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192 Inheritance Skill “Rising From The Ashes” and The Diamond grade Inheritance Boss (II)

[Dyeing Fire: Passive skill.

After entering combat state, all normal attacks will become fire attribute skills.

The calculation method will be changed to skill damage.

The effect can not be canceled.]


This was already the fourth inheritance Boss.

Basically, he could be sure that the inheritance Bosses in Hive were the same as the group of angels in the Holy Kingdom.

Their normal attacks relied on special passive skills to transform into skill mechanisms.

Fighting them by himself was like a father fighting his son.

He didnt need to use his brain at all to activate Universe Reversal talent.


‘I dont know…

‘Is this an exception

‘Could it be that every ultimate creature related to omega grade, as well as the inheritance Bosses of large-scale dungeons, had this ability mechanism

‘In order to pursue the ultimate output ability, the powerhouses from advanced civilizations would learn similar advanced passive skills and turn their ordinary attacks into skill mechanisms.

While he was thinking, the Molten Iron Demon swung the flaming greatsword toward Lin Yes head.

As usual, he would practice his positioning first.

If he couldnt avoid it, he would practice the best timing to use flash.

If he couldnt avoid it, then he would use his golden finger.

boxn ovel.


After that…

After some testing, Lin Ye roughly understood the Molten Iron Demons skill mechanics and figured out the normal way to defeat it without getting hurt.

This guy was the same as the Forgotten Sinner.

He was a Claymore Class with relatively slow movement speed.

He did not have the insane movement speed like the Hex Teacher, and his attack speed was not as fast as the Forgotten Sinner.

But the swaying of his back and forth when he cast a skill was very deadly.

It had a wide-range AoE fire damage skill, as well as a short-distance movement skill.

Coupled with the narrow space from the Altar of Fire, the challenger had almost no chance to move or kite the Boss.


If he wanted to defeat this thing without any injuries…

You must learn a shield-type skill that can block damage from the enemy.

It would be best to have an all-rounded shield that could block any damage.

If there was really no one, a magic shield that could block all magic damage, or a fire shield that could block fire elemental damage alone, would be good.

After all, this guys attack speed wasnt high, and those regular physical big sword skills basically couldnt hit anyone.

The real problem was the AoE skills such as Skyfire Summoning that could flood half the room in flames.

Using the fire shield to block the most troublesome AoE skills, and then showing off a little bit of movement and positioning, as long as he didnt take too much damage or make a fatal mistake, it would be much easier to kill it without getting hurt.

It was much easier than the Dukes Fredia.

‘If I cant learn any shield-type skills…


That would be troublesome.

In addition to having a movement skill to avoid the large area of fire attack, one also needed to rely on luck to avoid being continuously attacked by the AoE attack.

Only then could one pass the stage without being injured.

It was like the three apostles in the abyss.

Without the support of old Zhongs rock shield, they would be hit in the face by all kinds of AoE attacks and die without even knowing how they died.


There was also the Regional Curse, “Molten Land”.

It was also a troublesome thing.

Although the lava that occasionally emerged from the floor would not be counted as a hit from the Boss in the inheritance trial, it still hurt a lot to be burned by this thing.

The constant loss of HP in the “burn” state was also annoying.

So, if one did not have a skill that could block magic damage, it would be best to kill the normal Boss that affected the areas curse before fighting the Molten Iron Demon.

It would be a huge loss if he didnt die from the Molten Iron Demons attack and ended up dying from the continuous loss of HP due to the burn status.

He had figured out the Molten Iron Demons weakness and fighting style.

Lin Ye didnt hold back.

He quickly applied several standard healing packages on the Boss face.

With his berserker-like melee sword techniques, he quickly eliminated the fiery and oppressive-looking big guy.

[Prompt: Molten Iron Demon has been defeated!]

[Prompt: You have obtained the Molten Iron Demon summoning card!]

[Prompt: You have obtained the inheritance skill “Rising from the Ashes” from the Molten Iron Demon!]

