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With the four-piece Priest Corpse Magician set, Lin Yes overall damage output was almost doubled.

He didnt need to constantly pull and wait for the cooldown to be over like he did in the Goblin dungeon to eliminate the enemy.

Instead, he could use the “Stars Godly Glory” to increase the damage, followed by a large range “Divine Qi Therapy”, and a single “Heal Spell” every five seconds.

He could evaporate most of the Forest of the Fallen Giants monsters.

It could be said that one person was a small team.

However, Lin Ye didnt get arrogant just because of that.

He was very clear.

Although his current output ability was terrifyingly high, far beyond the ordinary students of the same level, a peerless genius in everyones eyes, and had the ability to be the number one scorer in the college entrance exam…

He knew there are still stronger people out there.

After all…

Their world isnt lacking in geniuses and rich people.

They might have awakened some amazing Professionals or obtained some invincible high-quality equipment, and they might even be better than him.

Take Su Mumu as an example, and her big brother Bionic tears.

In Su Mumus hands, this Awakened Talent didnt seem to have any advantage for the time being.

It was nothing more than turning a rookie Mage into a rookie Mage and an expert Mage duo.

However, in the hands of a “money-making Krypton gold Warrior” with a strong family background… It can be a pure divine skill.

Just think about it.

If a pay-to-win Warrior with a full set of mythical equipment and mythical skills had the ability to copy himself into two…

How insane would that be

And once the Bionic Tear reached level 10, if it could increase the amount of people he can duplicate, it could summon two– or even three Warriors…

This was even more ridiculous!

What Lin Ye is trying to get at…

It was better not slack off at this stage.

Stabilizing his mind, continuing to develop, and working hard to become stronger was the way to go.

Then, with the damage from the explosions, Lin Ye killed his way through and quickly arrived in front of the first dungeons Boss.

[Name: Hyde Knight (Knight)]

[Level: 8]

[Qualification: Gold ★★ ★★★ ★★★ ]

[Skills: Knights Assault, Light Javelin, Guardian, Lions Barrier, Holy Light…]

[Description: Similar to the Hyde Kingdoms Soldiers, Hyde Knight was also sacrificed in the battle against the Giants.

After his death, his soul was imprisoned by an unknown force in this place, unable to completely rest in peace.

So he turned into a ghostly creature, cursed to wander in the Forest of the Fallen Giants… But the difference is that he retained a part of his combat experience and skills when he was alive, and has more powerful strength than the Hyde Kingdoms Soldiers.]

The Hyde Knight was a ghostly knight who wore a white armor and a spear as his main weapon.

This Boss creature mightve looked cool if its appearance could be seen clearly.

It was a Holy Knight when it was still alive, and it did things in an open and aboveboard manner.

It has a demeanor of a Knight, noble and true, it would never put itself low by doing anything underhanded.

However, after this guy died, he suddenly became… a crazy knight .

For example…

Its favorite thing to do was to sit at the root of a towering old tree, throw its weapon aside, and hang its head lifelessly, pretending to be a human corpse that had been dead for a long time.

Even if you stood in the distance and shouted at it, it wouldnt give you a single glance, let alone bother to move its body.

However, when you walked up to it or attacked it, it would immediately wake up and show off its terrifying combat power.

And this guys stats…

It had both good attack and defense, and his speed wasnt slow.

Although his normal attacks didnt deal as much damage as a Warriors, since it was a dungeons Boss, it has the additional buff that could pierce through Lin Yes health bar in just a few shots of his spear.

That is why Lin Ye didnt dare to engage it in a close combat fight.

He decided to end the battle quickly.

He raised his hand, and the stars shone, cutting his health bar and increasing his damage!

Then, he usedDivine Qi Therapy to cut its Hp bar and cause it to bleed!

Finally,Reversed Heal Spell‘!


-1,270 Hp!

Faced with this sudden attack, the Hyde Knight immediately abandoned his disguise and grabbed the white spear beside him, quickly crawling up from the ground.


It stared deeply into Lin Yes eyes.

Then, he began to use the various Professional skills that he had learned in his previous life.

“Knight Skill.

[Holy Light]!”

[ 2,000 Hp!]

[All your attributes have been greatly increased!]

“Knight Skill.


[Increase physical and magical defense by 40%!]

“Knight Skill.

Lion Barrier!”

[Adds a barrier shield that can block 300 physical damage and 300 magic damage!]

Lin Ye didnt stay idle either.

While the Hyde Knight was casting spells after spells on the spot, he ran to the roots of a towering ancient tree and cast Clarity Spell on himself, which recovered his mana.

‘Theres no space for me to dodge at this position.

If I were a Knight, I would definitely use the most difficult to dodge move, which is…‘

While he was thinking, the Hyde Knight raised its white spear and threw it, aiming at Lin Yes stomach like a professional javelin thrower.


With a sharp piercing sound, the white spear flew like a white meteor in the sky.

With unstoppable momentum, it pierced through Lin Yes stomach and stabbed into the sturdy trunk of the towering ancient tree behind him.

But unfortunately …

‘Universe Reversal!‘


[ 1478 Hp!]

[Your attack power has been greatly increased! Your defense has been greatly improved! Your movement speed has been greatly increased!]

The Hyde Knight was speechless.

Seeing this, Lin Ye didnt plan on giving the Knight more time to think.

He quickly rushed towards the Hyde Knight and raised his hand to cast a reversed Healing Spell on the Hyde Knight, hitting it square in the face.

Successfully, dealt 275 points of damage.

In reality,this Hyde Knight, who had been dead for a thousand years, did not have the ability to think.

It was only instinctively making decisions and attacking based on its rich battle experience.

‘My spear was stuck in a tree trunk in the distance.

What should I do‘

Of course, he would use Knights assault to quickly rush to the front of the spear weapon, pick it up, and then stab the enemy in front of him!

But …

‘Flickering Stone!‘


The Knight stopped charging!

Bang! Bang!

The Universe Reversal took effect!

[You have been hit by the [Knights Assault] skill.

Reverse effect: HP 289, movement speed increased slightly, dispelled a dizzy effect!]

‘Im sorry!‘

‘Ive predicted your movements!‘

‘Dont even think about picking up that white spear.

Just fight me with your fists!‘

The Hyde Knight couldnt comprehend what was going on.

‘Oh, the spear was too far away from me.

If I wanted to walk over and pick it up, the enemy would have attacked me at least a few times.‘

Might as well attack him with its bare hands…

The Hyde Knight decisively raised its fist and used his extremely fast attack speed to punch Lin Ye, managing a couple of hits to Lin Yes face as he couldnt dodge in time.

[-56 Hp!]

[-47 Hp!]

[-32 Hp!]

However, Lin Ye smiled strangely.

‘Ha! I knew it!‘

‘After using Holy Light, the Hyde Knight will not only recover your health but your movement speed and attack speed will also greatly increase!‘

‘I cant use my movement technique to avoid your attack!‘

‘Which is why…‘

‘I deliberately lured you to throw away your spear!‘

‘This way, you wont be able to kill me with your explosion attack during the duration of Holy Light!‘

‘Even if you choose to run over and pick up your weapon, the Holy Lights buff will end.

Without this ridiculous attack speed bonus, I dont have to be afraid of you!‘

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