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Chapter 28: Simply Heartless

When he got home, Lin Ye took a shower and laid on his bed.

He then logged into his QQ account and accepted the friend requests of all the people who had the note “buying walkthrough.”

He announced to the group that he had cleared the Underground Goblin Kingdom dungeon and found three faster ways to lure the monsters.





Talk about fast!

Destroying the hard mode, Goblin dungeon on the first day of awakening]




[Kitten assault.


Boss Lin Ye, theres no way you got the SSS rank, did you]



: I think if its the boss were talking about… its very possible …]



: Thats awesome, boss! Do you need swords to clear it My swordsmanship is superb! I guarantee youll be satisfied!]



: Hey! So were on the same path @


! Cmon lets duel!

[Banana monarch.

GIF image]


GIF image]]




[Duck Emoji]

[Sword duel at Huashan.

GIF image]…]

At this moment, Lin Ye, the group leader, started to type, and everyone tactfully stopped chatting.

[Yes, Ive cleared the Goblin dungeons Secret dungeon and obtained an SSS rating.

And as everyone here probably already knows, it is a very hard dungeon to clear.

I cant guarantee that youll also get an SSS rank.

I can only do my best to help you at least achieve an S rank.

To put it simply, to get at least an S rank, you have to complete the first four special requirements, give up on the last, fifth requirement, and give up on killing the final Boss, the Goblin King.]



: So are you going to share the 3 strategies on how to quickly kill the goblins on four floors]

Lin Ye typed, [Yes.

In fact, there are monster luring strategies written by our upperclassmen in the school library.

But after reading through them, their strategies were not completely perfect.

They took too long on the first floor, they could get surrounded by Goblins very easily on the second floor, and the third floor is filled with traps…

So, I slightly adjusted their plans.]



: A little blind guess can do a thousand actions.]



: Hahaha! Youre not wrong on that one!

Ive seen Boss Lin Yes getting full marks on the theoretical knowledge exams before!

His brain is simply ruthless! He slayed them effortlessly

Does anyone remember that question on the exam The one about how to kill a Twisted Dryad as quickly as possible as a Swordmaster class.

And if I were to guess, everyone probably answered the general combo arrangement, right

Do you know how brother Lin Ye answered

He wrote down how to use each move, when to use them, and what angle the Swordmaster had to maintain while using them… Every little detail!

He even managed to plan out how the Swordsmaster could efficiently use his time to utilize his skills to every minute and every second, and how to maximize the damage output!

I was dumbfounded for an entire year!]



: ]



: ]



: ]



: ]

All the other members of the chat group were confused.

What the f*ck

Is this really something a human could do

Just as everyone remained silent, still too stunned by the information they got, a person with the ID


‘ jumped out and broke the sea of question marks and asked, [Lin Ye, boss! Ive read the original strategy.

Our upperclassmen used seven minutes to lure monsters to the first floor.

I want to ask you, boss, how long did it take you to complete the first floor]

Lin Ye replied, [It was 3 minutes and 59 seconds.

I didnt use any equipment that increased movement speed or agility, nor did I use any speed buff…

If it were someone else, it would be difficult to get to the edge of the Goblins aggro range.

So youll be slightly slower than me.

Probably about four and a half minutes.]



: Ah, Boss…

Boss Lin Ye, you even accurately grasp the aggro range of the Goblin]

The so-called aggro range was not a rigid setting like in a game.

Instead, it was the five senses that monsters had, such as hearing and vision, which had a certain range of limitation and error.

Only by entering this range would the monsters be able to detect your presence and lock on to you to attack you.

Logically, these five senses would also be affected by environmental factors.

Take the group of poisonous scorpions in the cave for example.

Their aggro range wasnt large, but they were very sensitive to sound and whats advantageous for them was how easy it was for sound to travel in the cave.

This allowed them to hear the sound of Lin Ye throwing a rock to the middle of the waterhole from miles away, and it did not take long for these small scorpions to surround him either.

So, in order to accurately judge the aggro range of a group of monsters, the players had to be careful.

Not only did they need to understand these monsters basic habits and their approximate perception range, but they also needed to calculate the specific aggro range of the other party based on the influence of the environment and other factors.

At the same time, you also need to have a strong sense of distance control.

Otherwise, you will not be able to control the maximum distance to lure the monsters despite knowing all of the above.

This was not something an ordinary person could do.

[I dont really have a good grasp of it.

Its like shooting a ball.

Sometimes, the difference is only five meters.

Sometimes, the difference can be as big as ten or twenty meters away!] Lin Ye typed.



: But boss, only


can determine the Goblins aggro range!

Isnt this a disadvantage for us]

Lin Ye replied, [Well… I mainly did my own homework in advance.

You can go and take a look at the complete collection of dungeons monsters habits compiled by the advanced professionals.

Before clearing a secret dungeon, you have to remember the perception range of the monsters inside.

Then, you can combine it with the environment and terrain of the dungeon.

After some calculating your moves, youll know the true aggro range of the monsters in the dungeon.]



: …

F*ck… Awesome!

No wonder hes the top student!

Youre able to solve such a difficult problem as easily as eating!

Im convinced!

[Big brother will pick Zhonghua.


The others also joined in,

[Thats awesome!]

[I think I understand why Lin Ye got full marks for all his theoretical knowledge!]

[Such a serious attitude… How could the teacher not give full marks]

[So, boss Lin Ye, how much are you selling the new strategy for]

[Another 10,000 Yuan package]

Lin Ye typed, [No.

Im planning to sell them for 500 Yuan each.

If you buy all three of them, Ill give you an extra weakness guide for the fourth floors gatekeeper, Goblin Giant, as well as the weakness guide for the fifth floors final Boss, Goblin King.”

After all, there are just too many variables needed to be taken into account.

I cant guarantee that youll get an SSS rank.

Even an S-rank clearance score might not be guaranteed…]

Oh, thats right!


My weakness guide is based on the condition that you can defeat the Boss, avoid getting hit as much as possible, and increase your efficiency when killing it.

It doesnt mean that people who cant win can use this to “cheat”.

Also, you guys dont have to buy the first three monster luring strategies to buy the final Boss weakness guide.]

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