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190 Firm On Your Stance (III)

“Ill prepare a gift for Mr.

Lin Ye when the time comes.”

“Ill give you a big gift that will satisfy you.”

After saying that, white Bai Tangs figure suddenly disappeared from the room, leaving behind little Lingdang, who was sitting on the red sofa in the distance with a conflicted expression.

Lin Ye was speechless.


‘What should I do now

‘Was it really for the so-called big gift

‘To convince Lingdang to give up herfreedom and fairness

After thinking for a while, Lin Ye walked to Lingdangs side and sat on the soft sofa.

He turned to her seriously.

“Lingdang, do you have any thoughts about what your brother said”

“I dont know…” Lingdang said with a confused expression.

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“I feel like if I do this, it will be exactly the same as Amperes.

We will fail to the trust of all challengers and put them and their compatriots in deep waters again.

All our efforts to overthrow Amperes rule will be in vain.”

“But if we dont do this…”

“The people of our White Night Kingdom may really be as sad as my brother said.”

“I didnt take the opportunity to improve the countrys strength.”

“Being bullied by others in the future…”

Lin Ye rubbed his chin, “So”

“You dont want to exploit the other challengers like Ampere”

“But you also think that your brothers way of doing things is better for your country”

Lingdang lowered her head in silence.


“He deliberately arranged for me to join the Qing Cult and secretly helped me to get the support of the members to become the new leader.

My brother told me all of these things suddenly today.

He didnt let me think about it in advance at all.”

“I dont know what to do anymore….”

“In this case…” Lin Ye began, “That depends on your own thoughts.”

“Do you think its better to help Hive and the other challengers from the other world or to help the people of your own country”

Upon hearing that, Lingdang raised her head and glanced at Lin Ye.

Her voice turned soft when she asked, “If I choose the latter, will you think Im selfish”

Lin Ye shook his head and said, “I dont”

“If I were you, I would choose the latter.”

“As a person, you must be firm in your position and clearly distinguish what is most important to you.

Then, at all costs, you must do your best to protect those important things.”

“To me, the most important thing to me is the people around me.

In order to protect them, even if its a God, Ill kill them, not to mention using hegemony to rule a Hive-like instance dungeon.”

Lingdangs sapphire-like eyes were wide open.

“So… You want me to listen to my brothers advice”

Lin Ye shook his head again.

“No,” he told her.

“As Ive said.”

“That depends on your own thoughts.”

“If you think that these teammates of the Qing Cults Holy Church and those challengers who have been exploited are more important to you,”

“Then dont hesitate.

Reject your brothers proposal and lead all the members of the Qing Cult to destroy the remaining members of the Blood Kin and completely destroy this oath organization.”

“If you think your country is more important.”

“Then listen to your brothers arrangement and learn the half-Wolf Amperes ruling method.

Turn the entire city of honey into the private territory of your White Night Kingdom and rely on the continuous entry of new challengers to obtain a large number of Bloodsoul resources.”

“… The most important thing in this world is always yourself.”


“You have to learn to listen to your heart, choose your own stand, and be firm in your stand.”

“Dont be hindered by anyone.”

Lin Ye looked at little Lingdangs beautiful blue eyes.

“No matter what you choose, as your friend, I will support your actions and not run over to support your brother.”

“This is the position Ive chosen.”

“It has nothing to do with others.”

Lingdang went quiet.

After a long silence, Lingdang suddenly reached out her white and slender hands and hugged Lin Yes waist.

She nimbly pounced on Lin Ye and suddenly kissed him.

However, Lin Ye blocked it with his left hand.

Lingdang asked in confusion, “Why”

“Am I not pretty enough”

“Or do you not like the looks of us cat-eared girls”

Lin Ye shook his head, “No, I actually quite like your looks and appearance.

Ive also fantasized about some strange scenes…”

“But I already have someone I like.”

“If I do this,”

“That little fool will not be happy.”

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