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Chapter 19: The Little Loli With God-Tier Talent

Lin Ye looked over to see a 1.5-meter tall, flat-chested little loli.

She looked a little shy and was constantly trying to avoid making eye contact.

The tone of her voice and image was completely different from the good brother he imagined from the muscular man on her profile picture.

Is this… Really the same person

And not only that! Are you sure you want to play with the big sword with your small body

Arent you afraid of being crushed by it

He thought.

Lin Ye couldnt help but clear his throat, “… Yeah, its me.

This is the Hunting Greatswords attributes.

Please confirm your goods,”

As he spoke, Lin Ye took out the weapon from his inventory and placed it in front of Bai Zhi.

He also shared with her its attributes.

Bai Zhi took the hunting sword, which was as tall as her, and casually waved it in the air.

It seemed like the strength attribute she had wasnt low.




With that strength….

Shes definitely his good “brother”

“Umm…” The small girl began hesitantly.

“I dont think theres anything wrong with this… But…”

“Lin Ye boss… Can I really take this sword away for only 25,000… I saw other silver equipment sold for more than 40,000 to 50,000 Yuan…”

“Im selling it according to the market price.

The standard low-level silver equipment is around 20,000 to 30,000.” Lin Ye slowly explained, “As for what youve said, its either that there are too many students competing for it, and the price has gone up, or the seller is deliberately raising the price to trick some students who are not interested in the market.”

Bai Zhi came to a sudden realization, “Ah, thats how it is… Thank you…”

She took out her phone from her pocket and wanted to transfer the money to Lin Ye, but she suddenly remembered that her phone was out of battery and couldnt open the payment app.

Bai Zhi was silent with embarrassment.

And Lin Ye couldnt say anything about the absurd situation either.

So you rushed over here because you felt lonely

Tsk! Why is this little loli cute

However, even though she was cute, business is still business.

Since the money had not been paid, I could not give her the goods.

Lin Ye asked for the Hunting Greatsword.

So he said, “Did you bring your charger If you bring it, you can charge it here.

Otherwise, you can only go to the store outside the school.”

Bai Zhi lowered her head, blushing, “I forgot to bring it …”

Suddenly, she raised her head and looked at Lin Ye with big, watery eyes.

“Um… Can I use your phone, Lin Ye Ill log into my account and transfer the money to you… Itll take too much time to go to the store outside the school.”

Lin Ye hesitated for a moment, “Oh… uh… Thats fine.”

He took out his phone, logged in, deleted all his account information, and handed it to Bai Zhi.

Then, he stood beside her and watched her every move with a condescending gaze.

After all, she was still a stranger, and he didnt know anything about her.

Lin Ye didnt dare to be affected by her cute loli appearance and easily pushed down shy personality, so he boldly let her use his phone as she pleased.

However… As time passed by, Lin Ye was obviously overthinking.

This little loli didnt have any bad intentions.

It was as if she had forgotten that her phone was out of battery.

She didnt delete her account and just returned her phone to Lin Ye.

Lin Ye was speechless.

Now it just made me feel silly,

“Hey, you havent logged out from your account.” He reminded the girl, “Arent you afraid Ill use it for no good reason”

Bai Zhi looked stunned, “Huh”

She suddenly reacted and quickly lowered her head.

She blushed and took Lin Yes phone, “Ah, Im sorry, I forgot…”

She took his phone once more and tapped a few buttons.

“Alright… Ive logged out and already deleted the information…”

“Boss Lin Ye, hurry and check if the money is in your account …”

Lin Ye logged into his account and confirmed, “Yeah, I got it.

Transaction complete, and now youre this Hunting Greatswords new owner.”

Now he had successfully sold the large weapon and earned 25,000 for free.

Lin Ye felt good about it, so he opened his QQ side account to see if any new forum Alumni came to buy a walkthrough from him.

But the little presence by his side didnt make any move to leave.

“Whats wrong Is there anything else you need” Lin asked into the awkward air.

Bai Zhi had already put away her hunting sword, but her actions were the same as when she first came over.

She lowered her head shyly, her hands behind her back, and said in a tiny voice, “I… I want to thank you, Lin Ye… You sold the Hunting Greatsword to me at such a low price… I thought it would be expensive…”

Lin Ye casually waved his hand, “No need.

Instead of thanking me, next time, you could help me promote my walkthroughs.

It would be more convenient.

Or you can even buy some of my walkthroughs yourself next time,”

However, Bai Zhi didnt listen to him.

Instead, she raised her slender right hand, aimed at Lin Yes head, and used her awakened innate ability.

[Prompt: Unknown power has been applied to you, and you have received a special buff, “Lady Lucks Gaze”.

Every time you clear the dungeon, your treasure chest reward will be increased by one level for 24 hours.]



What is this

What the f*ck is this

Luck buff

Instantly increasing the quality of a chest in a secret dungeon

Lin Ye looked at Bai Zhi in confusion.

“Is this… Your talent”

Bai Zhi blushed, “Mm… Yes… Lin Ye boss…”

Lin Ye was dumbfounded.


Such talent actually existed

Its crazy!

Lin Ye asked again, “Can it be upgraded”

Bai Zhi nodded lightly, “Yes… Big Boss…”


Im convinced!

This talent could be upgraded!

The strategic significance of this awakened talent was simply too great!

Even if it couldnt be upgraded, it was still the same as hisUniverse Reversal talent, an existence that could sit firmly on the throne of God-tier talent!

This was because…

Other than the usual silver, gold, and diamond quality, this talent could be used to clear the secret dungeon also had a mythical quality that was very difficult to obtain through conventional means.

He just had to make good use of this little lolis talent.

He had to find a secret dungeon that could drop a legendary treasure chest and work hard.

If he obtained a treasure chest above the legendary level, it would be equivalent to receiving a mythical treasure chest.

After all …

The effect of this talent did not state that it would limit the quality of the box.

This meant that even a legendary chest could be upgraded …

On the other hand, the strength of mythical-grade equipment and skill books far exceeded the equipment and skill books of different grades.

Even if he was in a class with extremely poor talent, as long as he could obtain a piece of mythical-grade equipment and skill, he could immediately become a Phoenix, instantly getting the combat power to crush talented professionals with powerful talents.

It would be even more ridiculous if a bug-like genius like Lin Ye, who had a God-tier talent, could get a piece of mythical-level defensive equipment!

He could defend his biggest weakness and obtain near-undying survival ability.

He could use reverse AOE skills the entire time and directly defeat all living beings with his strength alone!

He could become the most invincible God of the Priest class l …



The more he thought about it, the more tempted he felt!

Ive got to have this little loli for my team for sure.

Even if Jesus returns, he wont be able to keep her.

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