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186 The Inheritance Skill “Living Summoning” (II)

If you wanted to attack its head, you had to first find a way to avoid the damage caused by the Spray Venom.

You also had to pay attention to your positioning and not step on the remaining green venom on the ground.

In short…

The spider was not easy to defeat.

It could even be said to be very difficult.

Lin Yes skill mechanism and Awakened Talent countered it in all aspects, so he didnt even need to use Universe Reversal to turn the enemy around.

He just kiting it from a distance was enough to exhaust it to death without any injuries.

[Prompt: You have defeated Dukes Fredia!]

[Prompt: You have obtained the Dukes Fredia Summoning Card!]

[Prompt: You have obtained the inheritance skill, “Living Summon”, from Dukes Fredia!]

[Living Summon (inheritance skill): Unique Skill, can not be leveled up.

Only a Hive-like Challenger who has been fully acknowledged by Dukes Fredia can inherit this skill from it (can not be affected by Universe Reversal)]

[Skill Effect: After use, it can be connected to a summoned creature, greatly strengthening the other partys combat power, causing it to break away from the original summoning mechanism and permanently appear next to the user.

When the user is out of battle, theLiving Summoning skill can be retracted, and there is no need to permanently bring it with the user.

However, each living summoning can only be bound to one summoned creature.

If the summoned creature dies, the summoned creature can not be resurrected because the original summoning mechanism is lost.

You will also be unable to return to the original summoning mechanism (equivalent to a permanent death).

You will need to bind a new summoned creature.]


“Turning a summoned creature into an otherworldly creature”

“Whats this”

“I suddenly thought of an invincible idea, hehe.”

Lin Ye looked at the Dragon Knights sword in his left hand.

If it could summon the Fire Dragon, Stryde, and receive the inheritance effect of the Living Summon, it would mean that he could bring it from Hive to the real world.

There was no need to limit it to the word “Hive-exclusive”.

Although the Fire Dragon was not as strong as the invincible Cursemancer, it was still a powerful enemy.

However, as a giant dragon that could fly in the sky, its greatest value was not in combat, but that it could avoid a large number of skills and attacks from the ground.

At the same time, it had high mobility and could move around in dangerous areas outside of human cities.

It was a competent mount for experienced drivers.

This included Wang Machao, who had the hidden job, Dragon Knight Commander.

His strength was actually relatively weak among Professionals of the same level, but because the black pterosaur could fly and move quickly, it made him the leader of the first team of Abyssal Demons Encirclement operation, hunting those Abyssal Demons and deviants that appeared and disappeared mysteriously everywhere.


And this was only under the condition that Wang Machao was a close-combat Class and did not have many control-type skills.

If it was Lin Ye, a healer, who could cast AoE from a long distance and cast a level 4 sheeps armor on all his enemies, he would be the ancestor of the free-for-all world.

Just by relying on guerilla tactics to escape, he could disgust a large number of people to death.

“What a pity.”

“Fire Dragon Stryde is still counting down to revive.”

“Which means I can only verify this theory tomorrow.”

At this moment, Lin Ye wasnt sure if the inheritance skills had more weight or if the Hive dungeon had more weight.

If it was the latter…

It was obvious that he could not bring the flying mount, Fire Dragon Stryde, out of the dungeon.

But it didnt matter.

Lin Ye now had three Boss-level summoning cards, so no matter who he gave “Living Summon” to, it was equivalent to getting a permanent Platinum-level Boss fighter.

Furthermore, a second and third permanent helper would appear after the first permanent helper died.

Of course,

Whether it was the invincible Cursemancer or the giant spider that forced his enemies to fight him in close combat, Lin Ye wouldnt casually send them to their deaths after they were bound by the “Living Summon”.

That included the Forgotten Sinner.

If he became the recipient of the “Living Summon”, Lin Ye wouldnt let him die so easily.

That guy had a powerful skill that allowed one to become invisible without moving, and it was invincible in dark environments.

The Forgotten Sinner might be like an RBQ in a head-on battle…

However, as long as he was willing to be the big brother in the night, secretly lying in ambush, he was definitely the strongest King among the strongest Kings, possessing a huge advantage that no one could compare to.

It was equivalent to a specialized thug with obvious advantages and disadvantages.

After that…

Since Lin Ye had been on the move for an entire day…

After farming Dragon Knight equipment, assassinating Ampere, and fighting the Blood Kin organization….

His fatigue points had reached the bottom, and he began to show a “fatigue” state of continuous blood loss.

That was why Lin Ye couldnt move forward to kill the fourth inheritance Boss.

He had no choice but to use the “Fire Sitting” item that the little Shorty named Cola had bought for him to teleport back to the safe Hive Town.

When his fatigue points recovered the next morning, Lin Ye would use the Fire Sitting item to return to the resurrection point in Pyroxene Town.

Then, he could continue todays progress and chop off the head of the next inheritance Boss.

‘Why do I feel like my fatigue points have increased

‘Is it just my imagination

While he was thinking, Lin Yes five-minute teleportation time ended.

He seemed to teleport and suddenly appeared at the entrance of Hive Town, blending into the various challengers from other worlds.


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