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Chapter 24: Gathering Monsters and Killing Them Quickly

Now that he knew the five requirements to clear the Goblins Dungeon and obtain an SSS rank, the strategy to clear the hard mode dungeon became clear.

He has to fight through this purely with his strength.

Cheating or bugging the system

So very sorry…

That was a special privilege for Lin Ye, who had a God-tier talent.

Of course, with Lin Yes intelligence and plans, he couldnt help other people cheat their way through this hard-level dungeon.

However, they could do their own research and do some small tricks to increase the efficiency of killing monsters and save time in clearing the game.

For example, the misty forest on the first floor.

To its northeast, there was a small canyon with a narrow path.

Those people with long-range attack skills could walk through the forest to lure all the goblins into the canyon; taking advantage of its narrow path, they could efficiently and quickly kill them with a few AOE skills.

As long as the damage output was enough, they should be able to kill them all in less than ten minutes.

However, if the player decided to engage these Goblins by solely relying on close combat, it would be a challenge to defeat them, especially with their high Hp.

And with the players skill cooldown, this dungeon would be a test of stamina.

It would severely reduce the efficiency of clearing this floor.

Ultimately, they will be forced to go over the time limit.

However, he found a simple note written by one of the upperclassmen a long time ago.

Any college entrance examination student who focuses on making the strategy would be able to find this method by looking at the experiences left behind by their seniors.

They would also be able to find a route that could quickly attract the monsters.

The strategy he found by the upperclassman had nothing to do with luring these creatures into the narrow canyon.

Instead, it was about which route and method could attract and gather monsters quickly…

After Lin Yes thorough research and simulation in his mind…

He found that the senior who wrote the “monster gathering quick kill” strategy only gave a rough route to lure monsters quickly, which was not the best route after careful calculation.

As for the students who followed after that senior, none of them bothered to use their brains to improve on the strategy and use the already made plan as it was.

Which led to some of the weaker students failing to eliminate all the Goblin monsters within the time limit after gathering the monsters.

And the greatest flaw is that their attack damage was too low.

Hmm… This could be a great disadvantage for Su Mumu….

To ensure that Su Mumu could clear this level 5 dungeon, Lin Ye would have to spend a little more time optimizing the monster gathering route on the first floor according to the dungeons conditions, which include the forest terrain and the Goblins perception range.

Initially, it would take seven minutes to gather monsters, leaving two minutes for the players to deal damage and one minute for them to head towards the second floor.

After adjusting the plan, Lin Ye calculated that it would take about four and a half minutes to gather monsters, four and a half minutes to kill them, and the remaining one minute to head towards the second floor.

It also gave him two and an extra half minutes for error.

Using Lin Ye as an example, he could use seven level 1 Divine Qi Therapy shots and deal 2,100 damage to the Goblin army.

Theres no way you would go overtime.

Alright! Lets see if my estimation is accurate.

Ill start the timer.

Lin Ye took off his storm boots and started running through the forest.

He followed the best route he had planned and lured all the patrolling goblins over.

[Name: Ordinary Goblin]

[Level: 4]

[Qualification: Silver ★]

[Skills: Harassment Roar, Warhorn, Slash…]

[Description: The weakest creature in the Goblins Underground City dungeon.

They dont have sharp weapons or strong defensive equipment, which can numb the target.]

[Name: Goblin Soldier]

[Level: 4]

[Qualification: Silver ★★★★]

[Skills: Jumping Slash, Piercing Throat, Shield Block…]

[Description: Goblin Soldiers are in charge of protecting the first floor of the dungeon.

They are the elite members of the Goblin community and were carefully selected from the Ordinary Goblins.

They have the qualifications to obtain weapons and armor, so their combat power far exceeds that of Ordinary Goblins.]

[Name: Goblin Archer]

[Level: 4]

[Qualification: Silver ★★★]

[Skills: Aim Shot, Rocket Arrow, Poison Arrow, Accelerate…]

[Description: A Goblin Soldier with a talent for archery.

After being trained by the highly intelligent Goblin King, they have higher accuracy.

They also know how to put fire and poison on the arrows, making them very difficult to deal with.]

From the stats, these goblins aptitudes started from silver.

Other than the weakest Ordinary Goblins, the other two types of goblins had stars that were even higher than the first dungeons Boss, the White Wolf King.

Their attributes and abilities were also much stronger than the White Wolf King.

Each has the potential of becoming a Boss monster in a Beginners Dungeon.

But at this dungeon, they were like big resentful bastards their master had taken out for a walk.

And Lin Ye was that “master”.

They were following Lin Ye from far behind.

But fortunately, none of them could catch up to him.

They followed into the dark and narrow canyon and stood within Lin Yes attack range.

‘Alright, weve arrived at our destination.

Lets see when well gather the monsters– Huh

It only took me 3 minutes and 59 seconds

It seems this monster-luring route saved a lot more time than I expected.

Did I overthink it

Lin Ye turned around and looked at the group of goblins charging toward him.

He raised his right hand without any hesitation and shouted, “Reversal.

Divine Qi Therapy!”


A strange green mist floated out of Lin Yes palm and quickly hit the center of the Goblin monsters.

Then, like a green virus that exploded, it instantly drowned all the Goblins within ten meters radius.

[-100 Hp!]

The Goblin was losing their health!

[-20 Hp!]

[- 20 Hp!]

[-20 Hp!]

After one round of AOE attacks, the goblins collectively lost 300 Hp.

However, they still have at least 300 to 400 Hp left due to their Silver rank health bonuses, which was enough to withstand another round of Lin Yes Reversal Healing Spell.

But was this useful

I still have more than four minutes to attack.




Reversal Divine Qi Therapy!

Reversal Healing Spell!


He continued to move, dodge, and throw out skills, hoping to finish this battle as soon as possible…

[Prompt: All the monsters on the first floor have been eliminated! The bronze gate to the second floor has been opened! Please proceed to the second floor as soon as possible!]

[Upgrade: Divine Qi Therapy has been upgraded to Level 2!]

After closing the system notification, Lin Ye patted the dust off his hands and looked down at the Goblin corpses strewn on the ground.

He couldnt help but Mutter, “This is a quick kill strategy that can save three minutes of damage output time.”

“The problem is… How much should I sell it for”

“Hmm… This method will ensure people make it out of this dungeon with at least a B rank,”

“I can charge them 500 Yuan for my hard work.

That shouldnt be too much, right”

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