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Chapter 26: Dont Talk Nonsense, Quickly Lie Down, Get Off Work Early, And Eat Lunch Boxes

[The Goblin King has used the skill “Dragon Spear”.

Due to your Reversed talent activated, you gained 200 Hp, and your attack power is temporarily increased by 40 points!]

[The Goblin King has used the skill “Leap”.

Due to your Reversed talent activated, you gained 140 Hp, and you are no longer in the state of being sent flying!]


The Goblin King was dumbfounded by the scene before it.

It continuously jabbed its golden spear into Lin Yes stomach, but the human didnt deal any damage.

The boy didnt even bleed.

Is this really a human

Unfortunately for the Goblin King, Lin Ye didnt have any intention to have a chat about his talents with anyone.

Lin Ye used his Reverse Healing Spell on its face and then quickly retreated like a ghost, creating a distance between them to avoid being hit by all kinds of skilled and normal attacks.


The reversal skill hit!

[The Goblin Kings Hp – 98!]

“You… Are my skills ineffective against you” The Goblin King staggered from the hit.

“Why dont you take a guess” Lin Ye used the surrounding pillars that support the entire underground palace to dodge and take cover from the onslaught of long-ranged attacks from the Goblin Archers and Goblin Priests.

The Goblin King narrowed his eyes.

“Tsk! Is my skill ineffective against you But can a normal attack hurt you” It commented as it watched Lin Yes movement.

“I see,”

Wow… As expected of the final boss of a hard-level dungeon.

His intelligence and reaction speed are simply amazing.

He was able to guess the details of my awakened talent so quickly.

Though I never intended to hide my power here…

If he focused on hiding his talent, it would drag on too much time.

If he accidentally went too far and exceeded the ten-minute time limit, he would really have no place to cry.

Lin Ye used another Reverse Healing Spell on the Goblin Kings face.

From all the attacks he had inflicted on the king, both skills and normal attacks, the Goblin Kings Hp had already dropped by more than 900 points.

The Goblin Kings HP was only slightly over 1700, which means it had about 800 points left.

He only needed to cast nine more Reverse Healing Spells to kill the Boss off, then he could start getting rid of these annoying Goblin monsterlings around it that kept on disgusting him…

Victory was within his grasp!

However, ever since the Goblin King discovered Lin Yes secret,


felt like victory was within its grasp.

“Hahahaha! You want to kill me Since I know your weakness, you wont have the chance!” Then the king said in a commanding voice, “Little ones, listen to my command.

Attack this human without using any of your skills!”

Right after he finished, the Goblin King immediately used its buff-type skillMorale Boost and roared towards the sky, greatly increasing the attack power and desire of all goblins.

Their bodies also seemed to be soaked in blood, and they began to turn slightly red, looking extremely strange.


“Kill him!”

The Goblin Soldiers waved their weapons and roared as they charged forward.

The Goblin Archers and Goblin Priests also went all out and continuously attacked Lin Yes body with their long-ranged attacks.

Unfortunately for them… Lin Ye wasnt the slightest bit deterred by the change in situation at all.

With the Gale Boots double acceleration and the dodge bonus from ghost steps, the melee goblins couldnt even touch him.

Only the Goblin Archers and the two Goblin Priests had the chance to hit him.

But… Whats the point of hitting him

Can they even kill me in an instant

Even if they could, I can use my level 2 Divine Qi Therapy to instantly raise 100 Hp, and then slow down for ten seconds for cooldown time.

This way, it wont affect my healing output at all!

And so, the next string of events left the Goblin King speechless

It doesnt matter whether it was itself or its elite troops, they were all beaten up by Lin Ye like tiny pests.

None of them could touch Lin Ye at all.

Even if one of them manages to land a hit on the human, Lin Ye would heal himself up in an instant.

Those goblins would never be able to kill him with a normal attack.

What was even more infuriating was …

This pesky human never forgot to turn around to cast another spell to kill it.

No matter how he dodged, blocked with his shield, or even hid behind its Goblin Soldiers, it would still be hit by this strange spell, and a part of his life force would be instantly burned.

Finally, the Goblin King broke through its defense.

It put down its pride as a King and tried to use despicable words to harass the human.


“You damn human!”

“If you are truly strong, then fight us fair and square! What are you running for You dont even have the spirit of a warrior!”

Lin Ye retorted, “Warrior spirit You called out 20 underlings to gang up on me! If this is not a warrior spirit, what do you call yourself” Then Lin Ye shook his head, “Alright, enough talking! No more nonsense! Hurry up and lie down.

Get off work early and eat your lunch box.

And stop resisting!”

Reversal Healing Spell!


[Goblin Kings Hp – 98!]

[Prompt: Goblin Kings HP has fallen below 5% and is in a near-death state.

All attributes have been greatly reduced, and its desire to attack has been greatly reduced!]

The weak Goblin Kings heart started to bleed.

“Were finished! My life is over! Im about to be mauled!”

Lin Ye ignored its dramatic cries and just counted his cooldown in his mind.






The cooldown was over!

Its time for the final.

Reversed Healing Spell!


… …

[Prompt: You have killed the Goblin King! Obtained 5,000 exp!]

Lin Yes lips curled up into a cold smile.

His eyes seemed to emit a red light as he glared at the group of Goblin Archers who were still oblivious to the sudden “turn of events”.

The Goblin Archer is in danger!

The Goblin Priest is in great danger!

The Goblin Soldier thought, “Were extremely in–”

Before they could even throw themselves into panic, Lin Ye had already raised his right hand, which looked like the hand of the Grim Reaper, and mumbled, “Reversal.

Divine Qi Therapy.”


A green poisonous mist fell from the sky and filled the air.

The ten Goblin Soldiers behind Lin Ye were all hit, and their health bars started to drop rapidly.

They seemed to understand where the sense of danger in their hearts came from.

But despite that, none of them understood nor resisted the god-like power from this human.

Reversed Divine Qi Therapy!

Reversed Healing Spell!

[Prompt: You have killed Goblin Archer and gained 21 exp!]

[Prompt: “Underground Goblin Kingdom” dungeon completed.

Rewards will be calculated…]

[Prompt: Under the influence of the special ability “Goddess of Lucks Gaze,” the treasure chest obtained has been upgraded to Golden treasure chest (Low)!]

[Prompt: All hidden requirements have been met.

You obtain SSS rank.

Due to the special ability “Goddess of Lucks Gaze”, you have received an additionalPlatinum treasure chest (Low)!]

[Do you want to open the treasure chest reward]


Lin Ye snapped his fingers, “Open!”

[Prompt: Golden treasure chest (Low) has been opened.

You have received the Gold-level skill “Holy Light”, the item “Great Recovery Potion X”, and the item “Flame Pot”]

[Prompt: Platinum treasure chest (Low) has been opened.

You have received 15 free attribute points, Platinum-grade equipment “Flickering Stone”, Platinum-grade skill “Stars Godly Glory”, and Gold-grade equipment “Sandstorm Bow”]

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