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Chapter 22: Breaking Up

Thanks to these “bragging posts”, Lin Yes reputation is being broadcasted in bright light, and his popularity is rising.

Now, he has become the campus God.

He was talented, hardworking, handsome, had a perfect body, was unrivaled in theory, a top student… And to top it all off, Lin Ye had always kept a low profile.

If it werent for his anonymity in the past, people wouldnt find him so interesting now.

Which drastically contrasts a certain student…

*cough cough* Huang Shaofeng.


Lin Yes low-profile and invincible personality not only won over the female students attention but also won over most of the boys and made them willingly call him “awesome”.


[Boss Lin Ye is amazing!]

[Okay, Ive decided.

Tomorrow, Im going to the Dungeon Hall to find boss Lin Ye and personally witness his handsome face.

Do any of you good people want to form a party with me]

[I may not be a guy or know any guy friends, but can a girl join you]

[Sure, sure, sure!]

[Dont panic, my good friend.

I am the guy friend youre looking for.

Take me with you.

Im curious about Lin Yes class, so I want to go and see too!]

[Whats with this gayness Alright! I laid my cards on the table! I also want to join you to see the Big Boss!]

[Bring me, bring me!]

[Cool! Since everyone seemed to agree, Ill create a group chat so everyone can gather on time tomorrow and wait for Lin Ye.

Then, well watch him beat up the dungeon Boss with his awesomeness!]

[The group number is 846…]

[Im in!]

[Group leader, quick read!]

[Huh I dont think the name “Macho Men Group” sounds that great.

Why dont we change it into “Lin Yes Fan Club”]

[Thats even worse!]

[Delete it! Im begging you to think of a good group name! I might go blind from this!]

[Handsome Guy Alliance]

[Hmm, it feels good.

It suits my status.

Unfortunately, there are still girls in the group, so we cant call ourselves that…]

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Meanwhile, somewhere, at the same time…

Huang Shaofeng, who had been tricked by the sleeping charm, woke up from his sleep in a daze.

He got up from the sofa, and the unsightly memory flashed before his eyes, rekindling the burning anger from before.

Only this time, its directed towards his friend, Zhao Qihang.

Huang Shaofeng glared at the other boy standing dutifully at his side, “Zhao Qihang, you absolute idiot! Why the hell did you charm


with a sleeping spell, huh Youre supposed to cast it on him!” He scolded.

“I was trying to save you!” Zhao Qihang replied, equally in a bad mood, “Without me, you would be lying in the hospital right now! And to top it all off, I lost 50,000 Yuan to save your *ss.

I gave it all to that guy! You know how strict my parents are when it comes to my pocket money.

I have been saving all that money after scrimping for


, and now thanks to you, its all gone! At this rate, Ill be vomiting blood for your sake!”

Huang Shaofengs face was reddened with anger, “Bullsh*t! Did I ask you to save me And


, hes just a stinky beggar with no power or influence.

So what if he has some strength If I were to equip my set of Diamond-grade equipment, my attributes would increase explosively, and he would be nothing to me.” He huffed, slamming his hand down to high things.

“F*ck! Im getting angrier the more I think about it!”

“Not only did you not help me, but you also charmed me to sleep.

You even gave money to that piece of trash! That stinky loser must be laughing at me now! F*ck you!”

“I remember that it was you and your damn mother who insisted on stopping me last time and made me look like a fool on the street!”

Hearing this, even the gentle Zhao Qihang couldnt help but lose his temper, “Huang Shaofeng, if youre so unhappy, then just say it! Theres no need for you to play dirty and guilt trip me, right Are you that


‘ that you cant even say it to my face”

“And dont you ever dare talk sh*t about my mom again! Im warning you!”

Huang Shaofeng picked up the cup on the table and threw it against the wall, smashing it into pieces, “So what What I said was the truth I treat you like you are my brother, but not only did you go against me.

You even helped some


to bring me down! Is that how you repay me Is that what a brother should do” He shouted.

“F*ck you!”


dont treat you as a brother” Zhao Qihangs tone gets higher and harsher, “Do you know how much trouble youve caused back there Im always the one cleaning up your messes! You couldve been beaten to the point that even your mother wont be able to recognize you!

“Do you really think you can do whatever you want just because youre the Huang Corpsyoung master Do you know the old saying,the barefooted isnt afraid of wearing shoes Do you know why Id rather embarrass you than let you do what you will back then”

“Because the person you beat up secretly took out a dagger from his pocket! If it werent for my sharp eyes, you could have been stabbed to death by him when he lost his mind!”

Instead of dimming, Huang Shaofeng arrogantly shouted, “He wouldnt dare.

Isnt he afraid my father will turn around and kill him”

Zhao Qihang was so angry that he laughed at his naivety, “What He wouldnt dare I knew what kind of person that kid was with one look! If he wanted to stab you, he would definitely stab you to death.

You think he will give you the chance to negotiate with him Do you want to end up like Kun Long”

“Then why didnt you warn me instead, huh” Huang Shaofeng yelled, “If you had warned me, I would have been able to snatch his sword from his hand and beat him up!”

“Are you sure you can unarm him” Zhao Qihang couldnt help but explain, “Are you even sure that someone who would want to survive, even more so than you, I might add, would let you snatch his weapon that easily You, someone, that guy is certainly sure would do every trick possible to off him”

“Forget it!” Zhao Qihang grumbled, “I understand! Youre just like a useless General.

Your father even warned me to control you, to stop causing trouble for him… But I guessed he gave me too much credit cause I dont think I can control you! Do whatever you want!”

“But, Ill give you one last warning.

That guy you provoked today, let you off in one piece because


put in a good word for you.

If you still dare to cause trouble for him, he


mess you up to the point that you would even piss your pants.”

“And this… This is the last time Ill clean up your mess! I wont care about you anymore!”

After vomiting all the words he wanted to say, Zhao Qihang picked up his phone on the coffee table and left the room with a resounding slam of the door.

He didnt want to stay a minute longer in front of Huang Shaofeng, who never knew how to be polite.

“Yeah, get lost! Just go away! A dumb*ss like you who only knows how to help outsiders is not worthy of being my brother!” Even left alone in his room, Huang Shaofeng remained arrogant and haughty, a domineering attitude fitting for a spoiled young master, “From now on, our brotherhood is over!”

With the silence that accompanied him and no one to stop him, Huang Shaofeng picked up his phone and called a scoundrel friend he met in middle school.

He got straight to the point, “Hey, are you free tomorrow”

“Yes, Ive run into a little trouble.

Bring your friends to my school and help me deal with this person,” Huang Shaofeng said after listening to another person on the other side of the call.

“Dont worry, our schools security is not strict.

You can walk in.

If you are questioned, just say that you are a student from our school.”


“Ill be waiting for you tomorrow!”

“Oh, thats right.

That kid seems to be quite powerful.

Youd better ask your other friends to bring their equipment and weapons!”

“Aish, dont worry, its just a precaution.

Nothing will happen!”

“The main thing I want you guys to do is to scare him.

Then Ill personally take over to teach this arrogant kid a lesson and let him understand who the boss is!”


“Just like that!”

“After this is over, Ill treat all of you to a big health care!”


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