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193 “Self-Imprisonment” After Upgrade: Summon The Legion of Loyes Knights (I)

“My name is White King, and I guard the gate of hell.

Dont you filthy things dare be so arrogant!”

Absolute zero!


[Prompt: You have been hit by theAbsolute Zero skill! Affected by the Universe Reversal! Your HP has increased by 2,192 points! You have dispelled a Freezing effect! Your movement speed is greatly increased! Your attack speed has been greatly increased! Your resistance to ice elemental damage has increased!]

[Prompt: The surrounding environment has changed to a World of Ice and Snow.

The temperature has dropped.

All ice element abilities have been strengthened.

All non-ice element abilities have been weakened!]

‘Good guy

‘A full-screen AoE that is impossible to dodge

If he didnt have an invincibility skill and couldnt choose a skill, the shield skill would be equivalent to a death sentence of “you cant get my approval” right from the start.

Before Lin Ye could think further, White King suddenly appeared in front of him as if he had teleported.

He grabbed Lin Yes collar with one hand and held the frost-covered kings sword with the other hand.

He then slashed at Lin Yes head.

Ice swords normal attack!

[ 1,140 HP!]

boxn ovel.


And thenp—!

[Ice Pillar!]

[Frozen Flower!]

There were two magic skills.

The first was to summon a sharp stone pillar of ice from the ground and pierce through the enemys body from bottom to top.

The latter would summon countless frozen flowers on the enemys body to slow down the enemys movement speed.

Then, like a C4 bomb, it would rely on the impact of the instantaneous explosion to tear the enemys body apart.

Although their casting range was small, and they could only attack a single person, their single-target damage was terrifying.

The former healed Lin Ye by 4,723 HP, while the latter healed him by 5,410 HP.

Additionally, the target would be inflicted with the “frostbite” effect-all subsequent ice-type damage would be increased by 30%.

This could be stacked with the environmental element of absolute zero for a total of 60% ice-type damage.

Combined with White Kings remaining ice element damage skills, it could deal at least 20,000 damage to a single target.


A normal challenger.

At this time, they had basically received their lunch boxes.

They couldnt see White Kings remaining ice elemental skills at all.

He also could not see the second form that White King had obtained after being contaminated by Hellfire, the scorching swordsman who could control Hellfire.


Summons the power of Hellfire to cover ones own weapons and equipment, changing all of ones normal attacks into fire-type skills.

Under the influence of Hellfire, one can not be countered by elemental skills below Diamond-grade.

The Burning of Hell.

Summons a blazing flame on the ground, burning a designated group within a hundred meters of the user, reducing the fire resistance of all targets and applying a “burn” status that continuously reduces HP.

The Song of Ice and Fire.

Summons ice and fire elemental power at the same time to form a freezing storm and a flaming storm.

Continuously deals AoE damage to designated targets within a certain range and continuously deals damage amplification from melting flow.

It didnt matter if it was a one-on-one ability, a group ability, chasing agile enemies, or bullying dumb enemies.

White King was the upper-level substitute for the Cursemancer.

Its only weakness was that it could only deal with ice and fire magic damage.

It would cause a little damage to enemies with high magic resistance, especially those with high fire and ice resistance.

However, with the double-panel bonus of Diamond-grade, it could still cause considerable magic damage and beat up most of the level 15 creatures of the same level.

Even if Lin Ye took two more Ancient Dragon necklaces to increase his fire and ice resistance and activated the inheritance skill “Born from the Fire” that ignored fire damage, he would still be able to survive.

If Lin Ye didnt use his Universe Reversal talent, he wouldnt be able to last more than 20 seconds against White King before he was killed by a set of gorgeous ice magic and ice sword techniques.


There were noifs in this world.

No matter how high White Kings stats were, how strong his skill mechanisms were, and how fast he was, it couldnt change the fact that Univer Reversal had always been his father.

“Im sorry!”

“Ill accept the inheritance skill!”

“White King… Hope you rest in peace!”

It was a reversal.

The treatment package!


[Prompt: You have defeated the anxious White King!]

[Prompt: The Forgotten Sinner summoning card you have obtained has been changed to the anxious White King summoning card!]

[Prompt: You have acquired the inheritance skillself-imprisonment and gained a new inheritance power.

An incredible change has occurred!]

[Self-Imprisonment (inheritance skill): Unique skill, can not be leveled up.

Only Hive-like challengers acknowledged by both the Forgotten Sinner and the White King can inherit this skill from them (can not be affected by the reverse universe).]

[Skill Effect (1): After use, invisible void chains are summoned to imprison your body, reducing all your ability points by 50%.

You will start to accumulate fighting spirit, increasing 10 points of fighting spirit every day (24 hours), up to a maximum of 100 points.

During this period, you canuntie the chains at any time and instantly recover your full strength.

Each point of fighting spirit will increase an additional 1% of all ability points for an entire day (24 hours).]

[Skill Effect (2): During the imprisonment period, charge the “White King” summoning card once a day, up to a maximum of ten times.

After “the chains are released”, every charge will be accompanied by the appearance of the “White King”, summoning a Hells Gate.

[Hells Gate will continuously summon the powerfulBurning Knights of Loyes.

The more gates there are, the more Knights of Loyes will be summoned.

One wave every five minutes, no limit.]

[Hells Gate is indestructible (certain conditions are required), lasts for one whole day (24 hours).

The duration of the White Kings summoning has also been changed to one whole day (24 hours).]


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