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Chapter 2: Entering Instance Dungeon

After awakening your talent and choosing your class, the next step was the beginners challenge that all classes had to go through.

All Lin Ye had to do was just walk through the dark tunnel, and only then will he be able to enter Instance Dungeon.

However, he was not in a hurry.

So instead, he called out his interface and carefully looked at the data on it.

[Name: Lin Ye (the name other people will call you by)]

[Level: lv1 (Ant)]

[Class: Priest (Holy Class – Save the dying and heal the wounded)]

[Health Points: 100 (Below 80%, enter injured state, all attributes decrease slightly; below 30%, enter seriously injured state, all attributes decrease slightly; below 5%, enter near-death state, all attributes decrease significantly, die after falling to 0)]

[MP: 100 (Energy required to cast the skill)]

[Talent: Universe Reversal (Awakened Talent)]

[Attributes: Strength 4, Constitution 4, Intelligence 5, Spirit 5, Agility 4]

[Skills: Healing Spell, Clarity Spell]

[Healing Spell: Cast on a single unit to summon life energy and recover 50 health points.

Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Consumes 10 MP]

[Clarity Spell: Cast on a single unit.

Summons the Elemental Elf and recovers 30 MP.

Cooldown time: 12 seconds.

Does not consume MP]

The skills he gained from choosing the Priest Class were very common to the class.

However, if he activated his talent and changed them, he would gain something completely new.

[Heal Spell (Reversed): Cast on a single unit to strip the targets life force and reduce 50 HP.

Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Consumes 9 MP]

After the conversion, his healing skill became a health reduction skill.

The deduction value and the cooldown time did not change; it was still 50 HP and 5 seconds, respectively.

However, the consumption of mana was affected by the newly acquired strength.

From 10 to 9 points.

Furthermore… Since the skills description did not state anything about damaging the other player, this skill was not seen as an attack move, meaning it could penetrate any defense or armor!

This is precisely what the Priest Class is most useful for!

[Clarity Spell (Reversed): Cast on a single unit.

Summons a fallen elemental elf and reduces the targets mana by 30 points.

Cooldown time: 12 seconds.

Does not consume MP]

After being reversed, what once was used for recovering MP, is now a skill used to reduce his targets MP.

But other than that, none of the values changed.

Even though this skill is not all that useful compared to the original at first glance, when faced with some tanked MP monsters, he would be able to deplete the enemys casting energy, disabling them from using their main skills.

It was still pretty good.

After Lin Ye reread the skill descriptions and did some calculations in his head, he had a better understanding of his abilities.

To summarize, he could deal 50 actual damage every 5 seconds.

Without considering the defense attribute, the damage was slightly lower than a Mages initial skill, fireball.

However, if he took the enemys magic resistance into account, he could reduce a certain amount of magic damage they would inflict on him, which would be a little higher than what the average Mage could do.

Also, Lin Ye has the freedom to change back to his healing whenever he needed.

He could resist, hit, and heal.

With the help of his clarity spell, he could ensure that he had a constant supply of mana.

The reversal talent doesnt change any skill damage but gives him the strength to defend himself in return.

It could be said that Lin Yes combat power as a priest far exceeded that of a level 1 Mage and any other class.

When he levels up, the priests HP and recovery will increase to ensure the survival needs of teammates in high-pressure environments.

And by then, Lin Yes damage output would increase by another fold!

Unless there is another class with the same insane talent, Lin Ye would be incomparable to any other players in the game.

Not to mention, those random buffs he would gain could also be reversed into curses with debuffs.

This was another huge gap.


Im convinced that Universe Reversal talent is a God-tier talent

, He thought in awe.

Lin Ye closed the interface in front of him, then ran towards the entrance of the Beginners Dungeon at the end of the darkness.

His eyes were filled with unparalleled confidence.

A whole new world filled with the unknown!

And Im ready!

