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184 The Inheritance Skill “Self-Imprisonment”(III)

He could only act as a substitute in PvE.

There was more.

Back when Lin Ye was on his graduation trip, he interacted with the members of the Church of Healing.

He discovered that a Godkiller-level weapon like the hidden blade could not only devour the remnant soul of an Abyssal Demon, but it could also devour the soul of a summoned creature, permanently destroying a summoning card.

At that time, the woman from the Church of Healing summoned the Executioner to stop Lin Ye.

However, after it was killed by the Cursemancer, a system notification suddenly appeared.

It said that all its power had been absorbed by his blade and could no longer be summoned by the owner.

He just didnt know.

Was this a Godkiller ability unique to Hidden Moon, or could it be that all growth-type weapons were effective against summoned creatures After killing them, he could take their power for himself.

In short.

The summoning card looked very powerful.

In fact, he could only use it to bully the monsters in dungeons.

He couldnt shine in reality and become a super big brother who could fight against four people alone.

Su Mumus Bionice Tear and spirit soul were human rights characters in PvE and PvP.

Except for the fact that the spirit soul would really die after it died, there were no other shortcomings.

The Fire Dragon Stryde did not have a summoning time limit and could resurrect infinitely.

It was comparable to a spirit soul like the Dragon Tree Guardian, but it was a pity that it was only a set effect of the Hive-like exclusive equipment and could not be brought back to the real world.

Lin Ye put away the two summoning cards and walked towards the east side of the sinner tower to open the treasure chest protected by the forgotten sinner.

[Prompt: You have opened an unknown treasure chest and obtained a weapon, the Sinners Sword.]

[Sinners Sword (Diamond) (High): Level 1, can be forged, highest forging level 25.

All attributes bonus, attack speed bonus, dark attribute damage bonus, dark resistance bonus, attack power bonus]

A high-grade diamond sword weapon


He originally wanted to be happy….

However, when he recalled the scene of the inheritance Boss being kited to the ground by him just now, he was stunned.

‘I really dont have the strength to ridicule him.

Id better think of a way to turn the entire “Proof of Hero” into a summoner more suitable for Bai Zhi to awaken her talent…


He could not waste a Diamond weapon with so many special effects.

When he returned to reality, he would give it to Bai Zhi.

If Bai Zhi couldnt get the Proof of Hero, then this weapon could be used for at least a year or two.

It could even be used until she graduated from University.

After making up his mind, Lin Ye took out the Hive-like map and followed the instructions on it.

He walked out of the Sinners Tower and found a hidden entrance to a cellar.

Then, he entered the secret passage to the next Inheritance Boss.

It was still the familiar silent gray wall.

It was still the black portal that appeared after breaking the wall.

Originally, it would have taken him several days to complete the long journey.

Now, he only needed five minutes of teleportation time to arrive quickly.

They didnt even have to deal with the annoying Sea of Monsters or the normal secret land Bosses with the help of area curses.


Lin Ye chose to skip these guys.

This meant that the area curse would affect the next six inheritance Bosses.

However, the area curse did not affect the final outcome much, so he could not obtain the inheritance skill.

However, Lin Ye wasnt ready to fight a BOSS in this battle state.

It was extremely uncomfortable.

He liked to have everything in his hands.

He especially liked the 1,000,000% chance of defeating the secret dungeon Boss.

“Forget it,” He said.

“Ill go check out the situation behind first.”

‘If the Bosses with inheritances are strong enough to fight without the Hex Teachers normal skills, I would be wasting my time trying to figure out the map.


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