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198 This is a Trial (II)

Not to mention, it also had several new displacement skills.

Even if Lin Ye dodged the initial “Moonlight Rush”, it could use its high-level Professional skills to quickly change its flight path and stick close to Lin Ye again to attack and suppress him.

For example, Huang Shaofeng had once used the Charge skill.

He used the second displacement skill, reverse charge, to offset the inertia of the first displacement skill.

Then, he quickly released the third displacement skill, immediately designated a direction, and quickly rushed to the enemy, achieving a z-shake effect.


This was what a difficult Boss battle was like!

What would make the Ancient King of Iron

Crawl for this Lord!

With the high-end technique of using charge to change directions, the Knight of Smokes movement speed was extremely fast, and it arrived at its destination almost at the same time as Lin Ye.

The two stopped in mid-air and stared at each other, but they raised their weapons at the same time and crashed into each other.


It was a high-end sword technique.

He shook his blade!

boxn ovel.


It was a high-end sword technique.

Uninjured block!

It was a high-end sword technique.

Defensive counterattack!

In just a few seconds, the Knight of Smoke used three advanced swordsman skills in a row.

It blocked all of Lin Yes normal attacks without any skill buffs and used a physical disarm, sending Lin Yes Hidden Moon flying into the sky.

Lin Yes Universe Reversal couldnt defend against this skill, so he could only watch as his weapon fell from the sky like a kite with a broken string and landed a few meters away.


He was too strong!

It was just like the Fire Shadow tribulation in Cursemancers Rift that killed Fang Jie with a trace of health!

This kind of crushing in pure skill was more admirable and exciting than the Cao Cong Lun Yin in six God that killed a passing three-piece Teemo.

Its a pity that he has to win today for the sake of the inheritance skill.

The real trial will be left for you to become my summoning card!

Universe Reversal!

Open fire!


Retrieve your weapon!

Time of Silence! Blessing of the Stars! Weak and Powerless! The treatment package!


[Prompt: The Knight of Smoke has been defeated!]

[Prompt: The Cursemancer summoner card you have obtained (1-star Platinum) has been changed to the Knight of Smoke summoner card (1-star Diamond)!]

[Prompt: You have obtained the inheritance skill “Duel Invitation” and obtained a new inheritance power.

It has undergone an incredible change!]

[Duel Invitation (inheritance skill): Unique skill, can not be upgraded.

Only a Hive-like challenger who has been fully recognized by the Knight of Smoke can inherit this skill.]

[Skill Effect (Agreed): Send a duel invitation to a single enemy.

After the other party agrees, pull the other party into theduel space, receive a random blessing, and summon an unknown helper to fight the enemy in turns.

Only the last person alive can leave the duel space.

Others can not see the situation in the Duel Space, nor can they interfere.

If you are killed by an enemy under these conditions, the inheritance skill “Duel Invitation” will be transferred to the other party.

The Knight of Smoke summoning card will also be transferred to the other party.

All items that are bound to the summoning card will be ignored.]

[Blessing: Randomly draw one to three buffs from Hive-likes exclusive buffs, such as accelerated HP recovery, substantial increase in attack power, etc.

Strengthen your combat ability in the duel space until the end of the duel.]

[Helper: Randomly select one to three secret dungeon Bosses (inheritance Bosses included) from all the secret dungeon Bosses.

Let the enemy fight them one-on-one first.

After the challenge is successful, the enemy can come and challenge you.]

[Skill Effect (Reject): A duel invitation is issued to a single enemy.

If the enemy chooses to reject it, they will be affected by a random curse like Hive-like.

It does not include curses like the molten land that can only be effective in special places.

Some area curses with special effects will weaken the ability.]

[Curse • Heart of Fear: Every time I fight with you, all attributes will permanently decrease slightly.]

[Curse • Skill Nullification: Every time the target fights with you, the target will not be able to use any skills, not including equipment abilities.

The curse will be removed after three minutes.]