[Prompt: You have entered Beginners Dungeon “Forest of Wolves”!]

[Dungeon Secret Land: Wolfs Forest]

[Level: Level 1~3]

[Difficulty: Easy]

[Description: A pack of bloodthirsty wolves lives in this forest.

These creatures are infamous for their sharp claws and teeth… Remember! Dont ever let yourself be surrounded by them! (Because even God would not be able to save you!)]

For a Beginners Dungeon… clearing the Forest of Wolves should be very simple.

All he had to do was to follow the road signs and kill any wolves that blocked his path.

There was even a healing pond that could restore their health!

He guesses that whoever designed this dungeon was afraid someone would die in such a low-level arena.

However, if someone purposely sought death by luring the wild wolves together or going deep into the forest instead of following the path… Well… There were no more words to say other than “Im sorry.”

Even if their recently awakened talent were far superior to any other level one monsters out there, these wolves had both number and location to their advantage, and they will kill you without mercy.

Furthermore… The deaths in Instance Dungeon are real.

It isnt like in the games in his previous world where one could be reborn after death and the system would send encouraging words likeHero, keep up the good work!.

So, for the newcomers safety sake, they were given clear instructions, A.K.A the signs, on completing the Beginners Dungeon.

The dungeon itself also gives a reward to those who have passed its challenges.

They would never risk peoples lives to explore the secrets of this Dungeon.

And besides, there will be more opportunities in the future to explore the many high-level Instance Dungeons out in the world, so there are no losses there.

Plus, the reward for completing a Beginners Dungeon is very poor.

Why take this risk

Its not worth it.

However, for Lin Ye, who was lucky enough to have awakened a powerful talent…

The temptations of being the first person ever to explore the beginners dungeon and getting even stronger in a place no one expected a newbie would do were egging him on.

Even in the easiest Beginners Dungeon, one had to explore deeply, dig out the special areas hidden in it, and defeat the powerful hidden Boss.

Although the final reward was somewhat random, who could say there arent any rare rewards Maybe he would be lucky enough to find the rarest attribute points

Moreover, each person could only challenge this unique Instance Dungeon once.

If I dont get all the rewards this time….

‘ He wouldnt have the chance to do so in the future.

It was equivalent to losing a chance to obtain attribute points forever.

Its worse than failing to become a fighter because you didnt even have the chance to become a fighter…

I want to give it at least a try


Lin Ye entered Instance Dungeon.

He first takes in his surroundings and finds that right below a crooked old tree in the distance, there was a black wild wolf half-squatting on the ground, constantly licking its claws.

It was obvious.

This unfortunate monster unknowingly became his lab rat to test his newly acquired skills.

The first road sign was a little further behind the unsuspecting wolf, followed by a winding muddy path.

If he wanted to clear the game easily, all he needed to do was be a good boy and follow the path to the exit.

However, if they wanted to find the special areas and hidden bosses in the dungeon, he had to go deep into the forest and explore slowly.

Should I play it safe or take the risk

‘ Lin Ye thought.

Though it didnt take him long to make the decision.

“Explore it is.

To the left side then!~”

Lin Ye ignored the silly-looking wolf and dived head first into the lush green forest on the left side of the path.

He quickly encountered three level 1 wild wolves wandering in the forest.

He then saw their panel information.

[Name: Wolf]

[Level: 1]

[Qualification: Bronze ★]

[Skills: Bite, Bleed, Howl…]

[Description: A pack creature who likes to wander in the forest.

They like to fight in groups, their attacks have a bleeding effect, and they can deal continuous damage]


Seeing that someone had intruded into their territory, the wild wolves were decisive enough to open their bloody mouths and let out their iconic wolf howls, warning their companions that there was an enemy nearby.

Without further delay, they rushed together and bit Lin Yes arm.

Lin Ye raised his right hand without fear.

“Universe Reversal activate!”

“Reverse… Healing Spell!”

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