low)]: Increases the users magic power by 200.]

[Healing Potion (Bronze) (Low)]: After drinking it, you can immediately recover 50 Hp.

After five bottles, you will develop Potion Resistance, and the recovery effect will become less and less]

[Skill Book – Divine Qi Therapy (Silver) (High)]: Level 1, active skill.

Use holy aura to bless a specific target within 10 meters, restoring 100 Hp and gaining a healing recovery effect that lasts for 10 seconds.

Recovers 20 Hp per second.

Requires 50 mana.

Cooldown: 20 Seconds.]

[Shadow Dagger (Bronze) (High)]: Increase the users attack power by 50 points and armor by 10 points.

If the users attack hits the enemy, there is a 5% chance of causing the enemy to bleed, continuously deducting health points.

The effect of the Hp deduction is related to the users attack power.]

Huh 5 free attribute points It seems like the textbooks are true!

As long as I get SSS, the hidden chest will hold the most precious and highest level of attribute points!

Lin Ye was very excited because the value of 5 free attribute points was equivalent to a Platinum Skill book and equipment.

Even to the extent that …

It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was equivalent to a Diamond grade skill book and equipment.

After all, there were very few sources of free attribute points.

There were only two ways to obtain them.

One was to obtain them naturally after leveling up.

The other was to challenge Instance Dungeons hidden special quest alone and hope that they somehow achieved the hidden treasure chest.

It is genuinely pure luck.

Lin Ye might get an SSS rank now out of coincidence, but whos to say what he could get the next time He might get SS, or even worse, an A or a B rank.

The hidden chest might not necessarily give free attribute points as a reward.

Even if he did get one, it was likely to get 4, 3, or even 1attribute point.

It was rare to get 5 free attribute points, which was the highest amount you could get.

The higher your accomplishment rank, the higher the probability of getting free attribute points.

What was troublesome was…

The next time Lin Ye cleared a dungeon, no matter what rank he got, the hidden chests that he drew would not give him free attribute points.

Just like there are no second chances in life, the game made it so realistic that you wouldnt get attribute points a few times in a row.

Although Platinum and Diamond Skill Books and equipment are rare, Lin Ye wasnt too worried about it since he could always rely on the power of money to buy them from experts who didnt need them anymore.

In short…

Attribute points… he would have to kill many monsters even to get one point, only if hes lucky, that is.

High-quality Skill books and equipment… he could still buy them with money.

It was clear which one was more valuable.

Even so, adding his strength by using five attribute points was still not as good as having a piece of Diamond grade equipment or a skill book.

If a person could only choose one of the two, an average person would choose the latter first.

At the end of the day, it all depends on the individuals values and thoughts.

One might say attribute points are essential since it was rare, while others might think high-quality equipment and skill books are the way to go.

For Lin Ye, who was a genius professional with a bug-like talent…

‘Free attribute points… Is very rare.

‘ He thought.

He had to fight for every chance to obtain them.

On the other hand, theres also rare Diamond grade equipment and skill books… Arent they easier to obtain

‘ He pondered even more,

Bad luck Couldnt find any Then Ill just need to spend money to buy it, right

The simplest way to earn money was to work for wealthy young masters to raid some ultimate bosses.

They would need a few poor tank-type people to block the Boss high-damage single-shot skills with their lives.

As long as Lin Ye used his Universe Reversal talent well, he could casually block a knife for them and earn hundreds of thousands of money.

If that were to happen… Wouldnt he be rich a lot sooner


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