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Chapter 31: The Priest Who Beats The Warrior

Huang Shaofeng was furious when he saw Lin Yes starting stance.

Who the hell are you looking down on

Im showing you my blade because Im going to fight you one-on-one with the abilities of my Class.

You want to fight me with your bare hands Without any weapon Arent you afraid that Ill cut you in half

Fine then! Suit yourself!

Show me what youre capable of!

Huang Shaofeng used his Warriors initial skill, Charge, and his entire body turned into a rampaging bull as he charged toward Lin Ye.



‘ Lin Ye turned around— and punched!


With a dull sound, Lin Yes fist hit the back of Huang Shaofengs head.

Using Huang Shaofengs skill inertia, his center of gravity fell forward and Huang Shaofeng fell heavily on the ground.

The students from other schools who were watching the show exclaimed in low voices, “F*ck!”

“What the..

Hes an expert!” Brother Dog, who was the strongest among them, had sharp eyes.

“This guys attributes are so high.

He can actually stopped Huang Shaofengs level 1 set Diamond equipment”

“But hes not wearing any equipment… Wait!”

“Hes wearing something!”

“But theyre all discreet accessories!”

“Hes able to suppress Huang Shaofeng, whose attributes have all shot up to 50 points, with just a few accessories”

“This guys strength…”

Huang Shaofeng jumped up from the ground.

He gritted his teeth and wiped the mud and grass from his mouth, then pointed his sword at Lin Ye again.

“Youre dead!”

Lin Ye didnt waste time talking to him.

He rushed up and dodged Huang Shaofengs normal attack.

Then, he grabbed his left shoulder and did a standard over-shoulder throw.


Huang Shaofeng fell to the ground again!

Lin Ye pressed on and stepped on Huang Shaofengs stomach as if he was possessed by the God of War.

He almost stepped on this guys breakfast and made him vomit.


“I what” Lin Ye cut him off, “I beat trash like you who have never trained in their life.

I dont even need to use my Class skills to put you down.

What do you think”

His words stabbed right through the heart.

Then, Lin Ye continued to hit him and kicked Huang Shaofengs stomach again and again.

He didnt give this guy a chance to get up at all, and the surrounding students from other schools were all scared.


Uh, arent you stepping on him a little too hard

Arent you afraid of losing your life

Finally, Brother Dog couldnt take it anymore.

He quickly walked up with the intention to politely stop this Master named Lin Ye from attacking Huang Shaofeng, who had lost the ability to fight back.

But something that will shock Brother Dog for an entire year has happened.

Lin Ye stood next to Huang Shaofeng, who had already vomited his breakfast.

He slowly raised his right hand, and his body, like a god, emitted a comfortable white holy light.

Then, he cast a healing spell on Huang Shaofengs head.

[Health points 134!]

What the… What the hell is this Heal A Healing Spell

Hes a Priest

The f*ck

A Priest is tearing apart a Warrior

What kind of hallucination is this

Lin Ye ignored everyones dumbfounded expressions.

He lowered his head and looked at Huang Shaofeng, who was also dumbfounded, “Youve lost.

Are you willing to apologize to me now If youre sincere, Ill fill up your health bar again and end todays match.”

“I … You …” Huang Shaofeng stuttered.

Lin Ye continued, “Its fine if you dont want to.

Ill just kick you a few more times and make you seriously injured.

When youre about to die, Ill fill your Hp up again, and then kick you a few more times, then fill your Hp up again, and repeat the cycle over and over…”

“Also, I have the Clarity Spell to my supply of mana.

I wont lose my energy even if I have to accompany you for an entire day.

F*ck! Is he a demon in disguise

Brother Dog and his friends swallowed their saliva.

They were fortunate that Huang Shaofeng, that big fool, decided to have a one-on-one battle instead.

Otherwise, they would have to die here, be beaten up “uninjured”.

But, what should they do now

No matter what, Huang Shaofeng is still my “employer.” If we only keep watching him get beaten up and not help, Huang Shaofeng will definitely be furious and vent his anger on us.

Maybe… Words of persuasion could…

The other partys request was very simple.

He just wanted Huang Shaofeng to apologize and not cause him any trouble in the future.

Then, he would let Huang Shaofeng go.

But… How is he supposed to persuade him

Shouldnt Huang Shaofeng be the one to take the initiative to admit defeat

As he continued to think, a large group of students suddenly swarmed into the surrounding forest.

They were none other than the newly-formed fan club that had announced on the forum that they were planning to meet Lin Ye.

One of the little fans saw Lin Ye on his way up the mountain and posted it on the fan group.

Then, she hid nearby and secretly recorded the scene of Huang Shaofeng being beaten up by Lin Ye.

She also recorded the conversation between Lin Ye and Huang Shaofeng.

So, not only did everyone see the shocking scene of Lin Ye using his Priest Class to tear apart a Warrior, they also heard the conversation between the two.

Combined with the memory of Huang Shaofeng being humiliated for trying to hit on a female student yesterday, they immediately put the whole story together:

Huang Shaofeng failed to hit on the female student and was angry from embarrassment.

He wanted to force himself on her, but he didnt expect Lin Ye to be friends with that female student.

Lin Ye persuaded him to stop bothering his friend, but Huang Shuangfeng was not happy and sent people to jump on Lin Ye, but was beaten up instead…

In an instant, the crowd of fans were excited.

Those who couldnt come, continued to watch the live broadcast and complained on the forum, talking about Huang Shaofengs disgusting behavior, while those who were in the area rushed to the back of the mountain, planning to help Lin Ye.


“I knew it!”

“Huang Shaofeng is not a good guy!”

“Dont you think hes exposed his true nature”

“Ah, I used to think that he was handsome and generous, but hes actually so narrow-minded.

Ive blocked him.

Ill just be Lin Yes fan from now on!”

“This guy… Didnt someone already say that he has a bad temper”

“Aish, it cant be helped.

Many people dont believe it.

Most people think that Lin Ye is deliberately trying to defame him and make fun of his background.

This kid doesnt come to school often, so theres not much dirt to be dug up.”

“It doesnt matter.

Its been confirmed that Huang Shaofeng is a bad guy.

I dont think hell have any more fans, huh”

“Thats hard to say.”

“No matter how bad his character is, hes still the young master of the Huang Corp.

Hes also pretty good-looking.

There are plenty of fish who are willing to take the bait.”

“Spitting facts.”



I dont like him anyway.

Big Boss Lin Ye is the best.

Hes humble and has a good personality.

He can deal with things calmly even in stressful situations.

Also, the way he fought just made him look hot!”

“Hes really a Prince Charming~”

“Yes, yes!”

“Boss Lin Ye is invincible!”

“I just didnt expect that our idol would choose the Priest Class.

I thought he chose some hidden Class or a Magus or something…”

“How can a Priest tear apart a Warrior”

“He can resist, heal, and has an endless supply of mana.

Its the Trinity!”

“Hes completely invincible!”

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