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Chapter 34: The Only Reward, Stone Swords Key

Although Lin Yes current strength was enough to crush this dungeon, he was still a businessman who valued money for goods.

Lin Ye quickly stabbed himself a few times and kept his health below 30%.

He had to make sure that there was no problem with his “ordinary” walkthrough.

At the same time, he also needed to perfect some of the specific details so that the students who bought his guide could pass the dungeon more easily.

Then they would become one of his regular customers who would want to buy more things from him.

The most important thing was.

He had to make sure that his strategy was simple enough to let Su Mumu, this silly and cute little girl, finish the game like an idiot without failing halfway.

It could be said that hes going to kill three birds with one stone.

Lin Yes entrance into the dungeon instantly woke up the skeletons that were supposed to be asleep.

His action of voluntarily stabbing himself and bleeding them out made these skeletons even more excited.

“A… A living person…”

“Lets eat…”

Lin Ye endured the pain in his body and wiped the blood off his wound.

He then threw it on the Skeleton Soldiers faces and shouted, “Come over and eat me! My blood is clean and hygienic!”

As he spoke, Lin Ye stepped back and lured the skeleton army that was crawling out of the rotten soil.

He took out the Painkiller Grass he prepared last night and stuffed it into his mouth.

[Painkiller Grass: Can greatly reduce the pain in the body after eating it.

However, it has no healing ability and will not heal the wound.]

With the Painkiller Grass help, Lin Ye doesnt feel that much pain from his wound.

He could now fight and run as nimbly as if he wasnt injured.

However, since he would be moving a lot, he had to pay the price of injuring his wound.

He would enter ablood loss state where he would continuously lose blood.

Moreover, all of his attributes would greatly decrease while he was in theheavily injured state.

But it didnt matter.

As long as he could lure the skeleton army to a safe area where the holy sword would not be their target, he could cast Healing Spells on himself or Drink Recovery Potions to remove the “blood loss state”.

Very quickly, the army of skeletons was attracted by the smell of blood and marched hungrily towards Lin Ye.

They didnt care about the Holy Swords protective barrier that was emitting a holy light and making them feel uncomfortable.

Nothing is stopping them from the smell of blood.

Oh, just as I expected.

These skeleton soldiers thirst for blood far surpasses their hatred for holy light…

As he thought about it, Lin Ye wiped the red blood from his stomach and sprinkled it on the black ground that was covered in rotten soil, making the hungry skeleton soldiers even more excited.

They couldnt help but speed up.


As the last Skeleton Soldier stepped over the Holy Swords protection, Lin Ye immediately healed himself and pulled his health back to more than 30%, thus healing his “blood loss state”.

However, he didnt continue to heal.

Instead, he dragged his half-crippled body and lured the skeleton army to the edge of the land of bones with a speed that was slightly faster than the skeletons.

He waited until he reached the air wall where he could no longer move forward.

Only then did he stop.

Healing Spell!

[Health points 134!]

Healing Spell!

[Health points 134!]

Using his level 4 healing skill, Lin Yes health bar quickly filled up.

The wound on his stomach also started healing at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

Even the decrease in all his stats from theinjured status disappeared without a trace.

The skeleton soldier was speechless.

Why did it feel like the human in front of him wasnt as delicious and attractive as before

Has it expired

While they were still feeling disappointed, the human in front of them suddenly emitted a dim dazzling yellow light, just like the legendary Twilight of the Gods.

It brought with it a terrifying aura.

It was as if the end of the world had arrived, instantly shocking every undead creatures present.

Reversed Stars Godly Glory!


[All Skeleton Soldiers -300 Hp!]

[Increases all inflicted damage by 10% for the next five seconds!]

Reversal Divine Qi Therapy!


[All Skeleton Soldiers -165 Hp!]

[All Skeletons Soldiers have entered a state of continuous blood loss!]

[ All Skeletons Soldiers -28 Hp (including 10% damage increase)!]

[All Skeletons Soldiers -28 Hp!]

[All Skeletons Soldiers Hp are reduced to zero!]

The army was annihilated!

Suddenly, the ground began to tremble.

The black rotten soil seemed to come alive and quickly sank into the ground, forming a strange spiral staircase.

Thump thump thump thump…!

The clanging of horse hooves echoed in the air!

The secret dungeon Boss, the Undead Knight, who was sleeping underground, was riding its beloved Undead Warhorse.

It galloped up the spiral stairs formed by the rotten soil, approaching the surface at an extremely wild speed.


“You have stepped into a place you shouldnt …”

So much nonsense, isnt it better to just stay dead than working overtime

Anyway, Reversed Healing Spell!


With a dull sound, the Undead Knight, who hadnt even finished his lines or reached the upper ground, was stunned by the attack!

“Human… You…”

Reversed Star Godly Glory!

Reversed Divine Qi Therapy!

Reversed Healing Spell!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Lin Yes skills exploded and heavily injured the Undead Knight, which only had around 800 Hp.

However, because of its undead race characteristics, its attributes would not be affected by its Hp, so its four attributes were still in their best state.

Moreover, this guy had an extremely effective passive halo, “Evil Halo.”

This passive skill is able to restore the health of all undead creatures, including himself, at a rate of 20 Hp per second.

If he couldnt kill the boss with one hit, then fighting this secret realm Boss will be torture for sure.

One had to rely on the Holy Swords ownhealer restriction to kill it.

But, if Lin Yes explosive damage could even kill a 5-star Gold grade Boss like the Goblin King, then surely an Undead Knight that could recover Hp… What was it

The Hp you recover isnt as fast as the attack I inflict!

[Undead Knight -28 Hp!]

[Undead Knight 20 Hp!]

[Undead Knight -28 Hp!]

[Undead Knight 20 Hp!]

Reversed Healing Spell!

[Undead Knight -147 Hp (including 10% damage increase)!]

[Undead Knight -28 Hp!]


[Prompt: You have killed the secret dungeon Boss, the Undead Knight.

You gain 6,000 exp!]

[Prompt: Dungeon “Land of Bones” completed.

Calculating rewards…]

[Prompt: Under the influence of the special ability “Lady Lucks Gaze”, the treasure chest obtained has been upgraded to Silver Treasure Chest (Low)!]

[Prompt: All hidden requirements have been met.

Your rating has been upgraded to SSS.

Due to the special ability “Lady Lucks gaze]… You have received an additional Gold Treasure Chest (Low)!]

He paused.

A new system notification appeared.

[Prompt: You have completed the final secret requirement of “Land of Bones” and protected the Holy Swords protective barrier from all of the undeads attacks.

You have received the unique reward “Stone Sword Key”!]

[Stone Sword Key (Unique): Can open a one-time secret dungeon,Land of Death.

The highest difficulty: Hell Level]

[All Hidden Requirements in Land of Bones have disappeared.]

[Do you want to open the treasure chest reward]


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