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Chapter 30: One-On-One

After introducing Su Mumu to the little loli, Bai Zhi, Lin Ye started todays dungeon-hunting process.

He had chosen to rest last night and wasted an entire nights “Lady Luck buff.” Now, he had to double his efforts to make up for the nights absence.

However, there were also benefits.

With a night of careful preparation, Lin Yes current speed was much faster than last nights.

He wouldnt make any mistakes and wouldnt be affected by the “fatigue state.”

After careful calculation, he decided to clear more dungeons.

Compared to yesterdays high-intensity raid on the high-level Goblin dungeon, where he had to grind for 24 hours in a fatigued state, his overall efficiency would be 20% higher.

He did not lose anything by choosing to go home and sleep …

However… Huang Shaofeng, the young master who held grudges, didnt seem to want Lin Ye to happily dungeon-run.

No one knew where he got Lin Yes phone number from, but somehow he did.

And gave him a call, “Hey, Lin Ye! You should know who I am, right If you have the guts…Come to the hill behind the school building and find me now!”

“Huang Shaofeng,” Lin Ye calmly greeted, “Didnt Zhao Qihang make it clear to you last night Didnt he tell you not to provoke me again When I told him I dont want any trouble, that doesnt mean Im afraid of them.”

“Go to hell!” Huang Shaofeng cursed, “Dont mention that traitors name to me! Im ordering you to come and fight me.

Now! Or are you backing out”

Lin Ye was still very calm as he said, “Why would I But… I hope youll fight like a man.

Dont cry for your parents to help you when you cant win in a fight.

Prove yourself with your background.

But Im sure youre not that spineless, are you”

“Bullsh*t!” Huang Shaofeng said angrily, “With my strength, I dont need to rely on my background! If I run to my father for help, Ill be a coward with no balls!”

Lin Ye smiled coldly when he heard that.

As expected, this rich kid was nothing but a low-spirited and spoiled boy.

He had probably been using his fathers name to gain power, but now, as he challenges Lin Ye, he wanted to show that he would not rely on his family.

Are you really going to show off these big fancy houses you built on a pile of trash

The more Huang Shaofeng continued to act like a villain, the more obvious his intention was.

It was clear that the boy was all talk and no bite.

He wanted to use his familys power to deal with him.

He wanted to use his background to suppress him, and he wanted to act shamelessly.

If this kid were that scared, he shouldve quickly admitted his defeat.

If he does so, Lin Ye would respect him for his honesty.

Well, since this guy is so adamant… It was better to quickly deal with this brainless guy.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the phone, Huang Shaofeng was affected by Lin Yes goading and felt worse for the plan he had concocted last night.

He turned to look at the students from other schools he called last night,

“Dont make a move, until I said so.

Let me fight this idiot one-on-one.

I want to convinced him of his defeat”

“Then” Someone subconsciously asked, “What if you cant win”

“I cant beat him”Huang Shaofeng showed his custom-made diamond-grade suit, “The equipment Im wearing is something that a poor bastard cant get even if he struggles for his entire life! How can I not win”

“You guys can just watch the show.

Dont get in my way.”

Everyone was speechless.

“Damn it, Brother Dog, I really cant stand this arrogant guy.

He keeps calling me poor.

Who is he looking down on” One whispered.

“So what if he has money Its just a matter of reincarnation.”

Did he really think of himself as some awesome, high-class person

“… Can we beat him instead”


we gotta bear with it.

This rich guy has a lot of money, we wont earn any money if we beat him up!”

Then, the wise, Brother Dog continued, “when you meet a fool, you must never deny him.

Instead, you must try your best to make him a bigger fool and let him be taught a lesson by a genius…”

Dang, Brother Dog!

Weve been enlightened!

Lets just indulge him!

As a result, everyone held back their unhappiness and insincerely flattered Huang Shaofeng, bragging about how powerful his Diamond Equipment was.

This included the girls that Huang Shaofeng had once flirted with.

At first, they were attracted by Huang Shaofengs family background and handsome looks.

But after learning Huang Shaofengs true nature, they would immediately come back to their senses and become disgusted with him.

They must have been blind to have fallen for him!

Except for Zhao Qihang.

He sincerely wanted to help Huang Shaofeng correct his disgusting bad habits but unfortunately…

We all know what happened to that.

A few minutes after the call, Lin Ye arrived at the meeting spot alone, just as Huang Shaofeng wished.

Lin Ye went straight to the point, “Lets be quick with this.

All of you, come at me together.

Lets end this quickly, I have better things to do, and Im sure everyones busy too, so lets not waste time.”


An imaginary lightning bolt seemed to appear between them.

Since his words were so commanding, his calm tone carried an invisible pressure, the students from other schools couldnt help but look at each other.

They started to wonder about Lin Yes strength and secretly guessed who he was.

Who is this General

How could he be so brave

They werent idiots.

They knew that an ordinary student wouldnt be so calm in such a situation and say such domineering words.

It was obvious, that whoever this “Lin Ye” guy is, he was a very capable person.

However, all Huang Shaofeng could see was how Lin Yes cold and commanding attitude was grating on his nerve.

It was as if he was riding on her head and showing off.

What right did he have to be so arrogant

“Ive told you before.

Ill let you have a fight with me! This is a duel between the two of us.

No one else is allowed to interfere.

They are only here to witness the duel and will not do anything!”


Thats fine.” Lin Ye touched his nose.

“Since its a one-on-one duel, if you lose, I want you to apologize to me.”

Huang Shaofeng summoned a diamond-grade weapon called the “Wind Eagle Sword” and flamboyantly waved it in the air.

He then pointed it at Lin Ye with a sneer, “Hmph! Youre a poor bastard with no power or influence.

Youre only worthy of licking me like a dog, and you still want me to apologize to you Are you worthy”

Lin Ye sighed.

“Forget it,” he said, “Its too tiring to communicate with you.

As expected, its more convenient to talk with fists.”

Lin Ye got into a martial arts starting position that he had been practicing since he was young.

He gestured to Huang Shaofeng, “Come! Lets see who is the real trash between the two of us!”

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