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Chapter 39: Huang Tianqis Compensation Plan

After figuring out Su Mumus awakened talent, they didnt stay in Honey Snow milk tea shop for long.

Instead, they went to the five-star restaurant arranged by Huang Tianqi according to the message he left.

Jade Zhi Orchid.

This was the first restaurant in Rivertown that was officially designated and was recognized by the public as a five-star restaurant.

The interior was decorated in a very luxurious manner, and the chefs in charge of cooking were also masters from all over the world.

There was almost no dish that they couldnt make.

Moreover, this restaurant placed great emphasis on the customer experience.

Whether the customers came alone or in groups, they would all be assigned to their own private room.

Each private room had a dedicated service team on duty to ensure that they could be called on time to serve each dish.

Of course, this kind of meticulous service attitude could only be obtained with enough spending power.

Fortunately, the owner of the restaurant did not have double standards.

Even a dirty beggar would be invited to a private room by the restaurants receptionist as long as he could afford a bowl of golden egg fried rice.

He would also enjoy the same treatment of a Golden VIP.

Not to mention the ordinary people who had saved up money for a long time and planned to enjoy a delicious meal.

The Jade Zhi Orchid would never allow the staff to discriminate against the guests.

Unless it was a cheater who wanted to eat every meal with no money.

And this…

This was the biggest reason why it was recognized by the general public.


Lin, please follow me.


Huangs room is already waiting for you in room 888.

You need to go up to the third floor.”

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Huang is already inside.

Please come in,” The beautiful waitress said as they arrived right in front of the private room.

When she opened the door, Lin Yes eyes immediately caught Huang Tianqi, sitting at the table and reading a document.

He was more than 50 years old, but he looked as though he was 30 years old.

He looks vigourous, well-dressed, and exuded the unique charm of a mature older man.

Coupled with his identity as the behind-the-scenes boss of the Huang Corp, people couldnt help but respect his self-discipline.

“Oh, Lin Ye, youve arrived” Huang Tianqi put down the document in his hand and stood up from his chair.

“Please take a seat! And you two must be… Su Mumu and Bai Zhi, right Come in and have a seat!”

He greeted everyone warmly and talked to the waiter standing by the door, asking them to serve the signature dish first.

Seeing the man in person, Lin Ye finally understood.

As Zhao Qihang had said before, Huang Tianqi and Huang Shaofeng were completely different.

Not only was this first generation nouveau riche, who built his family up from nothing, not overbearing or putting on airs, but he was also very affable, humble, and polite.

Even if it was towards a restaurant waiter who, in some peoples eyes, felt that their status was higher than this “servant”, he would also say polite words such as “please”, “thank you”, and “sorry to trouble you,” giving the other party the respect they deserved.

This level of courtesy was better than most people.

Suddenly an ugly thought passed through his mind.

Could it be Huang Shaofeng is actually Huang Tianqis adopted son Could it be that Zhao Qihang was his actual biological son Maybe the two families had some kind of strange drama going on…

“Lin Ye,” Mr.

Huangs voice broke through Lin Yes spiraling thoughts.

“Please let me first express my apologies on behalf of Huang Shaofengs actions today.

I am truly sorry for what he has done to you.” Huang Tianqi began.

“Its my fault for not teaching him well.

I didnt manage Huang Shaofeng well enough to teach him how to conduct himself, which caused you all the trouble today.”


‘ Huang Tianqis sudden apology stunned Su Mumu and Bai Zhi.

The two of them really didnt expect that the boss of the Huang Corp, the top figure in Rivertown, would put down his pride and apologize to Lin Ye on his own initiative.

He even sounded so sincere.

And this meeting…

Su Mumu had thought that this was one of Lin Yes usual exaggerated speech!

She thought that Huang Tianqi would probably, at most, give Lin Ye some material as compensation.

But who could have thought…

On the other hand, Lin Ye wasnt surprised.

He had suspected the true meaning behind Mr.

Huangs serious apology.

It was nothing more than being aware of his potential for growth and wanting to gain a wave of favorable impression in advance, befriending him before he completely became strong.

‘And he would definitely hope that I, the person involved, would take the initiative to come forward and solve the public opinion problem that Huang Shaofeng had caused on the internet, to restore the credibility of him and the Huang Corp.

At the same time, he would solve the conflict between Lin Ye and his son.

It was like killing three birds with one stone.

Otherwise… He definitely wouldnt do it in such a grand manner.

He personally called him, invited him to dinner, and even did it in front of his two friends.

Still… The whole scene was a little shocking.

However, this method was quite practical and efficient.

At the very least, it proved that the big boss of the Huang Corp was sincere in wanting to make a deal with him.

Lin Ye could also use the Huang Corps power to do some things outside of his plan before the college entrance examination began.

Some things that could be beneficial to increase his overall strength.

“Huang Shaofeng, that brat, Ive already locked him up.

From now on, hes not allowed to leave the house other than the time when were clearing dungeons together.”

“You dont have to worry about him coming to find trouble with you anymore,”

“As for compensation… I heard that you chose a Priest as your Class Profession”

“If that is true, I happen to have a Platinum Priest suit here.

Although its not the best, it will definitely help you in the college entrance examination.”

“And for Su Mumu and Bai Zhi… You two young ladies were harassed by my son yesterday.

I cant treat it as if nothing happened.

You must get the compensation you deserve.”

“So, Ill also prepare a set of Platinum-grade Class suits according to your professions.”

Upon hearing this, the well-behaved Bai Zhi raised her head.

She opened her mouth and wanted to explain that this had nothing to do with her, that Mr.

Huang didnt need to give her any reward and that she was just following Lin Ye here to make a living …

However, Lin Ye reacted faster and quickly diverted Huang Tianqis attention by asking him about the dungeon.

He changed the topic and subtly signaled Bai Zhi with his eyes to stop talking.

Huang Tianqi, who saw the whole interaction, understood and silently cooperated with Lin Ye.

He indulged Lin Ye and didnt give Bai Zhi a chance to speak.

After all, both of them knew that the whole thing was only related to Su Mumu and Lin Ye.

Bai Zhi, this little loli, was simply “taking advantage” of Lin Ye and following him to get some benefits…

In their previous phone conversation, they had already secretly “discussed” the matter in advance.

The so-called “malicious harassment” and “mental damage compensation” were just nice-sounding excuses to give gifts.

Although it wasnt something spectacular if he really let this silly little loli Bai Zhi spill out everything she wanted to say…

The atmosphere would be so awkward that it would explode.

So, it was better to shush this little loli.


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