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Chapter 37: This Girl… Is Actually Very Smart…

“Ill give you a brief overview of the first dungeon, Mushroom Swamp.”

“Okay, okay! Im listening!” Gu Yuns voice was filled with excitement and adoration.

Lin Ye started explaining the general situation and strategy for the dungeon, Mushroom Swamp.

He began with the three special requirements, then moved on to the Mushroom monsters habits, and the basic strategy to move past these obstacles.

Then finally….

“As for the specific instructions, Ill send you a document later,” Lin Yes tone became even more serious, “But remember, dont follow the entire process.

If you meet some obstacles in the middle of the way, just follow the details I just told you and move accordingly.”

“Anyway, its very simple.

I know that you would be able to handle it.”

He remembered that Gu Yuns theoretical knowledge, unlike that cute-idiot Su Mumu, was quite good, or at the very least, Lin Ye trusted Gu Yun wont make some low-level mistakes.

Therefore, even if a problem were to arise, Gu Yun would still have the ability to resolve it.

He wouldnt injure himself for no reason, and the type who will try his best to achieve his goals.

“Okay, I got it.

Dont worry, Boss Lin Ye.

I will complete this mission for you!” Gu Yun quickly said.

“Also, remember not to tell anyone that you helped me as my tester, ” Lin Ye then reminded.

“I dont want others to come to me every day to beg for a place in the testing Guide or to buy a guide from you after they find out.”

Lin Ye could already imagine Gu Yun giving him a thumbs up from the other side of the call.

“No problem! I understand the rules, I will…”

As he listened to Gu Yun, Lin Ye already saw the Honey Snow milk tea shop signboard.

After saying a few more words to Gu Yun, they hung up and Lin Ye walked straight into the shop.

When he entered, he could already hear Su Mumus loud and enthusiastic voice.

Then he caught sight of a twin-pigtailed energetic girl, and the other was a cute flat-chested loli sitting in the corner of the shop.

“Im telling you! Lin Ye used to be so funny back then.

He told meblah, blah, blah, blah, and in the end, hahahaha–”

Lin Ye flicked Su Mumus head.


“Aish! It hurts!” Su Mumu complained, “Lin Ye, what are you doing”

“Who told you to expose my dark history behind my back” Lin Ye said in a bad mood.

“Tsk~” Su Mumu pouted, “Im trying to let Bai Zhi see your true side, hidden under the mask of the hardworking top student! And what do you mean bydark history”

Lin Ye sat down on the empty seat next to Su Mumu, picked up the Oreo milk tea on the table, and said while taking a few sips, “Dont talk nonsense.

Ive already arranged a plan for the dungeons youll go to tonight.

Well start immediately after we finish eating with Mr.

Huang Tianqi.”

“Hurry up and take a look…”

“Oh, right, I got a Mage-exclusive weapon today.

Do you want it”

“I want it!” Su Mumu immediately exclaimed, “Of course I want it! No questions asked!”

Lin Ye reached out his right hand.

“Give me 100,000 Yuan.

If you dont have it, give me a months worth of massage.

Youll use your glorious labor to pay off the debt.”

“W-wha–” Su Mumu looked flabbergasted.

“Then forget it, I dont want it anymore.

You can keep it for the new year!”

“Are you sure” Lin Ye suddenly had an evil expression on his face, like a demon seducing an innocent girl, “This is a Gold-tier mage weapon were talking about,”

With that, he took out the Meteorite Staff from his inventory and placed it in front of Su Mumu and Bai Zhi, choosing to show its attributes and effects.

[Equipment Name: Meteorite Staff]

[Type: Weapon]

[Current Forging Level: Level 1 (Max level 10)]

[Quality: Gold] [Low]]

[Equipment Requirement: Wizard]

[Equipment Effect: Increase spirit by 10 points, intelligence by 5 points, magic attack by 50 points.

50% chance to cause a magic explosion to the enemy and cause additional magic damage (30% of the users magic attack power) when releasing damage skills]

“This…You…” Su Mumus eyes widened.

“Alright, Ill only give you a massage for a month.

You cant go back on your word!”

“Yes, I wont go back on my word,” Lin Ye shrugged, “But you have to use


massage techniques you learned before.

You cant treat me so casually.”

Su Mumu revealed a smile that made her look like she wanted to hit someone.

“Okay, Im sure youll be satisfied, respected number 3 Gold VIP, Mr.

Lin Ye.


“Uhm…” Bai Zhi asked weakly, “Who are the other two Gold VIPs…”

“My mom and dad,” Su Mumu explained, “They used to work so hard in the past, so I secretly learned a relaxing massage technique to give them a surprise.

But I didnt expect Lin Ye to monopolize my skills for his own greed,”

Bai Zhi came to a sudden realization, “Oh… I see…”

“Excuse me,greed I let you practice on me” Lin Ye retorted, “If it wasnt for my many selfless sacrifices, would you have allowed Auntie and Uncle to enjoy such a perfect technique and such a refreshing massage”

Su Mumu turned her head with a disdainful look.


Youre really shameless!” Then as if she wasnt annoyed just a second ago, she changed the topic, “Oh, right, wheres the strategy assignment you were talking about Hurry up and take it out!”

Lin Ye shook his black phone, “Ive already sent the document to your QQ.

There are pictures and information.

Its a fools teaching method where any idiot will definitely be able to understand”

Su Mumu revealed a “kind” smile, “Then I really have to thank you, top student!”

Lin Ye ignored her and picked up his Oreo milk tea.

He took a small sip and then looked at the shy Bai Zhi and asked, “Bai Zhi, did you tell Su Mumu about your awakened talent”

“Not yet …” Bai Zhi shook her head, “Do I need to tell her”

After a slurp, Lin Ye said, “If you dont tell her, shell die of anger.”

“Wha–!” Su Mumu looked affronted.

Lin Ye added, “Of course, the final decision is still yours.

If youre willing to say it, then say it.

If youre not, then forget it.

My advice to you, its best that you dont tell anyone of its detail, including me,”

Bai Zhi hesitantly glanced at Su Mumu.

“Then, I… Id better tell Su Mumu…”

Upon hearing this, Su Mumu suddenly became serious.

“Dont, dont say it.

Awakened talents are very important, especially powerful awakened talents.

Whether you trust the other person or not, its best to keep it close to your heart and not tell anyone.

Otherwise, itll easily bring danger to both you and the other person.”

Su Mumu looked at Lin Ye, and Lin Ye looked back at her.

The level of tacit understanding between the two had reached a realm where they could understand each others thoughts without talking out loud.

The message was very clear.

Bai Zhis awakening talent must be a red line.

That was why Lin Ye told Bai Zhi not to tell anyone.

This was to protect Bai Zhi and also to protect the people around her from being implicated.

His childhood friend… Was actually very smart…

Su Mumu continued, “However, if you are like me and have an interesting awakened talent that cant be hidden, then tell me~”

“Ah…” Bai Zhis face was full of curiosity.

“An awakened talent that cant be hidden… What is it”

Su Mumu glanced at Lin Ye and shrugged.

She then raised her right hand and snapped her fingers.

“Watch carefully, this is my awakened talent!”

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