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182 The Inheritance Skill “Self-Imprisonment”(I)

Faced with the menacing Inheritance Boss, Lin Ye decisively activated his Universe Reversal talent.

Then, he retreated and touched the sparkling stone with his left hand.

His plan was…

First, he would rely on his positioning to avoid the skill.

If he couldnt avoid it, then he would use the Flickering Stones flash skill and rely on the ability to teleport to avoid the opponents melee damage.

If he couldnt even flash away from this guys attack…

Then there was no other way.

He could only use the invincible reversal to activate his “cheating mode”.

However, Lin Ye overestimated the strength of thisForgotten Sinner.

Not only did he not have the overpowered and all-rounded skill set of the Cursemancer, but his movement speed was also very slow.

Lin Yes body had more than 800 agility.

With the bonus from a few pieces of equipment, it almost reached 1,000 points.

He could completely beat up this iron mask humanoid Boss.

He could beat him up like a dog and make him never be able to get close to him.


This guys skill casting speed and attack speed were very fast.

It was just like the Tree Guardian.

If Lin Ye chose to fight him at close range instead of pulling the kite from a distance, he would be easily hit by his opponents sword and might flip over.

His brain quickly calculated.

Then, Lin Ye had an idea.

First of all, this Inheritance Bosss advantage was the double buff from the explosion, super high attack speed, and a close-combat skill that could deal explosive damage.

If the Boss stood still, it would become invisible and it would be hard for him to see this Boss in the dark.

Secondly, his weakness was his slow movement speed.

He didnt have any long-range attack skills, nor did he have any dash skills or speed-up skills.

He was very easy to kite.

Then, if the two advantages of “invisibility” and “its hard to be discovered in a dark environment” could be directly removed….

The solution was simple.

He could easily solve the first one like what he did to the Knight of Hyde in order to display its value.

Moreover, there was only one chance to use it, and it was either a success or death.

The other problem could easily solved by using Lin Yes light bomb.

The remaining three merits could also be ignored in the face of the shortcomings of the Forgotten Sinners.

After all…

In this day and age, who doesnt have some long-range attack skills

Even if there was only one, he could slowly kite and walk the dog, exhausting this big guy who looked crazy and cool, but in fact, could not escape from the nature of being beaten up.

“As expected.”

Even a dog wouldnt want to play with a greatsword.

With such a slow movement speed, even an Inheritance Boss wouldnt be able to handle such a powerful attack!

In between his complaints,

Lin Ye started his performance.

He started with Silence, followed by the Glory of the Stars, and the last set of healing packages hit his face, dealing more than 14,000 explosion damage.

Then he waited for the Forgotten Sinner to enter the weak state of Level 4.

Lin Ye didnt raise his sword and attack anyone.

Instead, he pulled back to make sure that he wouldnt be hit by the Inheritance Boss.

At the same time, he would use his fastest-cooling healing spells and healing waves to deal as much damage as possible.

Of course.

Lin Ye knew this very well.

His Universe Reversal talent allowed him to receive all of the Forgotten Sinners attacks and skills without taking any damage.

However, he did not want to rely too much on this brainless ability.

If he could move, he would move more.

If he could do the details, he would do the details.

He was determined not to play a low-level strategy that only knew how to support the enemy brainlessly.

In the short term, this would not affect anything, but it would be easy to develop bad habits in the long run.

It was just like the story of the shaving master who had stabbed a knife into someones head.

The details determined success or failure.

It was hard to get out of a habit.

Lin Ye was having a great time mindlessly building an Inheritance Boss.

If he met an enemy in real life in the future, he would subconsciously do the same thing and end up being taught a lesson by the enemys hidden normal attack.

If that happened, he wouldnt have the chance to regret it.

However, if he were to encounter an abnormal enemy like the Cursemancer, who had off-the-charts combat power, there was no need to think about positioning and details.

Anyway, he would be beaten up no matter what.

It was better to do it faster.

He directly attacked.

Then, Lin Ye easily took the Forgotten Sinners head using the shameless healing package.

He was unharmed throughout the battle and had never been within five meters of his opponent.

There was no need to use his talent to take the skill head-on.

It could be said that…

This greatsword-wielding fellow was not even fit to carry the Hex Teachers shoes.

It was pure trash.

Any Professional who was fast enough had the chance to defeat it without injury.

[Prompt: You have defeated the Forgotten Sinner!]

[Prompt: You have obtained the Forgotten Sinner summoning card!]

[Prompt: You have obtained the inheritance skillSelf-Imprisonment from the Forgotten Sinner!]

[Self-Imprisonment (inheritance skill): Unique skill, can not be leveled up.

Only a challenger who has been completely recognized by the Forgotten Sinner can inherit this skill from it (can not be affected by Universe Reversal talent).]

[Skill Effect: After use, you can summon invisible void chains to imprison your body, reducing all your ability points by 50%.

You can start accumulating fighting spirit, increasing 10 points of fighting spirit every day (24 hours), up to 100 points.

During this period, you canuntie the chains at any time and instantly recover your full strength.

Every point of fighting spirit will increase an additional 1% of all ability points, lasting for a whole day (24 hours).]


‘What the hell is this skill

‘I have to suffer for ten days to be awesome for an entire day like a pay-to-win

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