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Chapter 35: The Lucky Wave

Lin Ye looked at the notification in confusion.

A Stone Sword Key

The f*ck is this

Bone Soup was actually hiding this thing in its dungeon

The so-called Stone Sword Key was actually an exclusive tool used to open secret dungeons.

It was an extremely precious and important strategic-level resource controlled by various powers.

Even if one had the money, one would not dare to buy it.

Most of them were in the hands of large-scale extraordinary organizations such as the Professional Alliance.

Only a small portion of them would end up in the hands of unspecialized professionals like Lin Ye.

There were two main types of exclusive tools.

The first was the Unique Stone Sword Key, which was what Lin Ye recieved.

It could open a one-time secret dungeon, and the Stone Sword Key would disappear once it was used.

The same goes for the secret dungeon.

So, you wouldnt be able to pass it down or give it to anybody else once you clear the secret dungeon.

The second type was a regular Stone Sword Key used to summon regular dungeons like the Underground Goblin Kingdom, the Stone Caves, the Land of Bones… These dungeons were all permanent Instance Dungeons summoned by the Stone Sword Key.

They would not disappear, nor would their layout change.

After they were summoned, they would remain in place for other people who met the requirements to enter the dungeon to repeat their work and reward everyone who entered.

Although the one-time secret dungeon could only be cleared once, the items that it dropped would be several times better than regular dungeons of the same level.

Furthermore, it would definitely drop a “unique reward” that the challenger could use.

It was equivalent to a one of a kind reward in the world, and no one else could get it.

But, the rewards usefulness and quality all depended on the Challengers luck…

He understood everything …

Uh… So youre saying that the upperclassmen who got an SSS rank couldnt maintain 100% of the Holy Swords protective barriers health

Am I the only one who has achieved this goal

After thinking about it, Lin Ye roughly understood the reason.

The settings of this secret dungeon were a little shady.

Dozens of skeleton soldiers were unearthed right next to the Holy Sword, and they crawled out of the rotten soil very quickly.

If the players didnt use their AOE skills to wipe out the damage output of the entire battlefield, they wouldnt be able to stop these clumsy Skeleton Soldiers from attacking the Holy Swords protective barrier.

If it was hit even once…

You will get the same SSS ranking, but you will fail in obtaining the chance to try a unique item from a secret dungeon.

As for the way he drew his blood to lure the monsters at the start…

Lin Ye came up with this wonderful idea after studying the strategy guides and monster information released by many high-level professionals for a long time.

It was like a primary school student learning how to build mechas.

He wasnt 100% sure that his theory would work, but he had to try.

Plus, sometimes it was a good thing to read other peoples flashy theories.

But of course, none of them could easily complete Bone Soups final and secret requirement like Lin Ye.

Nor would they be able to obtain the Stone Sword Key.

Wow… Ive earned a wave of blood by chance…

So what now What should I do with this Stone Sword Key

Should I use it now, or should we wait for a few days

Lin Ye raised the small Stone Sword Key and looked at the “Level 1~10” entry requirements.

He couldnt help but touch his chin to think.

Since anyone below level 10 could enter, there was no rush.

He would keep it for now.

He doesnt want to waste Bai ZhisLady Lucks Gaze buff.

Which was why he decided to enter the Underground Goblin Kingdom first and then charge into the Land of Bones.

The luck buff actually derailed his original leveling plan.

And now came another one.

His leveling plan would definitely be a mess.

Lin Ye didnt want to spend a lot of time recalculating his exp gain speed and arranging the order of clearing the dungeon again.

That would be too troublesome.

Moreover, there were still four weeks until the college entrance examination, and Bai Zhis Lady Luck talent had at least nine more chances to use.

There was no way he would waste this opportunity to farm for high-level equipment …

Okay, then its decided!

Next up is the exciting unboxing session!

[Prompt: Silver Treasure Chest (Low) has been opened.

You received Silver grade skill “Massacre”, Bronze-grade skill “Uppercut”, and one Recovery Potion]

[Prompt: Gold Treasure Chest (Low) has been opened.

You received 10 free attribute points, Gold equipment “Hounds Teeth”, Gold equipment “Meteor Staff”, and one Dispelling Perfume]

Thank you for reading on myboxnovel.com

[Massacre (Silver) (Low): Axe Warriors exclusive skill, spinning the axe to attack the enemy, causing physical damage and applying a bleeding effect to the target]

[Uppercut (Bronze) (High): Pugilists exclusive skill.

Use a heavy punch to send the enemy flying, causing physical damage.

Unable to send larger targets flying]

[Meteorite Staff (Gold) (Low): A weapon for Mages.

Increases spirit by 10 points, intelligence by 5 points, and magic attack power by 50 points.

When releasing skills, there is a chance to cause a magical explosion, causing fixed magic damage]

[Dispelling Perfume: After applying it, some monsters of a lower level than you will not attack you]

[Hounds Tooth (Gold) (Low): A general weapon for spear-type Class.

Increases agility by 8 points, strength by 8 points, 100 additional health points, and 5% physical lifesteal]

Huh Not even a single item for a Priest to use

Fortunately, there was a mages specialized weapon, “Meteorite Staff”, which Su Mumu could use.

Moreover, the Meteorite Staffs overall strength was quite good.

It was not something that he could use himself, but rather a piece of junk that was broken down into forging stones.

My luck is not completely bad…

‘ He thought.

Lin Ye exited theLand of Bones dungeon.

He secretly looked around and found that no one had noticed him thanks to the mask and hat he was wearing.

No one cared about the bright red blood on his clothes, and no one had come to ask him what had happened.

Lin Ye was too lazy to go to the changing room to change his clothes, and since no one looked bothered by it, he continued to walk through the noisy crowd and arrived at the entrance of the next dungeon.

[Dungeon: Little Tree Spirits Back Garden]

[Level: 1 – 5]

[Difficulty: Easy]

[Description: This is a garden filled with dandelions planted by the kind little tree spirits.

They will not take the initiative to attack other creatures, nor will they care if someone breaks into their territory.

But when you actively provoke them, especially when you destroy the dandelions they have painstakingly grew, you will taste the anger of the entire forest]

The Little Tree Spirits Back Garden.

This was the easiest dungeon Lin Ye had ever encountered.

It didnt matter if the players wanted to clear the stage, defeat the final Boss, or get an SSS rank.

It was very easy.

Any normal person would be able to do it.

So, Lin Ye didnt even bother to make any strategy for this dungeon.

He had come to this fairy-tale-like dungeon just to earn 10 free attribute points and to level up to level 6 to enter the next round of dungeons.

And according to Lin Yes original plan…

This “Little Tree Spirits Back Garden” dungeon was supposed to be his second dungeon after clearing the “Stone Cave”.

After that was a level 5 dungeon called “Mushroom Swamp.”

Then it was the Bone Soup instance dungeon.

And finally, there was the most difficult dungeon, the Underground Goblin Kingdom.

And by the time he reached the Goblin King, he would be level 6, exceeding the level 5 limit for the Goblin dungeon.

But he knows that the dungeon wouldnt exactly kick him out if that were to happen.

Since he hadnt cleared the dungeon, technically, he didnt break any rules.

Then he would gain 10 free attribute points.

According to his original plan, if he calculated it altogether, it was equivalent to clearing an extra Mushroom Swamp dungeon, which would also give him 5 extra free attribute points.


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