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183 The Inheritance Skill “Self-Imprisonment”(II)

And its directly reducing my ability points

It didnt decrease his attributes

Lowering ability points was different from lowering attribute points.

Ability points included attack power, attack speed, movement speed, health points, and other hidden data that were not displayed on the panel.

On the other hand, the attribute points were used to adjust and strengthen the interface data of the ability points.

As mentioned before, the higher the attribute value of the Professional, the lower the chance of fixing the ability value.

‘I added 1,000 points to strength, which could increase my attack to 500 points.

But when I added 5,000 points to strength, my attack only increased to 700 points.

When I added 50,000 points to strength, my attack had just broken through 1,000 points.

It was equivalent to…

The free attribute points increased greatly in the early stages.

However, in the later stages, if you had 10,000 points in all attributes and the other party had 20,000 points in all attributes, the difference in ability points between the two might not be much.

It would only be a slight difference of a few hundred more damage.

This led to…

With all attributes reduced by 50%, everyones attribute points would expand in the later stages, and the rate of correction for ability points would become lower and lower.

The weakening effect of the reduction would become worse and worse.

This included Lin Yes level 15 Glory of the Stars.

Even if all his stats were greatly reduced at Level 4, he would still be affected.

He couldnt turn a high-level Professional into a dog that everyone could bully.

To give a simple example.

Lin Ye could cast the Glory of the Stars on a level 30 enemy and cut the enemy from level 30 to level 20.

Then, he could use his power to crush the level 20 Professional and push the enemy to the ground.

However, if he used it on a level 50 enemy, it could only cut him from level 50 to level 48.

No matter how hard Lin Ye struggled, he would be pressed to the ground.

Of course.

If two Professionals of the same level and attribute were to PK, this Level 4 Paladin ability would be very powerful.

Between experts, details and snowball ability were the most important things.

Even if you were only a hundred points weaker than me, I could still push you to the ground and rub you.

However, it was a different story if all ability points were reduced by a percentage.

This would directly reduce ones attack power, attack speed, movement speed, health points, blue bar, and other hidden data.

Using Lin Ye as an example, he didnt have Hive-likes exclusive equipment.

If he looked at his equipment in the real world, he would have 7,000 to 8,000 HP and 5,000 to 6,000 MP.

Once “Self-Imprisonment” was activated, his ability points would be reduced by 50%, and he would have 3,000 to 4,000 HP and 2,000 to 3,000 MP.

However, when he gathered 100 points of battle intent and obtained a 100% bonus to his ability, he would gain more than 15,000 HP and more than 10,000 mana.

This included the damage from the reversal skill.

Originally, the blessing of the stars, which had taken full damage, could deal 4,833 points of damage.

When “Self-Imprisonment” was activated, the ability points would be reduced by 50%, and the damage would only be half, which was 2,416 points.

However, when the battle intent was fully accumulated and the restraint was removed, the ability points would be increased by 100% on the original basis, which would become 9,666 points of explosion damage.

The other hidden values were the same.

100% speed, 100% attack speed, 100% defense, these percentage bonuses would become more and more terrifying in the later stages of the game.

It was more powerful than eating a few attributes that could be stacked.


This “Self-Imprisonment” Inheritance skill was a double-edged sword.

If you want to enjoy the explosive improvement it brings, you have to endure at least 10 days of being beaten up, and you cant stop it at will, or youll have to recalculate the time.

In this way, the days of being beaten up like a boss were likely to be extended to 20 days, 30 days, 90 days, and the sunk cost would explode directly.

The more it dragged on, the more you didnt want to stop, and the more you didnt want to stop, the more you would be beaten.


Under normal circumstances, this skill might not be of much use, but in special circumstances, it would be different.

For example, on the battlefield, if our army planned to attack the enemy in ten days, or if we received news that the enemy would attack in ten days, we could save up our big moves in advance.

When the enemy arrived, we could get double the damage output and directly clear the field with a few AoE nuclear bombs.

There were also ultimate monsters in one-time dungeons and inheritance Bosses in large-scale secret dungeons.

Players could save their ultimate skills in advance and wait for 10 days to kill them.

He was simply a low-level version of the crooked mouth Dragon King — the ten-day period is up, welcome back, Dragon King.


“It doesnt look too bad.”

In any case, the imprisonment can be interrupted at any time.

Its not an orphan skill that forces you to be confined for ten days.

If you encounter any unexpected situations or dangers, you can just remove the restraint and recover your original strength.

“At most, itll make my daily dog food a little uncomfortable when I use it to attack big bosses,” he muttered in thought.

He thought.

Lin Ye closed the system interface.

He took out the forgotten sinner summoning card and the summoner summoning card, put them together, and compared the information and panels of both.

The two Summoners were both 1-star Platinum, and their skill sets were the same as Hive-likes original body.

The only difference was their individual levels.

The two summoned creatures would be at Lin Yes level 15, which was three levels higher than Hive-likes original body.

Their four-dimensional attributes were also much higher.

However, due to the restrictions of the summoning card, not only did they have to eat the preciousFate of Encounter, but there was also a time limit and a cooldown time.

It could only appear once a day, and it would only appear for an hour at most.


There were many skills and items among the Professionals that could restrain summoned creatures.

What 500% damage bonus, what instant kill, what complete control….

They basically didnt have the chance to appear in PvP.

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