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Uh …

This kid…

Huang Shaofeng had clearly done something that would make others look at him in a different light, but why did Lin Ye feel like he was asking for a beating…

Lin Ye put whatever this weird young master said to the back of his mind and busied himself with replying to the rest of the QQ chats he had.

As for the challenge…

He would accept it, just like what he had warned Zhao Qihang before.

If Huang Shaofeng didnt give up and continued to cause trouble, to the extent of affecting his life…

Then, he would not hold back against him anymore.

Instead, he would use extreme ways to completely stop and beat him into submission.

And not only that…

This time, no one would be able to save that kid.

Even if Huang Shaofengs rejection of the Abyssal Demon and his initiative to help the Professional Alliance to capture the demon was indeed a beautiful move.

But it was a completely different matter.

He just had to come and find trouble with him time and time again.

Well, this time, nobody can deny that he was indeed asking for a beating.

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Lin Ye opened his chat with the law-enforcing fanatic, Zhang San, and started replying to others messages.

[Jiang Citys big forum]

[Nah, its fine.]

[Those people can say whatever they want.

Dont mind them.]

[Well be able to show our true strength in the college entrance examination a month later.]

Seeing this, Zhang San couldnt help but boast.

[Fanatic Zhang San (Note: Zhang San): Wow! As expected of Brother Lin! Your kindness is simply magnificent!]

[Fanatic Zhang San (Note: Zhang San): Those talkative people should learn from you!]

Lin Ye continued.

[You guys dont have to argue with them for my sake.]

[Focus on completing the dungeons, level up more, and get more equipment.

Prepare for the college entrance exam to get good results.

Its only a months away!]

[This is the most important thing right now.]

[Dont waste your time on them.]

Zhang San was quick to reply.

[Fanatic Zhang San (Note: Zhang San): Alright!]

[Fanatic Zhang San (Note: Zhang San): Ive been enlightened!]

[Fanatic Zhang San (Note: Zhang San): Ill go to the schools dungeon and do my best to level up!]

[Fanatic Zhang San (Note: Zhang San): No need to care about whats happening outside!]

[As for Shangguan Yan…] Lin Ye began.

[You can give him my contact info]

[This guys Spirit Charm Sect is from the same sect as my martial arts teacher.

So he and I can be considered fellow disciples.

Im okay to be in contact with him.]

[Forget about the others.]

[Dont give it to me, I dont like to be disturbed by strangers.]

[Fanatic Zhang San (Note: Zhang San): Ok!]

[Fanatic Zhang San (Note: Zhang San): I understand how you roll!]


After solving one problem, Lin Ye opened the modified version of the truancy guide that Gu Yun sent him.

He found that the details were different from the guide he made, but it didnt affect the final SSS rating.

He sent a message to his classmate.

[Gu Yun,]

[Ive seen the revised guide.]

[Your proposal is better for those new areas.]

[Then, Ill put your guide in the group chat later and use it as my guide.

Is that okay]

Gu Yun was quick to reply.

[ChickenSoupWasHere (Note: Gu Yun): No problem!]

[ChickenSoupWasHere (Note: Gu Yun): You can use it however you like!]

[ChickenSoupWasHere (Note: Gu Yun): Lin Ye, you were the one who gave me the idea to exploit the dungeons loopholes.

I just made some small changes to the basics, so its not a big deal.

I even got 5 free attribute points for free.

Its a pure profit!]

[ChickenSoupWasHere (Note: Gu Yun): And where will I fight for the ownership of this guide, anyway]

[ChickenSoupWasHere (Note: Gu Yun): Hehehe…]

Seeing this, Lin Ye still replied politely.


After that, he closed the chat with Gu Yun and turned to the chat with Long Live Lily.

[Cao Yuan How did he manage to sell the guide for the second time Do you have any evidence]

Long live Lily replied quickly.

[LongLiveLily: I have evidence.]

[LongLiveLily: This kid secretly created a small group and started pulling in people from his friends who used the forum.

