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Chapter 33: The Bolder The Player, The More Fertile The Land Will Be

After solving Huang Shaofengs problem, Lin Ye felt a sense of relief.

He could finally clear dungeons in peace.

But, the group of fans who followed him like paparazzi had become a new problem.

“Boss Lin Ye!”

“Please carry me!”

“Please warm my bed!”

“Im good at ventriloquism and I know car plates.

Do you want to meet me”

“Boss Lin Ye! Did you really choose the Priest Class Or did you choose another Class and just happened to learn a skill similar to the Healing Spell”

“Boss Lin Ye, what dungeon do you plan on clearing today What strategy have you made”

“Lin Ye, whats wrong with Huang Shaofeng Why did you let him go”

“Lin Ye, boss, I sold my house and want to buy your Emerald Ring.

Can you sell it to me”

“Boss Lin Ye…”

At that moment, Lin Ye finally understood how Su Mumu felt when she received the title “double ponytail goddess” in middle school.

She was constantly surrounded by countless people.

Some people might fall in love with this feeling, feeling as if they had become the center of the universe, but he and Su Mumu had always liked peace and quiet since they were young, and they really couldnt cope with this kind of attention.

And so, when everyone was slightly distracted, Lin Ye quickly used the Flicker skill from the Flickering Stone, and ran through a wall.

Everyone was confused.

“What the f*ck”

“Lin Ye actually had a skill that could make him move through walls”


“At this moment, my respect for Lin Ye is getting deeper and deeper, like a torrential river that never stops!”


After getting rid of those enthusiastic fans, Lin Ye immediately put on his mask and hat and blended into the sea of students who were doing dungeons.

He quickly entered the first dungeon that he had chosen before.

[Prompt: You are about to enter the low-level dungeon, “Land of Bones”!]

[Dungeon: Land of Bones]

[Level: 1 – 5]

[Difficulty: Normal]

[Description: An abandoned land shrouded in death, surrounded by an army of sleeping Skeletons.

When you enter with the aura of a living person, you will wake them up and be seen as fresh and delicious food.]

The Land of Bones, commonly known as “Bone Soup”.

It was the second dungeon that students had to clear when they reached level 5.

Although it is similar to the “Stone Cave” where 5 points is the highest free attribute points you could obtain, the difficulty is set to medium, so the quality of the equipment dropped will be much better than that of the other level 5 dungeons.

An advantage for him though, the overall difficulty wouldnt be that much of a challenge for him or the other students who had cleared the Underground Goblin Kingdom, especially to those who had defeated the Goblin King.

This dungeon was the most cost-effective choice for the students.

Of course.

Cost-effective choice for

level 5


After leveling up, the students would no longer be able to enter this dungeon.

“Hmm Bone Soup… How will I get full marks”

After thinking for a moment, Lin Ye tries to recall the general situation of the Bone Soup dungeon in his mind, as well as the strategy he had simulated back then.

In order to get SSS rank, this dungeon required the completion of four special requirements.

The first requirement was to kill the final Boss, the Undead Knight.

The second requirement was to exterminate all the Undead Skeletons.

The third was to not use the dungeons exclusive weapon, the Holy Sword, which suppressed all the undead in the Land of Bones.

The fourth was to leave more than 60% of the Holy Swords protective barrier energy before clearing the stage.

The first two requirements were basically the same in most dungeons.

It was mainly the latter two requirements that stumped many people.

First, the special weapon that could suppress any monsters in the Land of Bones, the Holy Sword.

In fact, you could say that this was a “plot item”.

There were no equipment requirements, which means anyone could use it once they entered the dungeon.

Its equipment effect was to allow the user to enter the “Sage” state.

Whether it was a skill or a normal attack, it could cause an additional 300% restraining damage to undead creatures and suppress the Undead Knights rapid HP recovery ability.

What could he say

This weapon was almost equivalent to an official cheat!

Once you use this weapon, this dungeon would immediately become a simple dungeon with your feet!

Well, unless you were really too weak…

This was also the reason why the Land of Bones got the nicknameBone Soup.

Bone soup, bone soup, its watering and nourishing.

Ill slash it with my Holy Sword.

The sage is like me, and I am like the Sage.

One day, with a sword in hand, I would kill all the skeleton dogs in the world.

Holy Sword! Reward me!

Brother Jian brings flying dungeons down, Holy Sword rewards dungeons, Im a trashy dungeon…

In order to praise this mystical dungeons loophole that many people treated like a “new friend”, the students created many jokes about it.

Among them, Bone Soup was a classic saying.

When the students returned to visit the school many years later, they might not remember the names of their former classmates or their own teachers, but they would definitely remember thisBone Soup dungeon.

“It is the first bucket of gold in our lives!”

“Its this dungeon that lit up my career as a professional.

Its this dungeon that has rewarded me again and again, allowing me to obtain the pleasure of success!”

“If it wasnt for this dungeon I would have probably already been persuaded by that terrifying Goblin King to retreat, and left in despair, no longer having any passion or motivation to…”

Sorry, getting off-topic here.

Since the Holy Sword was too powerful, the students couldnt help but pull it out as soon as they entered the Land of Bones, and then fail the third special requirement.

Even with the terrifying number of skeleton creatures and their disgusting ability to quickly recover health, Lin Ye was confident that he wouldnt need to pull out this sword to be able to kill them all.

The fourth requirement will be very difficult to overcome.

It is extremely difficult to protect the Holy Swords protective barriers energy and prevent it from losing 60% of its health while being surrounded by a sea of skeletons.

Unless the challenger had enough AOE skills to carpet bomb them, you could evaporate the skeletons the moment they crawled out of the ground.

Then… Will I be able to find a loophole for this

The answer is yes.

According to Lin Yes research, these undead creatures had a hidden habit.

Their desire to attack humans was inversely proportional to a humans health bar.

In other words, the more serious the injury you sustained, the stronger the life source emitted from your body.

The more they value you, the more they will treat you as a golden ingredient with fresh meat and pursue you relentlessly.

Therefore, to “bug” this dungeon is to test if ones mentality and strength was strong enough.

The bolder a player is, the more fertile the land will be.

At the start of the game, he would first give himself a hip blow and lose 70% of his health.

Then, he would endure the decrease in all his attributes from theheavily injured state and lure all these skeleton creatures to a corner far away from the Holy Swords protective barrier.

Then, he would think of a way to kill them.

And with that, youll be very close to getting the SSS rank for the Bone Soup dungeon.

But of course …

This walkthrough he concocted was only prepared for ordinary students.

For a cheat genius like Lin Ye, it was too troublesome to break his waist and bleed.

It was better to be simple and rough.

When they entered the field, they would first use the Stars Godly Glory to cast a damage-increasing debuff on the skeletons.

Then, he would use Divine Qi Therapy to instantly clear the entire place.

Then finally, he would kill the Undead Knight, the dungeons Boss.


The entire world became quiet.

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