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187 The Inheritance Skill “Living Summoning” (III)

Cola, who had been waiting for Lin Ye for a long time, immediately ran over.

Little Mumu, who was sitting on the ground, also stood up.

However, they couldnt see each other.

“Master Lin Ye!”

“Youve finally returned!”

Lin Ye asked in confusion, “Cola, did the Lingdang ask you to wait for me at the Hive-like town gate”

Cola nodded.


“Lady Lingdang told me so.”

“She said that since Master Lin Ye has been busy all day, your fatigue points wont last long.

Youll be back before 8 pm at most.”

“It just so happens that you can come to our Qing Cults Holy Churchs celebration banquet.”

“How long have you been waiting” Lin Ye asked.

“One hour….” Cola whispered.

Lin Ye patted Colas head and ruffled his soft cat ears.

“Youve worked hard.” Lin Ye said.

Cola quickly shook his head, “Its not hard!”

“Its not hard at all!”

“Its my honor to serve someone as strong as Master Lin Ye!”

As he spoke, Colas tail wagged slightly.

He seemed to be very excited, and his face was even a little red.

Lin Ye laughed.

“Is there anything you want in Hive”

“I can give it to you.”

“Take it as your reward for running errands and being my guide for the past two days.”

Colas expression was extremely serious.


“Master Lin Ye, you dont have to give me anything!”

“With Lady Lingdang taking care of me, I dont lack anything in Hive.

Master Lin Ye, you dont have to waste your precious Bloodsouls on me!

After a pause, he continued,


“The celebration party starts at 8:30 am.

If we go back now, we can make it in time for the first round.

Lady Lingdang said there will be a lot of delicious food.

You will definitely like it, Master Lin Ye.”

“Why dont we go back first”

Lin Ye nodded, “Alright,” he said.

He turned his head and beckoned to little Mumu, who could not speak, to follow him to the headquarters of the Qing Cults Holy Church.

Because Su Mumus main body didnt eat as much in Hive, as a result, little Mumu couldnt cancel the team mode with Lin Ye and couldnt buy the items sold by the NPC merchants in Lin Yes world.

She could only farm for monsters Bloodsouls or open treasure chests.

Furthermore, in the inheritance trial where 1v1 duels were mandatory, she and the Tree Guardian could not help.

And so…

When Lin Ye went to the map to fight the inheritance boss, he could only let her stay in Hive Town.

Depending on his mood, whether he wanted to bully the Knight and the Ancient Knights of Hyde Fire Tower, or stay in Hive Town,

Although the distance between the two was too far, the Bloodsoul obtained would not be shared, and the monsters in the early maps gave very few Bloodsouls, but there were a total of three people on little Mumus side, so the Bloodsoul obtained from killing monsters would be three more.

It was definitely more cost-effective than simply staying in the city.

Come to think of it, she, who usually worked hard to take care of Mumu, should have chosen to farm Bloodsoul, right

Little Mumu remained silent.

She raised her right hand, first two, then two, and finally eight.

Then she raised both hands to make an X, and stretched out her left hand to make a three.

Then she pointed at the health bar above her head and made a gesture of “no”.

The meaning was simple.

After Lin Ye left Hive Town, little Mumu went to the map of Hyde Fire Tower with the Big Tree Guardian and the others, farming a total of 228 x 3 Bloodsouls.

However, since their HP was all used up by those disgusting Ancient Knights and they didnt have Lin Yes healing to help them recover their HP, they had no choice but to give up on their soul-farming journey and return to the Hive Town gate early to wait for Lin Ye to return after killing the inheritance Boss.

Lin Ye was speechless.

‘No way…

‘How did you know I was thinking about this

Seeing this, little Mumu pointed at her own face and then pointed at Lin Yes face.

She drew a question mark in the air, indicating that she had noticed Lin Yes confused expression.


Big brother is indeed the “Big Brother”.

Even her ability to observe facial expressions is so invincible!

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