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194 “Self-Imprisonment” After Upgrade: Summon The Legion of Loyes Knights (II)

What was this

Inheritance skill upgrade

‘Uh… if I didnt beat up the Forgotten Sinner and crush the White King, what kind of effect would the inheritance skill give me

‘What would happen if he had a single White King summoning card instead

‘Will my strength be weakened

‘I have to gain the recognition of the Forgotten Sinner in order to become the complete Diamond-grade White King, just like the Hex Teachers summoning card

In this regard…

Lin Ye didnt think too much about it.

He focused all his attention on the upgraded Self-Imprisonment.

It seemed that the inheritance skills “boring mode” had not changed much, but the “pay-to-win mode” after the restriction was removed had received a significant improvement.

boxn ovel.


The most powerful effect of holding it in for ten days was that not only would Lin Ye get a 100% increase in all his abilities, but the White King, which could only last for an hour, would also last for 24 hours, allowing him to fight continuously for a day and a night.

At the same time…

With the White Kings appearance, 10 unmovable and indestructible Gates of Hell will appear.

Then, every five minutes, each Hells Gate would summon a “Burning Knight of Loyes”, which would form an intelligent army composed of two Bosses.

They would listen to the White Kings call and wipe out all the enemies for it.

The key was…

As long as these Knights of Loyes did not die, they could continue to exist without a specific limit.

When the Gates of Hell appeared for 24 hours and disappeared from the real world, they would be granted an additional 5 minutes before disappearing.

In other words, as long as Lin Ye was free enough, he could deliberately hold back for ten days and summon ten Gates of Hell, getting a total of 24×60÷5×10 =2,880 Knights of Loyes.

Then, he would order these 5-star Platinum double-panel Bosses to do whatever he wanted to do, such as robbing a bank and clearing his relationship with the Knights of Loyes.

This would create a perfect alibi for him.

‘Wait a minute…

‘This thought was not interesting.

‘Im more curious about one thing.

‘Could the inheritance skill living summon be used on Gates of Hell and bind these points that could summon a Boss minion every five minutes into a permanent military camp

‘However, the description of the Living Summoning skill was very clear.

‘It is only effective on the summoned creatures.

‘And this Gates of Hell seemed to have been summoned by the White King, not me.

‘Also, strictly speaking, its not a summoned creature, but a summoned creature summons, so its likely that it cant be bound to me.

‘Even if it could be bound, the permanent existence effect of the enlivened summoning might only be effective on the gate of hell and not on the Knights of Loyes.

They might not be able to accumulate into a permanent army.


No matter what.

This idea was worth a try.

Although it was good to fly around on the mighty Fire Dragon, it seemed to be more strategic to obtain a military camp that could permanently summon the Bosss minions.

Other than that.

Lin Ye suddenly had another thought.

Since the Knights of Loyes summoned by Gates of Hell were summoned creatures, and there was no specific limit to the summoning, could he produce and sell them himself and feed them to the sword, Hidden Moon, as dog food

It was…

He would first hold back for ten days, summon ten Gates of Hell, and then use Hidden Moon blade to block the entrance, killing all the Knights of Loyes who came out.

It was just like when he had attacked the group of dark wave creatures that had attacked the college entrance examination venue.

He had transformed them all into remnant souls that could upgrade the quality of the sword.

Although it sounded a little cruel…

However, this was indeed a way to quickly increase the quality of Hidden Moon.

The Platinum-level double-faced creatures in reality were not like the Platinum-level secret dungeon Bosses in the secret dungeon.

If you wanted them to come out and be killed, they would jump out and be killed by you.

Even a summoning card that could summon ordinary creatures was not something ordinary people could obtain, let alone a double-panel Boss summoning creature with even more powerful soul power.

To be honest,

If it werent for the fact that all summoned creatures killed by weapon would die permanently, they would never be able to make an appearance again, just like the level 20 Executioner summoned by the Church of Healing.

Lin Ye had long wanted to use the moonblade to kill the Cursemancer.

On normal days, he would not encounter any Abyssal Demons or dark wave creatures.

It was also not so easy for a Priests gold-grade weapon to drop.

Since the dark wave invasion incident during the college entrance examination, the quality of the sword, Hidden Moon, had been stuck at the low-level Gold grade without any changes or upgrades.

Because of this, Lin Ye had been struggling.

He couldnt continue to improve the swords quality during the summer break.

He had to wait until he went to university to get enough gold dog food.

In the end, their savior, the Gate of hell, arrived.


This was just an idea that Lin Ye came up with on the spot.

Would he be able to convert thesefriendly summoned creatures into the soul energy needed for the Hidden Moon blade Would it affect the strength of the Gates of Hell in the future Would it cause the number of Knights of Loyes summoned in the future to decrease until not a single Knight of Loyes could be summoned

He still needed to conduct specific experiments and tests.

It was much faster than killing the chicken to get the eggs.

What Lin Ye wanted was a long-term plan so that the Knights of Loyes summoned by Gates of Hell could use their numbers and gang-up advantage to destroy all the enemies in front of them on the battlefield and in dungeons.

Lin Ye wasnt in a hurry to test the feasibility of the two “wonderful ideas” in his mind.

He decided to kill the remaining three Bosses first.

Then, he would slowly carry out the experiment.

Otherwise, if the “Living Summon” skill given by the big spider were the same as “Self-Imprisonment” and had new upgrading effects and mechanisms, it would be troublesome.


Before that.

Opening treasure chests was the way to go.

Lin Ye opened the treasure chest that White King was guarding with anticipation.

‘With such an invincible inheritance Boss guarding the treasure chest, even if it was a dog food item, it should at least be Diamond-grade dog food, right

He thought.

A white light flashed.

His blood pressure rose.

A trashy Platinum-grade dog food.


‘A standard ending.

‘It seems that my luck today is over.


Perhaps this was the normal drop rate.

At that time, it wasnt that little Mumus luck was a little too bleak, but he had the blessing of Lady Luck, so he could always get useful things, but she could only get low-quality dog food equipment.

After much reflecting, Lin Ye began his journey to the area where the fifth inheritance Boss was.

Not long after he left, a dazzling flame suddenly appeared on the ground where the scorched White King was killed.

It then transformed into a giant tree that looked like a human.

Its leaves were burning with flames and it spoke human language.

It looked extremely strange.


“What an interesting challenger.”

“Im looking forward to our battle,”

“The moment you gathered the eight keys and met me…”

Soon, Lin Ye followed the map and returned to the underground tunnel in Pyroxene Town.

He found the second secret tunnel that was hidden right under the Dukes pet, the double-headed Spider, after killing it.

If Lin Yes guess was right…

The sixth inheritance Boss behind the secret passage was the superior substitute of Dukes Fredia.

After he killed the other party without any injuries, he would replace the original Dukes Fredia summoning card and upgrade the effect of his inheritance skill, animated summoning, just like how he had just killed the burnt White King.

As for the remaining two inheritance Bosses, one of them was the Molten Iron Demons superior replacement, while the other was the Cursemancers superior replacement.

For the same reason.

Inheritance skills [Duel Invitation] and [Rising from the Ashes], could also have their new “updated version”.


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