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Chapter 21: The Strongest College Entrance Examination Candidate

A few minutes after Bai Zhi left, Su Mumu exited the dungeon.

From her excited look, it was obvious that she had successfully “bugged the system” and obtained an SSS rank and the additional five free attribute points.

But Lin Ye didnt waste any time and explained to her in detail how he had invited Bai Zhi to join his team for the college entrance examination at the last minute.

However, he didnt mention what Bai Zhis innate ability was.

He only told Su Mumu that Bai Zhi was very powerful and he needed her.

“Sure, whatever,” Su Mumus expression was indifferent, “Youre the captain and the school nerd, anyway.

Im just a little girl riding on your coattail.

Ill listen to you and win without doing anything.”

“But I do have to wonder… Is this girl really as good as you say, or did you invite her because you have some … lustful attraction to her.”

“Yes,” Lin Ye retorted without mercy, “She is much cuter and not as violent as you.”

Su Mumu was speechless.

She pretended to be unhappy and crossed her arms.

“Tsk, forsaking your friend for another woman Forget it.

Lets end our friendship.

Youre making me so sad! Youre helping an outsider to insult me!”

“Come on, werent you the one who decided to join my team, yet you mock me like this” Lin Ye shook his head in mock dismay.

Lin Ye then paused and turned his head to look at the darkening sky through the halls window.

“Okay, enough with the jokes for today,” Lin Ye said.

“Lets hurry up and buy your mother a present.

Then, well go to your house and take a sip of your mothers chicken soup.

Well continue to fight at night.”

“No way… Youre really buying my mom a gift” Su Mumu couldnt help but frown.

“My mom doesnt care about these things! So you shouldnt have to! Lets forget about it, okay”

“I cant do that,” Lin Ye gently pinched her little face, “A gentleman never goes back on his word.

Not to mention, while you were in the dungeon, I made 95,000 Yuan.

And the gift for your mom is only 20,000 Yuan.

Thats almost nothing compared to what I will earn, so dont worry about me.

Now, shut up and lead the way.

The day is not getting any younger, you know,”

Su Mumu was dumbfounded, “Huh 95,000 Yuan How did you earn that much so quickly Dont tell me… You robbed a bank behind my back, did you”

Lin Ye smiled and pointed at his temple.

He teased again, “I told you.

I rely on this to earn money.

Well, I cant blame you for not understanding.

Not with your level of skill.

All you have to do is follow me; someday, you might be able to learn my ways,” He laughed.

Su Mumus face turned pink, “Youre going to die!” Why do you only know how to bully me Hurry up, be honest! How did you get 90,000 Yuan Cmon, tell me!! ”

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When they arrived at Su Mumus house, Lin Ye opened the school forum while waiting for Su Mumus mother to finish cooking.

He looked at the post he had posted.

What the… How long has it been

The number of comments to the entire post had exceeded 20,000, and the forum administrator even pinned it on the school forums homepage!

The only thing he could say…

The Emerald Ring attracted a lot of attention…

There were too many comments on his post, and it was still increasing by more than ten comments per minute, so Lin Ye gave up on reading them and opened a few new posts related to his post.

One of the posts was about a good friend who had bought his walkthrough and was advertising it.



: Guys, Boss Lin Ye is really awesome! I followed his walkthrough and easily passed the cave.

I even got an SSS rank!

5 free attribute points have been transferred!

This feels good!]



: F*ck! The OP is a real man! Would you dare to give us an example Can you explain the process in detail]



: No, this is Lin Yes rule.

I cant spread the walkthrough, but if you want to know the content, you must buy it from Lin Ye yourself.

If I tell you now, boss Lin Ye wont sell me his future walkthroughs.]



: What Does it really work Then I want to buy one too!

I was worried when Lin Ye said the walkthrough would cost 10,000 Yuan.

If this is fake, Im going to waste 10,000 Yuan!”

We children from low-income families really dont dare to gamble…]



: Its true! I can guarantee! Because I just got 5 free attribute points!

And I also killed the Scorpion King, which has an extremely sinister skill mechanism.

It quickly raised me to level 5… Level 5 should be the highest level among our batch right now, right

I wonder if there are any level 6 bosses around coz let me see the market!]



: Lily, did you just pass Why didnt I see you at the dungeon entrance]



: Ive cleared the dungeon for a while now.

Im buying water outside.

Where are you

Do you want to form a party to clear a dungeon tonight]



: Sure.]

Lin Ye also found another classmate who posted not only his photos, which, thankfully, the ones that made him look good but also bragged about his abilities.

It was also a small wave of attention for his strategy guide business.



: [Photos of Lin Yes daily life], [Photos of Lin Ye when he was studying].

(The photos that were taken secretly)

Hey, hehe, here are the photos.

Everyone, this is what our classs boss, Lin Ye, looks like!

Trust me.

Hes even more handsome in person than in his photos, and his figure… Chefs kiss.

Hehehe… Hes definitely qualified to compete for the title of school hunk in our school!]



: Front row spectator for our Big Boss! Wow!!

Hes really handsome!

How come Ive never heard of such a handsome guy in our school]



: Its because Lin Ye is usually very low-key and rarely leaves the school…

He also rarely shows up or takes any selfies.

He spends almost all his time delving into Class theory books.

Hes incredibly diligent and hardworking.

So its natural that most of you have never heard of him.]



: Yeah, thats right.

Boss Lin Ye is a true role model for us!

Three years of hard work, no entertainment, no social life.

That perseverance and determination made him invincible!

In any case, I wont be convinced by anyone else! Ill be his loyal follower!

I think hes the strongest candidate in our school right now.

After all, up until now, there hasnt been a student in our school who could kill a Beginners Dungeon Boss like him…]



: What do you guys think Hes probably the strongest candidate for the college entrance examination!

Dont forget! The Beginners Dungeon Boss is completely random! The small monsters are random! The terrain is also randomized! I couldnt learn from any of our upperclassmens guides!

Just based on these few points, it can be considered the most challenging dungeon before level 10! Not many people can clear that particular dungeon!!

And you cant form a party in the Beginners Dungeon, and you cant bring any items or equipment.

Theres only one recovery spring water to recover Hp!

Under such a challenging mechanism, if you want to kill the final Boss and get the hidden chest, you have to clear the dungeon without getting hurt.

It is almost impossible to accomplish this mission without amazing talent!

Theres more! Boss Lin Ye can achieve SSS-rank in a hell-like dungeon, theStone Cave!

He has excellent theoretical knowledge and a compelling ability to analyze the dungeons mechanism!

You guys should know that clearing the secret requirement in Instance Dungeon is much more complicated than just simply clearing it.

There are many things to consider, as well as many unexpected factors.

Furthermore, we must consider the needs of people with different strengths as much as possible!

This is why no Solo Dungeon Masters help others clear to them.

But Lin Ye did it!

With his strength and intelligence… Boss Lin Ye has a chance of entering the top ten among all the high schools in the country, let alone being the strongest in our school!

It might not even be a problem for him to be the top scorer in the college entrance examination!]


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