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197 This is a Trial (I)

[Prompt: Defeated the Ancient King of Iron!]

[Prompt: The Molten Iron Demon summoning card you obtained (1-star Platinum) has been changed to the Ancient King of Iron summoning card (1-star Diamond)!]

[Prompt: You have obtained the inheritance skillRising From the Ashes and obtained a new inheritance power.

An incredible change has occurred!]

[Rising From the Ashes (inheritance skill): Unique skill, can not be leveled up.

Only the Hive-like challengers who have been fully acknowledged by the Molten Iron Demon and the Ancient King of Iron can inherit this skill (can not be affected by Universe Reversal).]

[Skill Effect (1): After activation, the user will consume 3 mana points per second to greatly increase the damage of all fire attribute skills.

The user will be immune to all fire attribute attacks, but at the same time, the user will be more restrained by fire attribute magic elements.

The skill can not be deactivated automatically after activation until the users mana is completely depleted (the duration will be extended if the user drinks potions or refills the users mana)]

[Skill Effect (2): After activating rising from the ashes, it completely removes the negative effect of being more restrained by fire-type magical elements.

At the same time, all fire-type attacks will no longer be restrained by the enemys elements, and will only restrain the enemy (for example, fire can subdue grass, but not water)]


‘Has it evolved into the true Samadhi fire

If he gave it to Su Mumu, a Mage who often played with fire, the effect of this inheritance skill was actually quite good.

boxn ovel.


‘Only the users fire element can restrain themselves, and others water element cant restrain the user.

As long as I put up a fire shield, you wont be able to break a layer of skin even if you pour water on it for half a day.

Unfortunately, even though Lin Ye had the superior Universe Reversal talent, he couldnt learn any fire elemental skills.

The only fire attribute skill he had was the active skill of the pair of Diamond-grade flame shoes, Flame Path.

As an equipment skill, it did not have any talent effect or skill effect.

Even the description did not have the word “skill” but “equipment effect”.


This evolved “Rising from the Ashes” was still a warehouse skill for Lin Ye, so he just had to cast it out of the window.

After that,

Since Lin Ye couldnt find the treasure chest that the Ancient Iron King was guarding, he took out a Hive-like map and followed the directions and markings on it to the area where the last inheritance Boss would reside.

However, the moment he entered the black portal, a strange thought suddenly popped up in his mind.


‘Could the treasure chest be hidden under the lava

‘Do I need to activate the newly acquired inheritance skill and go to the submerged Molten Iron City to look for it while braving the hot red lava

Lin Ye imagined himself taking off his clothes and happily swimming in lava.

‘Forget it…

‘The scene is too “beautiful” to even consider…

‘Ill get back to this thought later in the future…

Soon, five minutes of sitting on fire passed by.

Lin Ye appeared in a dark cave and saw the last inheritance Boss.

[Secret Area: Ancient Cave]

[Monster Level: LV 15]

[Regional Curse: None]

[Revival Point: The center of the cave]

[Name: Knight of Smoke (Spellblade)]

[Level: LV 15]

[Qualification: Diamond ★]

[Skills: Crouching Rising Dragon Slash, Moonlight Stab, Triple Slash, Moonlight Blade Aura, Dark Spell Release, Curse Enchantment, Curse Burst]

[Description: The main body that created the Cursemancers clone.

It has been waiting for the person of destiny to appear and take over the last key in its hand that no one has ever seen.]

‘The Hex Teacher curses main body

‘The Smoke Teacher

‘And the last key that no one had ever seen

‘What is it

Lin Ye didnt think too much about it.

No matter who this Smoke Teacher was or what secrets he had, when the words “enchantment” appeared in his skill bar, it already foreshadowed his fate today.

As long as Lin Ye could defeat it without any injuries and get its recognition and inheritance skills, he would definitely get a reasonable explanation.

Lin Ye raised the famous sword, Hidden Moon, in his hand.

“Smoke Teacher,”

“Please give me your guidance.”

After all, it was the best inheritance Boss with the best skill set among Hive-likes inheritance Bosses.

The summoning card it sent also helped Lin Ye do so many things.

Even if it was a dungeon creature that wouldnt leave any memories after the battle, Lin Ye still wanted to give it face.

He treated it as a living creature from another world and told it what was in his heart.


Lin Yes heartfelt words.

Just like curse master, teacher smoke stared at him without saying a word.

She slowly pulled out the big sword on her back and cast a spell on it to strengthen her general attack.

The difference was…

The weapon on Hex Teachers back was a big sword with a pure black hilt, while the weapon on Smoke Teachers back was a big sword with a light blue hilt.

The blade of the sword emitted a shocking dark blue light, showing its extraordinary nature.

[Moonlight Greatsword: Legendary greatsword weapon.

Bound to the Knight of Smoke.

Not only is it light, but it can also draw upon the power of moonlight, causing each of its attacks to have additional magic damage.]

Moonlight Burst!


Both sides attacked at the same time.

Lin Ye predicted the Knights opening move and used the instant it attacked to dodge this semi-designated dash.

This was the power of intelligence!

However, the Knight of Smoke was several times stronger than the Platinum-grade doppelganger, the Cursemancer, be it in terms of four-dimensional attributes or movement speed.

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