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After dinner, and a little equipment shopping, Lin Ye brought Su Mumu and Bai Zhi back to school to start the nights training.

“Bai Zhi, how many more times can you use your Awakened Talent this week” Lin Ye asked her softly.

“I can still do one more…” Bai Zhi replied, equally in a soft tone.

“Yesterday, when I just awoke, I gave myself an additional boost…”

Upon hearing this, Lin Ye couldnt help but wanted to use the luck buff as much as he could.

But he shouldnt completely rely on it…

It was definitely the most cost-effective way to prioritize the more difficult dungeons while the talent buff was still in effect, and then use it to enter the higher-leveled dungeons.

They could get Platinum-grade equipment and skill books if they cleared the difficult ones.

While higher leveled dungeons… Whether it was equipment, skill books, or common items, the drop rate would be higher than in low-level secret dungeons.

Even if the equipments quality is low, it wouldnt exactly be useless, even if he could not sell it.

He could still break it down into smithing stones for upgrading other precious equipment.

He did not want to waste his time.

The schools dungeon, other than the high-level Goblin dungeon or the standard-level Land of Bones Dungeon, only has one hard difficulty dungeon for him to try, and that is the “Forest of the Fallen Giants”.

Its entry level was limited to level 6 – 8.

Initially, Lin Ye thought if Bai Zhi had two more chances of using her luck…

Then he would use it one for today.

He would beat the Forest of Giants first and bet on a wave of platinum grade equipment and skill books.

Saving the last one for the weekend.

By that time Lin Yes level would have reached level 10, and he would be able to focus on all the level 10 dungeons.

He could work hard all day and farm for free attribute points and materials.

As to why he couldnt level up as quickly as before…

That was because…

There was some sort of “step-up” that players needed to get over once they reached level 5.

The exp required to level up from level 1 to level 5 were far less than the exp required for level 5 to 10, which was even less than the exp required for level 10 to 15.

He used a real example to make a comparison.

Lin Ye only needed to kill all the monsters in the beginners dungeon to level up from level 1 to level 5.

However, he needed to kill four to five monsters in a “standard” dungeon to move up from level 5.

And not only that, he must kill the Boss in the dungeon to be able to completely jump up to level 6.

It means, it doesnt matter how many or how high level or aptitude monsters he fought in the beginners dungeon, he still wouldnt be able to reach level 6.

Under the influence of an unknown law, the exp awarded wouldnt be much either.

And if Lin Ye decided not to fight the Boss off in the “standard” dungeons, then the exp learned from killing the minions wouldnt matter.

(This is the reason why most normal students were stuck in level 5 when they chose to clear the dungeon without fighting the Boss).

After that, the exp required to level up from level 6 to level 10 wouldnt increase any more, and it would be similar to when he leveled up from level 5 to level 6.

Once he overcomes this “step up”, he would speed up in no time.

With his speed and slightly problematic stamina, he could probably clear five or six dungeons a day, with a maximum of six or maybe even seven dungeons.

If he went all out, he would be able to reach level 10 in about four to five days.

And then …

As he had already mentioned before …

Once he reached level 10, the exp required for everyone to level up increased once again.

Due to the “setback”, the speed at which he could level up once by clearing four or five dungeons had been greatly reduced.

Now, he needed to clear more than a dozen dungeons to level up once.

Even then, he would probably still barely level up.

This applies to all multiple of five levels such as 15, 20, 25, 30, and so on.

It would get harder and harder.

And more complicated as they grew.

With the “level lock” and “the monsters in the high-level dungeons get stronger and stronger settings…

The higher the level the Professional is, the higher the “wall”, and the more difficult it would be.

As a result, many students who dont want to grind, would spend a lot of money to buy breakthrough tools and become “Professionals with no future”.

It was better to choose to be an ordinary person who works as a builder and take on the task of repairing and maintaining human scientific and technological civilization.

Although its a slower way to earn money, it was safe and anyone could do it.

Without this “wall”, anyone could become a Professional at will, anyone could rely on this to make a fortune, and obtain a high enough social status…

If that were the case, who would be willing to be an ordinary person, who could only do those dirty and taxing jobs with low income, and become a screw for social development and operation

For the same reason among the Professionals, there were human heroes who stood on the front line in the fight against the Dark Wave, brick-moving Professionals who risked their lives to buy transitional equipment for rich bosses, and City Security Guards who were neither high nor low.

It was also because of the above three reasons that different people were assigned to different “positions”, which led to such diversity.

Back to the main topic.

Considering that Bai Zhis awakened talent only had one use left, Lin Ye had to choose between entering a “hard dungeon” or a “level 10 dungeon” to make the most of this weeks luck…

‘Wait a second…‘

‘Do I even need to contemplate this‘

Of course, the priority would be to use luck for the Forest of Fallen Giants!

No matter how many level 10 simple dungeons were cleared, they would only get Silver and Gold equipment.

How could those be better than the Platinum equipment they will get from clearing a difficult dungeon

And so, Lin Ye asked Bai Zhi to give him the Lady Lucks Gazes blessing buff before he charged into the dungeon, Forest of Fallen Giants.

[Prompt: You are about to enter the dungeon “Forest of Fallen Giants”!]

[Dungeon: Forest of Fallen Giants]

[Level: 6 – 8]

[Difficulty: Difficult (Extreme)]

[Description: The perilous world is like honey, like home, and the loneliness spreads fire that ends up in a foreign land.

This is the land of the fallen Giants, a land of despair and death]

The Forest of Fallen Giants.

It was said that it was a fragment of a large-scale dungeon called Hive.

Although the entry-level requirement wasnt high, the difficulty of the dungeon was far beyond the Goblins Dungeon.

Even the difficult dungeons that required players to enter level 10 and above could call themselves “low-leveled dungeons” compared to this.

The main reason is that it didnt have one Boss, but three.

Each of them was much stronger than the Goblin King, and they were all at least 6 Star Gold rank.

As for the SSS rating requirement …

Theoretically, it is very simple.

The kind that would allow anyone to do it.

However, considering the difficulty of killing each monster, this is the schools most challenging dungeon to get an SSS rank.

The first requirement is to kill the first dungeons Boss, called the “Hyde Knight”.

A monstrous creature with white armor.

The second is to kill the second Boss, the Cursemancer, who is also known as the “Hex Teacher”.

The third is to kill the last Boss, the five-meter tall “Final Giant”.

The fourth requirement is to annihilate all the monsters in the dungeon.

The fifth was to clear the entire dungeon in the exact order: Hyde Knight, Hex Teacher, and Last Giant.

No time limit.

There was no restriction on the tools they could use, and also, no ridiculous requirements like entering the dungeon half dead.

The only thing you have to do is… Rely on your strength to defeat the minions, then the Bosses, and finally, clear the entire dungeon!

Was this difficult Theoretically, no.

But practically, of course it is!

However, Lin Ye looked at his Corpse Magician set he just received, and the God-tier talent that has…

‘Hey… Hex Teacher, are you ready to die He gleefully thought.

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