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195 Its Like Raising An Employee Who Poops Every Day (I)

[Secret Area: Crown of the King of Abyss (City of the Holy Wall, Salva)]

[Monster Level: LV 13-15]

[Regional Curse: Random equipment seal (after a certain period of time, the ability effects of the random equipment worn by the challenger will be sealed, including active skills and passive effects.

However, the basic abilities that increase the four attributes will not be affected, and the weapon can still attack the enemy)]

[Resurrection Point: The entrance to the Dragons Den.]

[Name: Sin Dragon (Single Boss Panel)]

[Level: LV 15]

[Qualification: Diamond ★]

[Skills: Poisonous Breath, Dragon Tail, Dragon Claw, Abyssal Miasma, Green Plague]

[Description: A dragon worshiped by the king of the abyss.

It is in a deep sleep all year round and doesnt know that it is being worshiped as a God.

After being woken up by the worship ceremony of humans, it sprayed the green plague that destroyed the entire City of the Holy Wall, Salva, and sank the ancient city into the ground.]

boxn ovel.


Although he didnt know what the Sin Dragons storyline was about, Lin Ye felt despair when he saw this gray dragon that was twice the size of Fire Dragon Stryde and the skill mechanism on its interface.


This thing is even more outrageous than White King

First of all, flying bosses would almost never land on the ground, which meant that you had to have long-range attack skills or control skills that could knock them down from the sky.

Next, it could be used as a permanent normal attack, poisonous mist breath.

When it spewed out a green poisonous mist from its mouth, it could cause a large amount of instant poison damage and also give the enemy the “poison” effect, reducing the resistance to poison damage.

Next, although the first wave of damage from the green plague wasnt high, it was a long-term AoE attack.

No matter how many enemies there were, under the influence of these two high-quality skills, they would all lose HP and fall into a poisoned state.

Finally, there were Green Poison pools that would poison and slow anyone who stepped into them.

There was also a disgusting area curse that randomly sealed the effects of equipment, a special skill that could change the environment, and the abyssal miasma dense fog.

These additional factors had also increased the difficulty of clearing the Sin Dragon without taking any damage.

To be honest, the Sin Dragons skill mechanism was quite simple after thinking about it.

There werent many skills either.

However, it was such a simple set of skills that made it impossible to find a way to attack without getting hurt.

Unless one had an invincible talent like Universe Reversal, or had enough shield-type skills to block the continuous poison attribute attacks.

“Alright,” he said.

“It seems like I can only cheat my way again.”

As he thought about it, Lin Ye pulled out his blade, Hidden Moon.

He started with the standard Time of Silence and combined it with the healing package that dealt explosive damage to wake up the Sin Dragon Boss from its dream.

With a loud dragon roar, a thick green poisonous fog spread out from the underground of the Sin Dragons Lair, which was like a demonic altar.

There was no blind spot, and there was no place to hide.

[Prompt: You have been hit by the skillGreen Plague! Affected by the Universe Reversal talent! The original “poison” effect had been reversed to “great healing”, recovering 300 HP every second! [Poison resistance greatly reduced, but it has been converted to poison resistance greatly increased!]

As expected.

The other party started with an AoE.

If he did not have a shield skill that could block poison magic damage, this gray dragon would end up like White King, giving you a death sentence at the start of the trial.

You would never be able to obtain its approval or inheritance skills again.

Hes just like a rascal.

As he was thinking, the Sin Dragon flapped the wings on its back and flew into the sky.

It spat out green breath at Lin Ye while releasing its Abyssal Miasma skill!

[Prompt: You have been hit by the skillAbyssal Miasma! He was affected by the Universe Reversal talent! The effect of great healing, which was reversed by violent poison, was enhanced! Recover 500 HP per second!]

[Prompt:The surrounding environment has been changed to a miasma land.

The damage of all poison-type abilities has been strengthened, and all poisoned effects have been extended.

All attributes of the poison have been greatly reduced (Level 3)!]


It was a simple environmental skill!

Although it would not cause direct damage, it would strengthen ones poison attribute skills and weaken the enemys poison resistance at the same time.

It would also continuously apply a debuff that greatly reduced all attributes, which could cause more terrifying indirect damage than damage skills.

At such a time.

For ordinary challengers, even if they had dispel skills, they were basically done for.

This is because you have just dispelled the “poison” on your body and will immediately inhale the new Abyssal Miasma and enter the “poisoned” state again.

All your attributes will be greatly reduced.

There was no way to get rid of the dirt on his body.

In order to deal with such an environment skill, one had to use the same environment skill to turn the entire field into their home field.

For example, White Kings absolute zero skill could turn the field into a world of ice and snow.

It was also a high-quality purification skill that specialized in purifying the environment.

Anyway, Lin Yes Aqua Tide wasnt good enough to deal with the “Abyssal Miasma”, so he could only rely on the invincible talent to take the disgusting effect of this environmental skill.

As for the specific process of the strategy, there was actually nothing much to say.

If he didnt activate his Universe Reversal, he would be in hell mode.

Not only would he not be able to remain unharmed throughout the entire process, but he would also have to be very detailed.

He would have to dodge skills while healing himself and finding ways to counterattack the Sin Dragons skills.


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