‘I think…

‘If this was the effect…

He could change the “Duel Invitation” to “No Martial Virtue”!

Blessing and Curse were still acceptable, but summoning three dungeon Boss helpers to participate in a fair 1v1 Deathmatch was too much, right

If the enemys luck is bad and the most random Bosses are all monsters like Master Smoke, I dont even need to do it myself.

I can finish this battle with the help of the invincible Bosses!

Can this even be called a duel


Although this skills effect is very shameless, and doesnt care about martial virtue, since its a skill given to me, it doesnt matter.

It could be used to attack and defend.

It was a great divine skill.

With the two godly skills “Living Summoning” and “Self-Imprisonment”, Lin Ye had made a lot of money from this Hive-like trip.

Even if he didnt want the rest of the equipment and rewards and just returned to the real world, Lin Ye would be able to accept it.

Just as he was thinking, the notification bar in front of him suddenly disappeared and was replaced by a new notification bar.

[Prompt: You have defeated all Hives inheritance Bosses! Collect all eight keys! Summon Primordial Campfire!]

[Prompt: The original Sin Scholar, Andrea, is about to descend!]

[Prompt: Unlocking Hive-likes exclusive skill — Destinys Choice!]

[Choice — Return (1): Reject the original Sin Scholar, Andills, invitation to the primordial challenge.]

[Choice — Fire Transfer (2): Accept the original challenge invitation from original Sin Scholar, Andill.]

[Result of ChoosingReturn: You will immediately receive an SSS-rank score and a Legendary Treasure Chest.

You will definitely receive a legendary-rank reward suitable for your own use and obtain a permanent access Hive-like (You can still enter after you exceed level 15, but you can not challenge again)]

[Result of Choosing “Fire Transfer”: Challenging the original Sin Scholar, Andils creation, primal Hive-like.

By abandoning all external forces and using the most primitive abilities to challenge the most primitive enemy, you will receive a higher level of “Ω” score and the corresponding reward.

Failure will result in a lower rating of “S”!]

Lin Ye was shocked.


‘Theres another dungeon Boss to fight

‘Besides, isnt the original Sin Scholar, Andil Isnt that the guy who opened the door like Hive-like for us

As expected.

The last Big Boss always likes to appear at the front.


A loud bang accompanied it!

A burning bonfire suddenly appeared in front of Lin Ye.

Just like the carving on the door-opening badge he had received before, there was a black longsword stuck in the bonfire, burning in the hot flames.

Then, the flames gradually expanded, like a plant that was growing wildly, and gradually turned into a Burning Tree.

The trees overall shape was very similar to a human.

[Name: Original Sin Scholar Andill]

[Level: ]

[Qualification: ]

[Skill: ]

[Description: ]

“A challenger from another world.”

“You are the first to defeat all the inheritance envoys, gather all the inheritance keys, and summon the Primordial Campfire.”

“The ancient prophetic book has long announced your appearance.

It said that you would appear in the world like a group of stars in the sky, shining with boundless radiance.”

“Then, you will inherit the will of the Lords of Cinder and obtain the supreme power to kill gods.

You will kill those high and mighty existences who claim to be gods.”

“However, as the only guardian of the Lord of Cinder, I, Andil, must personally confirm your identity and ensure that the inheritance of the Lord of Cinder will not fall into the hands of a nobody.”


“Are you willing to accept this extremely cruel Primordial Trial”

“Even if theres a possibility of being devoured by the fire,”

“Facing countless failures,”

“Trapped in an endless cycle of reincarnation”

Lin Ye replied without any hesitation, “Im willing to.”

Then he sighed.

“After working so hard for so long and coming to this point, is there still a possibility of giving up”

Just look at the system notification.

If he couldnt beat this so-called “Original Trial”, it seemed that he could quit halfway.

However, his completion rating would be reduced to S-rank, and he wouldnt be able to get the legendary reward treasure chest.

It was not a dangerous trial.


Its worth it to take a gamble.


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