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181 The Forgotten Sinner (II)

(this is a dark environment without any light.

You can barely see your surroundings.

You need to cast illumination spells and other methods to see your surroundings clearly.)]

[Revival Point: Front gate of the tower.]

With the system notification, Lin Ye opened his eyes and realized that he was in a dark environment.

He could barely see the silhouette of the things around him, and he couldnt see anything that was far away.


‘It was just a dark environment.

‘Ive long expected that there would be such a secret plane instance in the netherworld.

So, his backpack was full of lighting props.

As he thought about it, Lin Ye opened his backpack, took out a light bomb, and threw it on the floor in front of him.

After falling to the ground, the light bomb exploded instantly.

Countless Firefly-like white silver powder flew out from it and floated into the air.

Then, the silver powder glowed brighter and brighter until it illuminated the entire Sinner Tower.

Lin Ye immediately started to observe his surroundings.

This was a tower-like building that was more than ten meters tall.

All the walls, floors, and ceilings were black and very simple and unadorned.

There were no unnecessary decorations or carvings.

Other than the door behind Lin Ye, there were no other exits or stairs.

It looked like a closed large arena.

‘The Sinner Tower

‘Sounds like a prison for prisoners.

As he was thinking, the space in front of him suddenly distorted.

A huge figure seemed to step through the void and gradually appeared in front of Lin Ye.

The figure raised the big sword in his hand.

[Name: Forgotten Sinner (Dark Great Swordsman)]

[Level: Lv 12]

[Qualification: Platinum ★]

[Skills: Invisibility, Blend into the Darkness, Dark Power, Lunar Eclipse, Dark Sword Aura]

[Description: Wearing an Iron Mask on his head, his four limbs bound by heavy iron chains.

He could easily cut off the chains with the greatsword in his hand, but for some reason, he was willing to stay in the abandoned Sinner Tower, gradually becoming a forgotten dust in history.]


“Ive been waiting here for so long.”


“A suitable person has appeared.”

“Well then, let me see what kind of ability you, a guy who has been recognized by the Cursemancer have!”

Then, the Forgotten Sinner suddenly raised his greatsword and cut off the heavy chains binding him.

Then, like a hunting leopard, he charged towards Lin Ye, who was still in a daze.

[Prompt: The forgotten sinner has been freed from his restraints! All his attributes had increased greatly! [Dark Force effect has been activated!]

[Dark Force (Passive): Convert all your normal attacks into a special skill that causes dark-type damage.

The original calculation method of normal attacks will be changed to the calculation method of skill damage.]

Lin Ye didnt utter a word.

‘No way!

‘Why are you the same as the Hex Teacher

‘Could it be that these Inheritance Bosses that were in Hive had skills attached to their normal attacks Furthermore, were they passive skills that could not be deactivated


‘Then wouldnt I be killing randomly

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