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Chapter 20: Little Loli With The Fire Greatsword Has Joined The Party

Lin Ye realized the little girl in front of him was a hidden treasure.

He had to be serious with her for a moment, so he immediately asked, “Have you told anyone about your awakened talent Does anyone else know about the effects”

Bai Zhi shook her head, “I havent mentioned… to anyone…”

Lin Ye asked again, “Then do you know how powerful this talent is”

“If its grade is defined according to the grade of equipment, it would be the highest mythical level, and other awakened talents cant be compared to it at all!”

“And its an almost invincible high-level mythical talent in a strategic sense!”

Bai Zhi was a little confused, “Ah Really”

Lin Ye was speechless.

Fine, this little loli was even more adorkable than Su Mumu.

It was no wonder that after awakening such a precious talent, she did not choose the summoner profession, which was highly equipment-consuming, but chose the greatswords innocent seed profession instead…

He sighed, “Its fine if you dont know.

You know it now anyway, and you can still remedy it.”

“Its not a problem if you can bless many people at once with this divine talent of yours … But Im afraid that theres a limit to the number of times it can be used, so itll be very easy to attract peoples attention.”

Bai Zhi replied in a low voice, “Mm… Order, huh … I can only use it three times a week now…”

Oh my… Lin Ye wanted to squish her little face out of frustration.

‘Little loli, can you have some self-protection awareness!

How could you casually tell such an important secret to a stranger

Lin Yen sighed.

Forget it… She seemed to be this kind of person….

As he thought about it, Lin Ye held his forehead and reminded her seriously, “Three times a week Thats terrible.

Youd better not tell anyone about this first.”

“Otherwise, youll be in danger if you meet a greedy bad person.

Although it wont be life-threatening, it might be worse than losing your life.”

“Even if its the Alliance, youd better not tell them.

Not everybody there are good people.”


Lin Ye didnt deliberately guide Bai Zhi to hide her talent from the Alliance so that he could have her talent all to himself.

Instead, he was genuinely thinking for her.

After all … Although Lin Yes “explosive invincibility damage output” couldnt be shared, he could use it on anyone by forming a party, allowing them to experience the thrill of beating up a secret dungeon boss with a flying brick.

This would make Lin Ye highly valued by the entire Alliance.

Aside from a few jealous dogs, most people would take the initiative to befriend Lin Ye and help him deal with troublesome characters like “Huang Shaofeng”, subconsciously, they will become his allies.

So, Lin Ye could generously show part of the value of his awakened talent to the Alliance.

He didnt want to hide everything from them and wait until he was invincible before jumping out and shocking everyone…

However, this little loli was different.

The first three people had already used her awakened talent, but she could not use it on the fourth person.

It was equivalent to a highly precious and scarce resource.

First come, first served.

This would cause everyone to fight over her, trying to find a way to take her into their pocket and make her their exclusive buff generator.

There were even more.

He might even imprison her in an invisible dungeon to hide her talent and prevent others from snatching it away.

He would deprive her of her freedom and future and make her his exclusive property…

Especially the Professional Alliance, which seemed to be a large-scale benign organization spread worldwide to lead humans to fight against the dark wave.

However, there were many factions and complicated relationships among them.

People from various countries and organizations were interspersed among them.

They would fight openly and secretly from time to time, even resorting to assassinations and backstabbing.

They would fight each other for the little lolis God-tier talent.

There might even be a war over this.

So, the little loli wanted to continue living a stable life.

The best way was to hide his awakened talent and wait until he was strong enough and had enough power to speak.

Then, he would see if he should announce it to the world.

The other option was to find the strongest professionals and organizations in the world and choose to join their camp.

While providing their value, they would also receive their protection.

But the premise was …

The other partys thinking and stance must be highly unified.

It couldnt be like the professional alliance, where all the forces were fighting in the dark and chaos.


There was no such organization in the world.

There was also no God-level professional who could fight against the entire world by himself.

So, the second method wasnt realistic.

Bai Zhi could only choose the first method, which was to protect herself as much as possible…


“Im not going to tell anyone about this talent”

Lin Ye nodded thoughtfully and said, “Yes.

To be honest, you shouldnt have told me about this either,”

“If I were a bad guy, I would have my eyes on you by now,”

Bai Zhi said weakly, “But I feel like youre a good person, Lin Ye…”

“You sold me this equipment cheaply, reminded me to log out of my account, and told me to be careful…”

“Dont judge a person by their appearance.

Maybe Im just pretending to be a good person” Lin Ye said helplessly.

“Even if you are not pretending, with the value of your awakened talent, it is very likely to draw out the ugly side of human nature and make those so-called good people attack you!”

“Anyway… Be careful in the future.”

“When you are strong enough, or when you find a strong friend you can trust and who can protect you, you can consider telling them about this.”

Bai Zhis big watery eyes flashed.

“Then, can I trust you, boss Lin Ye”

“Sure,” Lin Ye said decisively, “Have you found your team for the college entrance examination”

“If you dont, I hope you can join my team.

Ill form a team to enter the college entrance examination instance together.”

Bai Zhi was stunned.


“The others all think my fire great swordsman Class is useless, so no one teamed up with me …”


Its true.” Lin Ye nodded, “But Ill tell you the truth first.”

“I let you join the party because I want to use your innate ability, but not for free … I will give you all the equipment you can use, and you will get 30% of the proceeds from the other equipment sold.

I will also help you get all the free attribute points that all great sword classes can theoretically get before level 10!”

“And the results of the college entrance examination.”

“As long as you listen to my command, I can guarantee that you will get the highest team cooperation points and the highest awareness and tactical points.”

“However, the most important part of the college entrance examination is the individual performance score.

You have to rely on your strength.”

“I cant help you.”

At this moment, Bai Zhi felt like she was in a dream.

She didnt expect Lin Ye to not only be willing to bring her along but also give her such generous conditions!

Could it be that my awakened talent is really that powerful

She subconsciously nodded and said,”


“I promise Ill listen to you, boss Lin Ye!”

After a pause, Bai Zhi carefully asked, “But …”

“Boss… I still have something to do at home…”

“Can I leave for a while… Ill be back soon…”

Lin Ye waved his hand.

“You can go.

Its okay.

I also plan to discuss the college entrance examination with you tomorrow.

Ill also introduce you to the second teammate of our team.

Ill contact you again tomorrow.”

Hearing this, Bai Zhi revealed a cute smile.

Her initially shy tone gradually became generous,

“Yeah, thank you, Boss Lin Ye.

Ill be leaving now!”


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