[Rising from the Ashes (inheritance skill): Unique skill, can not be upgraded.

Only the Hive-like Challenger who has been fully recognized by the Molten Iron Demon can inherit this skill (can not be affected by reverse universe)]

[Skill Effect: After activation, mana will be consumed at a rate of 3 points per second, greatly increasing the damage of all fire attribute skills and making you immune to all fire attribute attacks.

At the same time, you will be more restrained by fire attribute magic elements.

After activation, it can only be deactivated once your mana is completely depleted (the duration will be extended if you drink potions or replenish your mana in between)]


‘This inheritance skill…

‘I cant say that its skill effect is trash, but I can say that this thing really doesnt suit me.

When placed in a specific environment, it could greatly increase its own fire attribute damage and also be immune to any fire attribute damage.

It was simply a replica of his talent, beating all fire attribute enemies.

‘But Ive already reversed the situation.

‘Why would I need a mini Universe Reversal that was several times more effective


‘When this inheritance skill was activated, it would continuously drain my mana, and there was no way to turn it off.

Elemental skills that could be countered were even more effective against it…

It could be said that he had a lot of shortcomings.

He probably wouldnt have the chance to use it in the future.


‘It will just be an honest warehouse item.

After thinking about it, Lin Ye swiped his right hand and closed the system bar.

He then focused on the fixed treasure chest that the Molten Iron Demon was guarding.

He was filled with anticipation.

He opened the treasure chest.

A white light flashed…


His blood pressure rose.

A piece of trash dog food.


A standard ending.

He was used to it.

Lin Ye, who had expected this, remained calm.

He broke down the dog food equipment into a forging stone and calmly put it in his bag.

Then, he took out Hive-like map and started looking for the next secret tunnel.


The secret passage to the next inheritance Boss is in the Sinner Tower again

‘Why didnt she mark it in advance

He was puzzled.

Lin Ye used the “Fire Riding” item to fly back to the Sinner Towers resurrection point.

He followed the markings and annotations on the map and found the well-hidden secret passage.

He then followed the teleportation door at the end of the passage and arrived at the area where the fifth Boss was located.

[Realm Area: King Whites Throne]

[Monster Level: LV 13-15]

[Regional Curse: Infinite Gates of Hell (the gates of hell in this region will continuously summon the powerfulBurning Knight of Loyes (LV 15).

Dual-panel, boss-level creature), obey their Great White King, and attack every challenger who comes here)]

[Revival Point: Before the Throne.]

[Name: Burning White King (ice swordsman contaminated by Hellfire)]

[Level: LV 15]

[Qualification: Diamond ★]

[Skills: Sword of Ice, Absolute Zero, Pillar of Ice, Hellfire, Hellburn, Song of Ice and Fire]

[Description: A true king who sacrificed himself to protect his country and the world.

However, Hellfire has swallowed his heart.

Now, he has forgotten his mission and is only left with endless killing.]



‘I knew why the silent witch had placed the method of finding the secret passage at the back of the map.

‘What the f*ck

‘A Diamond-grade double-panel Boss creature

‘And an endless number of Platinum-grade Boss underlings!

‘It doesnt matter if he was strong!

‘Both sides could ganged up on the Challenger!

‘The difficulty of raiding this Boss was several times harder than the previous four inheritance Bosses combined!

‘Can I really pass this Boss without injuries

‘Even if I can go and remove the curse in this area first…

He would make it so that theBurning Knights of Loyes couldnt run out of the gate of hell to beat him up!

However, the Diamond-grade Burning White King was an agile swordsman like the Hex Teacher.

He could also cast Ice and Fire Magic with a large area of effect and had several assault skills.

‘Hes also invincible on top of all that

‘Other than the more invincible Universe Reversal talent, I really cant think of any other way for a Professional stuck at level 15 to defeat this perverted, almost omnipotent thing without getting hurt.

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