And he accidentally pulled in one of my friends and my friend took a screenshot and told me!]

[LongLiveLily: And…]

[LongLiveLily: This little brat is not kind at all.]

[LongLiveLily: Not only did he sell your strategies at a low price, but he also talked bad behind your back in the group.

Saying things like how you were bragging, that you dont have that many guides at all, and that youre lying on purpose to suppress others so that others dont steal your business.]

[LongLiveLily: He even accused you of many groundless crimes so that those people wouldnt come to you to buy your guides.]

[LongLiveLily: If its true, I wont recognize you if we meet in real life!]

[LongLiveLily: Hes really disgusting!]

Lin Ye was speechless.


This person is really brave, isnt he

‘He clearly knows that Im a big celebrity on the school forum now, and even Huang Shaofeng, who used to have a lot of fans, has been crushed by me, yet he still dares to come and badmouth me behind my back‘

‘Did he really throw away his face just to earn money

Just one word…


Although the development of the situation was a little annoying, Lin Ye was in a good mood and the situation was within his expectations, so he calmly replied.

[Its fine.]

[I just wont sell guides to this person in the future.]

[Ill post an announcement in the Strategy Group and school Forum later to explain this matter.

Remember to come and testify for me with your friend.]

[LongLiveLily: Of course!]

[LongLiveLily: But I really cant just do nothing knowing he is spreading wrong rumors about someone…]

[LongLiveLily: This idiot, Cao Yuan, has to be taught a lesson!]

[LongLiveLily: Otherwise, hell definitely continue to smear your reputation, Lin Ye.

He might even come and mess up your business!]

Lin Ye unconsciously touched his nose in thought.

[Well… Its up to you.]

[I dont care about him.]

[But I suggest that you dont do this.

After all, theres only a month left until the college entrance examination.

If you cause trouble during this time, its easy for problems to arise.]

[Theres no need to affect your future for a worthless villain.]

[Especially when you dont have to stand up for me.]

[In my opinion, its enough to stop him from taking free attribute points.]

Lin Ye paused for a moment, thinking how to word what he wanted to say, before continuing.


[Since you and your friend reported this matter to me, as promised I will offer you a special guide thats not open to the public, or you can buy the next one at half price.]

[Have you guys decided on what to choose]

Upon reading this, LongLiveLilys surprised tone can be read through the screen.

[LongLiveLily: Ah, that]

[LongLiveLily: Is there really a non-disclosed strategy]

She thought Lin Ye was in need of money, so he would release all of his strategies instead of keeping some for himself and wasting the money he shouldve earned.

[There are] Lin Ye replied.

[I will give you and your friend everytime you find people like Cao Yuan.]

[The more the better.]

[As long as its not a random false report or a few people who know each other deliberately collude and put on a show, I can guarantee that every reported piracy will have a corresponding reward.]

[LongLiveLily: Wow!]

[LongLiveLily: Thats awesome!]

‘What kind of genius was Lin Ye

‘How could he be so resourceful and powerful

‘How did he make strategies as simple as frying a sunny-side up She thought to herself.

A new group leader announcement appeared in the Strategy Group.

It stated the group member [Im_Gourmet_Ol_Eight]s true identity and class information, as well as the fact that he had violated Lin Yes group rules and secretly sold the guide for the second time, which got him kicked out of the group.

There were also two newly-released guides.

One of them was the [Mushroom Swamp] that Gu Yun had just tested, and the other was the [Goblin Forest] that Lin Ye had tested himself when he was at level 6.

Then the announcement also mentioned that since the user [LongLiveLily] and her friend had reported the incident, Lin Ye gave them a copy of a level 6 dungeon guide that was not open to the public.

After that, there was also a preview of the [Land of Bones] dungeon that would be released later.

[Pass with 100% Holy sword Shield…]



When the news came out, everyone was in an uproar!

The f*ck

Theres a way they could maintain 100% of the Holy Swords Shield HP in “Bone Soup” dungeon

Was this real


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